There is a certain fascination in the enema fetish community with the idea of taking an enema containing wine or some other alcoholic substance. The basic questions most people ask are: is safe, should I try it, and what is the experience like?

The answers to these questions depend wholly on your personal situation. There is no right answer that fits everyone.

Is it safe?

Yes, it can be safe, but to avoid serious problems such as a possible trip to the emergency room, you must be very careful how much alcohol you take in your enema. And, besides being careful with the amount, you also need to consider other factors, such as your general overall health, prescription medications you may be taking that could interact negatively with the alcohol, etc.

The most important thing to understand is that the effect of alcohol taken in an enema is much more immediate and powerful than taking alcohol by mouth. When you take alcohol in an enema, it is absorbed by your body much more quickly and thoroughly than drinking by mouth. For this reason, it is essential to know what your alcohol enema tolerance limits are and to not even think of exceeding them!

Your alcohol enema tolerance limits could be considerably different from what they are for regular drinking. These limits will depend on a number of factors, such as your bodyís metabolism and how much you have had to eat at the time of the enema. For this reason, you must be very careful when taking an alcoholic enema.

Should I try it?

Thatís totally up to you.It can be a very interesting and sensuous experience, but on the other hand, you may not like it, and it can be dangerous if you are not careful.

If you do decide to try it, be very conservative the first time. Start with a small amount of alcohol, such as a glass of wine or an ounce of liquor. White wine usually contains around 12% alcohol, and liquor, such as tequila, around 40%. But, always read the label, as different wines and liquors vary. Note that the term proof on a liquor bottle is double the actual amount of alcohol. So, if it says 80 proof, that means itís 40% alcohol.

Never take an enema that consists entirely of strong alcohol, because, no matter how slowly you take the enema, the alcohol will be absorbed too quickly and will shock your system, with unpredictable — and maybe even fatal — results. A good rule is to dilute the alcohol with plain, warm water so that the alcohol content of the enema is 6% or less.For example, if you put one bottle of 12% wine in your enema bag, you would add at least the same amount of water. This is not to say that you can or should take a whole bottle of wine! Some people can, but this is definitely not something to try the first time!

After you have prepared the enema and alcohol solution, hang the enema bag by your bed, lie down, get comfortable, and take the enema very slowly.A good procedure is to turn on the enema for about 30 seconds or less, then stop it and wait for a while. Each time you turn on the enema, you should feel a slight burning sensation, as the colon absorbs the alcohol.If the burning sensation is intense, that indicates your solution is too strong, so you should stop the enema immediately and add more water to the bag.It should take you at least fifteen minutes to finish a two-quart alcohol enema. Your body needs some time to absorb the alcohol; you do not want to shock it with too much at once. So, be patient. Part of the fun of the experience is becoming slowly, beautifully drunk! It can be a wonderful feeling.

By following these guidelines, you may be somewhat disappointed with your first alcohol enema experience. Like, you might find that, with the amount of alcohol you used, you didnít get very drunk at all. This is good! You didnít exceed your limits and you didnít get into trouble! That is what is important. So, try a little more alcohol the next time, and see how that goes. It may take you several enema sessions to determine what your limits are. Besides, the idea behind an alcohol enema is not necessarily to go to your limits. You may find that you donít like being very drunk. Tastes vary. The reason for taking an alcohol enema is not necessarily to get drunk, but to have a relaxing, enjoyable sensual experience that personally satisfies you. Everyone is different, and this exercise is not a contest to see how much alcohol you can take. If that is what you think alcohol enemas are for, you had better change your view, or you will wind up either very sick, or dead!

Remember that your body has no control over alcohol that is taken in an enema. In an enema, the alcohol bypasses your stomach and goes directly into you blood stream. By contrast, if you drink too much by mouth, your stomach at least has some chance to expel the alcohol partially by vomiting. But with an enema, the only way to expel some of the alcohol is to go to the toilet and expel the enema. While this may have some effect, consider these points:

      If the volume of the enema is small (such as a quart or less), depending on your body, you may not have taken a big enough enema to be able to expel much at all. In this case, there will be little or no chance of getting rid of the alcohol.

      Even if you have taken a bigger enema (such as two quarts or more), the effect of the alcohol on your body may prevent you from being able to expel the enema right away. Alcohol tends to relax you and take away the urge, and sometimes even the ability, to evacuate.

      Since alcohol taken in an enema is absorbed by your body rather quickly, unless you expel the enema immediately after taking it, most of the alcohol will have been absorbed and expelling the enema will have little or no effect. The longer you wait to expel, the more alcohol will be absorbed.

This is not to say that you ordinarily want to expel an alcohol enema quickly. In fact, an effective alcohol enema is meant to be a retention enema that you hold for around fifteen minutes to half an hour before expelling. The idea is, you take the enema very slowly (fifteen minutes at least before your finish it), you hold it for awhile so that you get its full effect, then you expel it when you feel like it. If your alcohol enema experience is not like this, you have taken too much alcohol and you are in the danger zone.

Whatís it Like?

This is just and example of how I do an alcohol enema.Do not try this the first time!You should start with a much smaller amount until you determine how the alcohol affects you.

For my enema, I usually use a standard bottle (750 ml) of white wine (red can be irritating and is not recommended), pour it into a two-quart enema bag, then fill the bag to capacity. I then take this enema very slowly — it takes me fifteen minutes or more to finish it. I let in just a little at a time, then close the hose clamp and wait for a couple of minutes before continuing the enema. After finishing the enema, I then hold it for another fifteen minutes to half a hour before I go to the toilet. This is a wonderful experience for me; it gradually gets me into a quiet state of floating, meditative bliss.

Instead of wine, I sometimes use vodka, as this is more convenient than dealing with wine bottles.I buy a bottle of inexpensive vodka, put about four ounces into my enema bag, then fill it with water. The results are similar.

Finally, I personally do not recommend using beer for an enema!You may have heard about people taking beer enemas, like, shooting a couple of bottles of Budweiser up your ass.While thatís probably not very dangerous, since beer is low alcohol, I promise you, the gas in your intestines from the beer, or any other carbonated beverage, such as champagne, will be very unpleasant and hard to get rid of.So, stay away from beer, unless you are a dedicated masochist!

I should make it clear that I do not take alcohol enemas very frequently — perhaps once every month. They are really not all that good for your body. Mostly, my enemas are of the four-quart, plain water kind, which I love. In fact, taking two or three ďhighĒ enemas can be just as fun as a wine enema.

New idea: coffee enema plus wine enema

You may have heard of coffee enemas.Some ďalternative medicineĒ practitioners claim that they can help cure cancer and other ailments.While these claims are in my opinion somewhat dubious, I have nevertheless come to consider the coffee enema an interesting erotic idea that goes well with a wine enema.

Basically, what you do is brew about two mugs (24 oz. or so) of strong coffee, put it in your enema bag, then dilute it with enough water to make about a one and a half quart enema.You then take the coffee enema and hold it for about 20 minutes before expelling.This stimulates you and prepares you for taking the wine enema later. I find that the combination of coffee stimulation plus the wine enema is really wonderful.

You can read more about coffee enemas at the S.A. Wilsons website http://sawilsons.com/They sell a special coffee that they claim is the best for coffee enemas.Regardless of what you may think about the claims of alternative medicine and coffee enemas, using their coffee in conjunction with a wine enema afterwards is wonderful, I have found.

I hope that you have found this essay helpful and that you will now be able to proceed to try alcohol enemas with confidence and safety.

[Updated March 2013]