The Model


Chapter 1 - Beginnings

Jeff was bored as only a fourteen year old boy can be. Too old for kid's games, too young and too insolvent to take part in the café culture of the older teens. He kicked his heels as he wandered down the main street, looking at the same old displays in the same old shops.

He paused to read the cards in the window of the general store - a missing cat, baby clothes for sale, same old stuff. He looked up as a new card was slid into position by a well dressed lady, then read the card.

'Boy, 14-16 years required to model for art class. $7 per hour.'

Visions of untold riches filled his mind - perhaps he could get that new cycle after all! He rushed into the store and grabbed the card, then approached the lady.

"I'm fourteen, ma'am. Can I have the job?"

She looked him up and down. Slim but not skinny, well-defined features, mousy curly hair. And polite, too.

"Well, we need a male model for a Saturday art class at Greenlawns. It's five hours per week, but I must warn you that art modeling is both boring and painful - you have to hold a pose for quite a long time."

Jeff almost passed out. Thirty five bucks a week! He could get the new cycle in just eight weeks. And Greenlawns was that upper crust girls' boarding school just outside town - full of talent. He felt that he had died and gone straight to heaven.

"I think I could manage it, ma'am, and I could sure do with the money - I'm saving up for a new cycle. Please give me a try."

"What about your parents? You need their approval."

"There's only mom, and I'm sure she wouldn't mind."

The lady drove him home, introduced herself to mom as the vice-principal of Greenlawns, and explained their requirements.

"...and, of course, everything will be supervised by the art mistress. It will all be quite proper."

Mom was awed by the presence.

"Do you think Jeff will be all right for the job? He's never done anything like this before."

The lady turned to Jeff.

"Let's have a better look at you young man. Would you mind taking your shirt off?"

Jeff obeyed with alacrity, and the lady looked closely at him.

"Have you been doing some body building?"

"Yes, ma'am. We have a club after school, and I go every week."

"Hmm. Well defined muscles, good posture. He'll do fine if he can manage to hold a pose."

So it was settled. Jeff waited for the next Saturday with growing impatience, spending the money many times in his mind. The great day arrived, and he mounted his old, unfashionable cycle and pedaled to the school.

It was a daunting place, large, old buildings, covered in ivy, surrounded by tennis courts and playing fields. Jeff swallowed hard, walked up to the main entrance and rang the bell. They were expecting him, and he was taken to the art studio by two girls of about his own age, who giggled continuously at the novelty of a boy in those hallowed female halls. The art mistress was young and supercilious, treating the boy very much as a servant.

"Oh. You must be Jeff. We've been waiting for you. I'm Miss Knight. Come with me."

He trudged after her. Still, he wasn't being paid to like it, was he? She showed him into a small room - really a large cupboard, whose walls were filled with shelves bearing paper and paints.

"You get changed in here. Make sure you remember to close the door. Get undressed now."

Jeff stood for a moment, waiting for her to leave, then realized that she was staying.

"Come on, boy. We're paying you good money for this and you don't think we want to draw your jeans, do you? Get your clothes off." He undressed, until he stood in his shorts, feeling vaguely ridiculous. The art mistress reached a cardboard box down from the shelf.

"Everything off. You'll wear a posing pouch, not comic shorts."

Jeff blushed. When he had dressed that morning, he had not given any thought to what he would wear for his posing, and the first pair of shorts which had come to hand were decorated with monkeys in a jungle scene - they had been a Christmas gift from a barmy old aunt. He didn't want to remove them, but it was pretty obvious that he wouldn't get paid if he didn't. He turned his back on the teacher and stepped out of his shorts, then turned to face her, holding them over his genitals. She snatched them from him, leaving him naked and embarrassed, then subjected his genitals to a steady gaze.

Jeff was about as well developed as any boy of his age, his penis half grown, slightly flabby, not quite three inches in length, his pubic hair forming a compact bush above it, not yet climbing towards his navel. The art mistress just about sneered at him.

"Well, I just hope we have one small enough. Wait a moment."

She rummaged in the box, and brought out a brief triangle of material attached to three pieces of cord. She knelt in front of him, her warm breath playing over his prick, while she tied the strings round his waist, then pushed his legs apart and pulled the third cord between them, tying it to the other two behind his back. She seemed to have no shame as she ran her fingers down the sides of the pouch, brushing against his intimate bits, then fingering him through the material as she arranged his prick and balls to her satisfaction before standing back and appraising the result.

"Yes, that one will do. I'm pleased to note that you bathed before coming here - make sure you continue to do that. Now, we've wasted enough time. Come into the studio."

A dozen or so girls were standing beside a semi-circle of easels, arranged around a stool which stood on a low platform. Jeff felt naked and self-conscious as they giggled and tittered at the sight of a boy wearing only a few square inches of cloth. The art mistress clapped her hands for silence and ordered the girls to their places. Jeff was made to sit in the 'Thinker' pose and they began their sketching in silence, punctuated by the footsteps and occasional comments of the teacher.

Jeff began to look around the room - he had to hold his head still, but his eyes could move. The girls were dressed in their school uniform, white blouse, pleated gray skirt and white socks, very different from the sweatshirt and jeans which most of the girls at his school wore. Most had long hair, and kept brushing it back as it fell over their eyes. He caught only fleeting glimpses of their faces as they looked from him to the paper.

The door opened, and a girl entered. Work ceased momentarily, and Jeff gratefully relaxed his pose, stretching muscles which were on the point of painful cramp. The newcomer beckoned to one of the others, who got up and left the room as the teacher called for the resumption of work. This pantomime was repeated twice before a break was called.

Jeff unfolded himself from the stool, his buttocks separating from the wood with a squelch as they pulled from the pool of sweat.

"Ten minutes, everyone. Make the most of it."

She produced a toweling robe and threw it to Jeff. His strained muscles betrayed him, and it flew past his hand. Without thinking, he turned and bent to pick it up, then paused in alarm as a gale of laughter swept through the assembled girls.

"Miss, he looks like one of those monkeys!"

The teacher was obviously straining to keep a straight face. Jeff looked questioningly at her. She couldn't hold it in any more, and creased with laughter.

"I'm sorry, Jeff. It's just that its all red where you've been sitting."

He twisted round and viewed his butt, seeing the two bright red ovals where it had been in contact with the seat. It did look just like one of those red-assed baboons. A giggle started somewhere inside him, and developed into helpless laughter.

He put on the robe, and surreptitiously worked the string in the crease of his butt free. It was irritating, chafing at sensitive areas, and the posing pouch was damp and clammy. Jeff stood about, awkwardly as one of the girls handed him a plastic beaker of orange juice. He slowly began to realize that the girls were as shy as him, and exchanged hesitant smiles with one or two of them.

Break over, Jeff suddenly realized that the combination of juice and nerves had gone straight to his bladder.

"Excuse me, ma'am. Could I use the bathroom?"

The teacher stood there, looking baffled.

"My god, we never thought of that. You'll have to use the girls' toilets. Angela - will you take Jeff, make sure they're empty before he goes in, then stand guard for him?"

The girl led him along a corridor and popped her head into the toilets.

"All clear. I'll wait outside for you."

Jeff looked around curiously. It wasn't like a boys' toilet at all - it was sparkling clean, one wall was covered in mirrors in front of washbasins, and the other had a long row of cubicles. He emptied his bladder with a sigh of relief, then investigated further. A long, metal object hung on the wall, with a large knob on the side. He had to turn it, of course, and there was a loud clunk as a cylindrical white object dropped into the slot. He unwrapped it, then realized just what it was - one of those plug things that girls used when they had their period. More embarrassed than ever, he rapidly dropped it into a waste bin.

When he emerged, Angela went in herself, and Jeff stood in an agony of discomfiture, hoping she would not realize what he had done. Her scarlet face as she rejoined him told him everything. They walked in silence back to the studio, each thinking unfamiliar thoughts.

The rest of the morning session went off smoothly, Jeff's only puzzlement being the slow procession of girls from the room. At last it was time for lunch and Jeff dressed in his normal clothes again.

He was really hungry - he salivated at the sight of a long counter piled with food - but unfamiliar food. Large dishes full of raw vegetables and things which tried to look like meat but failed the test. He turned to Angela, who seemed to have appointed herself his guide.

"Hey, what is this stuff?"

"Well, those are nut cutlets, then we have soya burgers, tofu...."

"Where's the real food?"

"This is it. Greenlawns is run on holistic lines, and part of that is a vegetarian diet. I know how you feel - sometimes I would kill for a double cheeseburger or a bacon sandwich."

Jeff munched on a variety of the offerings. They might be good for you, but they didn't satisfy the inner man. Then it was back to the studio for the afternoon session.

Finished at least, he declined the offer of more food with counterfeit gratitude, then cycled slowly home, the thirty five bucks in his pocket making up for the painful and cramping muscles.

His mother looked at him with alarm.

"Have you had an accident? Why are you limping?"

"It's OK, mom. I'm just stiff from the posing. And ravenous."

"Upstairs with you - get into a hot bath."

He sank blissfully into the tub, feeling the stiffness slowly working its way out of his muscles. is mother tapped on the door.

"I've got food. Can I come in?"

"Oh, yes please."

She placed the tray on the bathroom stool beside the tub, and Jeff eagerly devoured the hamburgers and French fries, washing them down with draughts of cold coke.

"Didn't they feed you?"

"Gee, mom, I could eat as much as I wanted, but it was all vegetarian stuff. One of the girls said it was holistic, whatever that means."

"Well, it means different things to different people, but basically it means natural - natural food, lots of exercise and attention to cleanliness."

"Oh, the place was sure clean. You could have eaten your dinner off the toilet floor."

There was a long pause, then she said, cautiously:

"Yes, and personal cleanliness as well."

"Sure, the girls were all clean as anything."

She shook her head and left, leaving Jeff wondering just what she meant.

Jeff's next session at Greenlawns was much the same, except that he was much more relaxed. The girls might be all looking at him, but that just gave him the chance to have a really good look at them in return. They were more relaxed, too, and less inhibited about the way they sat and the subjects of conversation. Jeff listened, fascinated, to the account of some girl who had a crush on the French teacher - if boys talked like that, someone would be branded as a raving queer but the girls just seemed to think it was quite natural.

Break time, then Angela performed her escort duty again. Jeff needed to satisfy his curiosity.

"Say, Angela, what's with this business of the girls going out one after the other?"

She stopped dead in her tracks, blushing as though her face was on fire, avoiding his gaze.

"It's nothing."

"Like hell it's nothing. I just have to look at you to see that."

"Well... it's personal."

"Huh? How can a dozen girls be personal? Come on, I'm busting to know what's happening."

They walked slowly, Angela still obviously deeply embarrassed, Jeff's curiosity growing to bursting point. Finally he played his trump card.

"If you won't tell me, I'll just have to ask Miss Knight, won't I?"

"You wouldn't. Not in front of all of the girls."

"Just try me."

Jeff could see that she was starting to panic, so he walked real slow to give her time. Eventually she spoke.

"If I tell you, you've got to promise me faithfully not to say anything to the other girls."

"Cross my heart."

"We go to get our enemas from the nurse."

Jeff was stunned. Enemas were a joke thing amongst kids - the 'Who goes there, friend or enema?' type.

"Do all the girls get enemas?"

"Well, it's because this is a holistic school - it's part of the regime."

Jeff was glad of the robe - at least it concealed his state of arousal. In the cubicle he jerked off frantically to reduce his prick to quiescence - that silly posing pouch wasn't going to help if he got a boner.

Back on the stool, he looked at the girls through new eyes. Every one of these beauties got an enema every week - Christ, what wouldn't he give to be the school nurse!

He groaned internally as Angela rose and left the room. Jeff wasn't at all sure of what the exact procedure was of getting an enema - he knew that somebody stuffed a rubber tube up your asshole and poured soapy water in until you thought you were going to burst, and that was about it. One thing was certain - her panties would have to come off, and somebody was going to shove a tube in her asshole. He tried to imagine the scene, and failed miserably.

He was still lost in his wonderings when Angela returned, catching his eye and looking abashed. She settled down on her chair, placing her foot on a high rung. Jeff hazed at her - he could see her white school panties, tight on the largely unknown structures between her legs. Then he saw the damp patch.

That did it. His prick stood to attention, right there in front of all of them. The only piece of luck was that Miss Knight was grading work at her desk behind him - at least she couldn't see what was happening.

One by one, the girls noticed the tent shape that the posing pouch had adopted. Nobody said anything, nobody laughed or giggled or did anything to attract the attention of the teacher. They just looked, some of them shifting around as they did so, an almost palpable tension rising in the room.

Eventually discomposure overcame lust for Jeff. His erection deflated, and his blushes faded. The level of tension lowered, and, at last it was lunchtime.

Angela was furious.

"I saw you looking up my skirt. And then you....."

She began to blush again, and Jeff began to realize that she knew as little about what was under his pouch as he knew about the contents of her panties.

"It's OK, Angela. They didn't know why I got like that. Anyway, I think they were all just enjoying watching me humiliated in front of them. Don't worry - I won't let on about the enemas." That night, Jeff jerked off until he was really concerned that he might do himself an injury, imagining Angela bending over, looking back at the nurse, a sort of horror image, approaching her with a long rubber tube dangling from her hand, a leer on her face. The details were still pretty scanty, though. Just wait until he got back to school - he was going to find out all about enemas.

Chapter 2 - Tim's Story

Jeff just could not free his mind of thoughts of the girls at Greenlawns getting enemas. He surreptitiously consulted the Home Doctor book, and found, not only text, but drawings of a child lying on her side and kneeling down with her little ass in the air, in both cases awaiting the insertion of the tube. There were even pictures of syringes - a rubber ball with a straight pipe sticking out of it, and a sort of converted hot water bottle, with what appeared to be several feet of tubing neatly coiled around it.

His previous sexual fantasies were abandoned in favor of new images, part culled from the book, part generated by his own fevered imagination. Most of the girls from the art class were involved, but his favorite soon became the demure Angela, delicately removing her panties before she knelt down in front of him, her skirt thrown up over her back, as she meekly accepted his ministrations.

There were a couple of major problems. First of all, Jeff wasn't familiar with that part of female anatomy - porn mags were around, but in their pictures everything was concealed by hair - and certainly none gave pictures of an actual asshole. The second problem was that his prick was becoming more and more tender as these new fantasies precipitated one jerk after another.

Finally, it was just too sore. It was erect and begging to be pounded, but the end was all red and inflamed - the skin hurt as soon as he tried to pull it back. He sneaked the tub of cream from the bathroom cabinet and gingerly applied a little to the end of his prick, jumping at its coldness, then closing his eyes in total bliss as it soothed the inflamed tissues.

He pulled the skin right back, and rubbed more cream around. Geez, that felt funny - like no other sensation he had ever felt in that area. He placed more cream in his palm, and gently stroked the rigid shaft, grunting with pleasure. Was this how it felt when you did it with a girl? The mere thought precipitated another orgasm - just a drop or so by now.

The next day, he sought out his best friend, Tim, to see if he had any knowledge of enemas.

"Say, Tim, have you had an enema?"

The boy's reaction was one of shock. His jaw dropped and he stared at Jeff.

"How did you know? Does it show?"


"How did you know that I had one last night? I don't see how you could tell."

"I didn't know. I was just wondering if you'd ever had one. I'm real curious to know what happens and how it feels."

There was an self-conscious silence as Tim realized that he had blurted out something he would rather not have made known - even to his best friend. He tried to cover his confusion.

"Like what?"

"Well, when did you get the first one? How old were you?"

Tim launched into his recitation, feeling better as he got things off his chest.

"The first time was when I was about eight. Grandpa lived with us, and he was real sick - he just lay in bed and hardly moved at all. Anyway, mom looked after him, and one day I saw her coming out of his room, and she was holding a funny sort of bottle. It was made out of squeezy plastic, and it had a pipe coming out where the cap should have been. I asked mom what it was, and she just said that Grandpa needed it to help his tummy.

"It was a few weeks later when I found out what it was really for. I was just sitting down in my room one evening, and she came in with one of the bottles. She sat down on the bed and called me over, then she pulled my pants down. I didn't mind - I was just a little kid, and she was still bathing me - but I remember that I was really puzzled why she should do it right then.

"Then she pulled me over her knee, with my body resting on the bed and my legs hanging down, and she started to mess about with my ass. Even then, I didn't realize what was happening - I just thought she was going to put some cream on or something. I got the shock of my life when I felt the tube get pushed right up my asshole - nothing like that had ever happened before.

"Then she must have squeezed it, because there was this cold feeling inside me, and she pulled the tube out and stood me up. I started to ask her why she had done it, but then I felt the stuff start to work - it was like I had really bad shits, everything was churning up inside and I really had to go - I think I would have shit the bed if she hadn't let me run to the bathroom. I had the shit of my life - she came in and watched her sort of smiling and telling me I was a good boy.

"Well, I never found out just why she had picked that time to do it - I mean I wasn't constipated or anything like that - she just sort of sprung it on me.

"Grandpa died soon afterwards, and then it was just mom, dad and me. I thought that I wouldn't get any more of those things now that he had gone - and I was right. The next time, mom called me into the bathroom, and she had a sort of rubber ball with a pipe on the end of it. I worked out what it was for straightaway, and I started to cry and told her that the last thing had hurt a lot, and that I had been sore for ages afterwards. That was a big mistake.

"Before I knew what was happening, she had my pants off and I was bending over the tub while she had a real good look at my asshole. Then she got some of the cream that went on sore skin, and she started to rub it in - I didn't mind that because it felt kinda nice. Then, all of a sudden, she shoved her finger right up my asshole, just like that - no warning or anything. I think it was mainly the surprise rather than pain, but I just screamed my head off.

"Well, she calmed me down, still with her finger up my hole, and talked to me until I stopped, and then she took it out. That was the first time I ever remember getting a hard on - I remember my little willy standing straight up, and I must have got hold of it, because the next thing I knew she slapped my hand away from it and told me that only dirty little boys played with themselves.

"Anyway, she said that the bottle things were too expensive, and that the rubber bulb was a lot cheaper. It was only when she dipped it into the sink and started squeezing it that I realized she was filling it up with soapy water. I had to bend over again, and up went the tube, then she just squirted the whole bulb full of soapy water into my asshole. At least it was warm, but it still stung and made me want to go, but she wouldn't let me. She just filled the fucking thing up again, and I got another two squirts before she let me take a shit.

"That sort of set the pattern until I was ten. I suppose she had some reason why she did it, but I never knew when it was coming. There was just a shout from the bathroom, and I would go in and see the bulb floating in a sink of soapsuds. In would go the finger, then I would get squirted. My prick was always hard, but I never dared touch it again - I somehow got the idea she would cut it off if I did.

"I won't ever forget my tenth birthday. I had a great party, loads of presents, plenty of cake and things. Then, when they had all gone, she took me up to the bathroom, and told me that now I had reached double figures, she had got a grown up thing for my enemas. I mean, what a time to pick - I was all warm and happy, then she produces this rubber bag with a long tube and tells me that this is the way it's going to be from now on.

"It looked real evil, sort of bulging and squelchy, and I realized that she had filled it already. I tried everything to get out of it, but it didn't do any good. She made me take all of my clothes off and kneel down on the floor with my ass in the air. Then I got the finger - it went in a lot further when I was in that position, and then the tube went in.

"Geez, that was the worst ever. I don't think she quite knew what she was doing, because she just let the water in real fast, and all my guts sort of knotted up and hurt like hell. She got the message, because she stopped it, and then went real slow after that. Jesus, I didn't know that so much water could be gotten into a kid - by the time she had finished, I was just about bursting.

"I knew a bit about sex by then, and I knew that a boy's willy got hard as part of making a baby, and I just didn't know what to when she sat me on the toilet - I mean, it had grown a bit, and when it was hard it was kinda like one of those fat crayons. She just stood watching while I got rid of the suds, with a smile on her face as usual.

"I thought she had stopped them when I was twelve - I hadn't had one for a couple of years. Until last night. I made a big mistake - I let her know that I felt ill, and then when she asked me how long since I had been, I didn't answer straightaway. Before I knew what was happening, I was back in the bathroom, and she was filling the fucking bag.

"I told her I wasn't going to take it, but she said that if I didn't, she was going to call an ambulance and have me taken to hospital, and I would end up getting one anyway. I gave in eventually, like you always do when your mom keeps on at you, but I wasn't going to let her see my prick. So I got a towel and wrapped it round me like a skirt before I took my pants off.

"God, it was terrible. When I was a kid, I just thought having a finger shoved up my asshole was unpleasant, but last night I realized that it turned me on like crazy. I nearly came while she was poking it about up there. At least the enema wasn't too bad - I reckon that I've grown a lot since twelve, so I took the lot without much bother. And I was real glad of the towel - even when I got on to the toilet, I kept it over me, and then I shouted at her to get out and leave me to shit in private. I've never cum like I did when I jerked off after I finished the shit - there was gallons of the stuff.

"Trouble is, she got that look in her eyes again. I think she has plans for more enemas.

As Tim finished his story, Jeff realized how much it had turned him on - he had never thought of anyone using a finger like that, and a vivid picture of Angela kneeling while he greased his finger and slid it in to the hilt, very gently of course, filled his fevered brain. He briefly commiserated with Tim, and then rushed off to the toilets.

Jacking off in the boys' toilets was always a risk - if someone heard you, you were liable to be dragged out and have your pants thrown out of the window, effectively marooning you until you could persuade somebody to fetch them back in. Only Big Jake had ever broken that mould, marching in his underpants through the hall to retrieve his garments - a legend in his own lifetime.

Next Saturday just couldn't come soon enough. Those girls were just going to have to view the bulge in his pouch all morning, weren't they?

Chapter 3 - The Way to Angela's Heart

In preparation for the lack of nourishing food at Greenlawns, Jeff ate a substantial breakfast. Suddenly Angela's comment came to his mind - she would kill for a bacon sandwich! He cut two thick slices of bread, buttered them thickly and fried half a dozen rashers of bacon to complete the gourmet meal. With a fine sense of delicacy, Jeff trimmed off the crust and cut it diagonally into four, wrapping the whole thing tightly in foil - Miss Knight probably could smell fried bacon at several miles. He tucked it into the pocket of his jacket - it was cheaper than a bunch of flowers, and it would probably be much more welcome.

He sighed with relief when Miss Knight informed him that he would be in a new pose this week, and fitted him with a Grecian kilt, loose and free flowing. He was to adopt a pose she had seen on a vase, holding a spear as if about to throw.

The girls booed their disapproval at this extra garment - his excited state had been a subject of whispered discussion all week, and two of the braver souls had decided to leave off their bras and allow their blouses to become 'accidentally' unbuttoned - not that they would show all, but they had a pretty good idea that even the sight of cleavage would give them something interesting to watch. Their plan was even more effective than they had intended - from a standing position on top of the dais, Jeff could see more than they imagined.

The procession began again, and this time Jeff let his imagination wander. They were sure to have to kneel down - that was a much sexier position - and it was sure to be one of the long slinky tubes he had seen pictured in the Home Doctor - something that would slide right up.

He felt it coming, but he couldn't stop. For the first time in his life he achieved orgasm by the power of thought alone. He feigned a coughing fit to cover the spasms, and then had to endure the slow drying of the white, sticky goo on the inside of his pouch.

Break came at last - it was by now accepted that Angela acted as his minder. He detoured into the cupboard, followed by a puzzled girl, and rooted through the box until he found another pouch.

"What's the matter, Jeff? Why do you need to change?"

He turned his back and removed the soggy garment under cover of his kilt, then started to put the new one in place. He dropped the original one while he was struggling to fasten the strings, and Angela automatically reached down to pick it up for him. He turned, then grabbed for it in sheer panic, but she snatched it away.

"What's this? It looks like the paste we use in art. How did that get in there.... Oooh!"

She dropped it as if it were ablaze, her eyes riveted to the sticky patch as it lay on the floor.

"Is that...? Oh god, it must be.... How did that happen?"

Jeff fell back on the last resort of the guilty - flattery.

"I just couldn't help it. It's more than I can bear, just looking at you all morning, never able to touch you. When a boy loves a girl very much, that sort of thing just happens."

Jeff, of course, didn't know that Angela's every waking thought and a goodly proportion of her dreams for the past week had featured his body, clad in the briefest of pouches, displaying that mysterious, manly bulge. She felt faint at this admission that her love was returned, and impulsively threw her arms round his neck and kissed him. The kiss was pretty inept - she aimed at his cheek and actually hit his ear, sending him reeling with the unexpected thrill which coursed through his body.

He remembered what was in his pocket.

"I brought you something."

Her eyes shone. She was in love for the first time.

"What, darling?"

He unwrapped the bacon sandwich and presented it as though it were a diamond necklace. In fact, as far as Angela was concerned, it was streets ahead of diamonds. They shared it between them before Jeff took a quick pee and returned to his pose, the soiled pouch safe in the pocket of his jacket. At least, that was what he thought - in fact it was nestling against Angela's tummy, donned over her panties while he was in the toilets. She would keep it for ever - maybe she would show it to him on their wedding night.

Jeff found that the strain of coping with the bolted sandwich and posing at the same time was starting to tell - he burped a couple of times, then attempted a silent fart which went disastrously wrong, rasping in the silence, drawing looks of disgust from the budding artists. He held the rest of the wind inside him with a Herculean effort, releasing it in a mighty blast once the morning session was over and they walked across the lawn to the dining hall.

Angela filled his plate for him, but he couldn't eat - he felt pains lancing through his guts. He excused himself and walked around outside, hoping that the exercise would bring him some ease. He was joined by a concerned girl.

"What's the matter? Are you ill?"

"Just a bit of a tummy ache."

"What did you have for breakfast?"

He thought, then enumerated his menu.

"A bowl of sugar puffs, two bacon sandwiches, a fried egg sandwich with peanut butter, two cans of coke....."

She threw up her hands in horror.

"Have you no respect for your body? It's the temple of your spirit, you know, and you must treat it carefully. Come on, maybe the nurse will give you some medicine."

Angela led him to the sickroom and tapped on the door, then poked her head inside.

"Oh, I forgot. She said that she was going to town this afternoon."

Jeff's curiosity got the better of his common sense. This was where it all happened - he just had to see inside to allow him extra scenery for his fantasies. He edged past her and led the way into the room. There was a long couch, covered with black leather, and a bag thing hanging over it, a long tube dangling carelessly. He caught his breath.

"Is that the enema thing?"

Angel looked shocked, then smiled in comprehension.

"What a good idea. That's sure to fix you up. I know how to do it."

He wanted to tell her that nothing had been further from his mind, that his interest was in administering one to her, not being on the receiving end, but he hesitated, caught up in his curiosity about the equipment and procedure.

Angela took his silence for assent, and busied herself filling the bag, adding a measure of liquid soap just like the nurse did.

"Just get up on the couch and loosen your belt."

This was his last chance to get out of it, but Jeff was overwhelmed, his eyes and mind in overload. He just had to know what an enema was like - and if Angela was offering....

He climbed up and undid his belt and zip, feeling young hands pulling his pants down just enough to expose his rear end. There was the sound of a jar being opened, and he looked round to see Angela dipping the end of the tube in a pot of something greasy.

Then the sensation of cool air on his asshole, and then...

"OH GOD! Oh god oh god oh god....."

The tube slid straight into his anus, stimulating every millimeter of his back passage on its way into his rectum. Angela paused in alarm - Jeff didn't want it to stop.

"It's OK, it was just a bit of a shock. I'm fine."

The tube resumed its slow, erotic journey. Sweat stood out on his brow as he held his breath - this was just mind-blowing.

It got better and better as the warm water flooded in, flowing into nooks and crannies like the first rains after a drought, caressing, expanding, stimulating. His hips began to make small, instinctive thrusting motions, rubbing his hypersensitive prick against the fabric of his jeans and shorts. By the time the tube was withdrawn, every muscle in his body was in maximum tension, his jaw clenched, his breathing rapid and shallow.

Jeff hurried into the toilet and closed the door - he wasn't ready for anybody to watch him take a shit - then his back end exploded into the bowl, releasing the huge bubble of trapped wind, the jet of liquid punctuated by large lumps which momentarily blocked the flow and then were ejected as the pressure built behind them. Then he attended to his other urgent need, pumping to a furious, frenetic orgasm.

He eventually staggered out, weak with the relief of expelling the problem, feeling light and light headed at the absence of the gas and shit he had gotten rid of.

"Feel better, darling?"

"Oh, Geez, I've never felt better in my life. Do you always feel this good after an enema?"

She looked puzzled.

"Don't you know?"

"How would I know. I never had one before."

She looked stunned.

"But you asked for one."

"Not for one, about one."

Her face fell.

"I'm sorry, I didn't realize."

"Hey, don't be sorry. It fixed me up just fine. And there's nobody in the world I would have had do it rather than you."

She snuggled against him.

"I wish it was you and not that nurse when it's my turn."

They embraced, bodies closely in contact, both wishing, but neither daring to go any further.

Jeff stole a final brief kiss as he left that evening. His mind was in a whirl - Tim had said that enemas were awful, but his own experience contradicted that - was it just him, or did anyone else get so incredibly turned on by them....?

Chapter 4 Sarah's Story

Jeff decided that this was love, real undying lifetime love. The girls in his school, once so distant and desirable were now revealed as mere country bumpkins in comparison with the beautiful, sophisticated girls of Greenlawns. How could he ever have lusted over them?

The question of attitude to enemas was beginning to fascinate him. His single experience had been mindblowingly erotic - he had relived it through half a dozen jerk-offs, and it just got better and better. He couldn't imagine that the cultivated Angela could ever feel like that - she was pure and innocent. Anyway, girls just didn't have the right equipment to jerk off, did they?

In desperation he sought out Sarah. They had been friends since they were in the crib, and she had been his constant companion and playmate throughout childhood, although they had drifted apart in the last year or so when the prompting of adolescent had made boys and girls form two separate groups and built a temporary barrier between the sexes.

He caught her up as they walked home from school. He knew that she had received at least one enema when she was a little kid.

As six year olds, he and Sarah had been sort of interchangeable kids - they just ran in and out of each other's homes, whichever mom was closest would soothe grazed knees, whichever bathroom was closest offered relief for short-fused childish bladders. And that was how it happened.

He had been running around on his miniature cycle, when the urge to pee suddenly descended on him as he was passing her house. He screeched to a stop, let the cycle fall on the lawn and just rushed in, clawing his fly open as he hurtled into their bathroom and stopped dead at the sight that met his eyes.

Sarah's mom was sitting on the padded box that they kept towels and things in, and Sarah was lying over her knee, with no clothes on at all. But the strangest thing of all was that there was this red tube, hanging down from something, and her mom was holding it up Sarah's butt!

He shuddered as he thought of how silly he must have looked, standing in the doorway, holding his willy clamped tightly between his fingers to prevent his bladder discharging, able only to stammer that he needed to pee. He had been allowed to go, and the Sarah's mom had told him that he should go back out to play, and that Sarah would join him in a little while.

Subtlety has never been a major selling point with boys, and Jeff was no exception.

"Hey, Sarah. Do you remember that time when we were little kids and I burst in to the bathroom when she was giving you an enema?"

Sarah blushed. She recalled it only too well, and over the years it had popped back into her head several times, together with other things which had become retroactively embarrassing - like the way they used to go to the bathroom together and do their pees one after the other, giggling at the splashing noises in the bowl. Why had he chosen this time to bring the subject up?

"Yes, I remember. So what?"

"Well, I was wondering if you still got enemas."

"That's private. It's none of your business."

That confirmed it - she was still getting them, otherwise she would have said no.

"I was only wondering if it hurt. One of the boys said that it was really painful."

"Huh. Boys don't know anything. Of course it doesn't hurt."

She saw his grin of triumph and realized that she had given the game away. Fear gripped her heart - if he spread the story round the school she was finished.

"You won't tell, will you? Promise."

"Of course not. I just want to know what it feels like. Do you get one very often?"

They fell into step together, reverting to their former status as young friends.

"Well, I had a few when I was little - like the one you burst in on - and then they stopped until..."

She halted, embarrassed again. How could she put it?

"...You know, like we studied in science the other week ...what happens to girls when they grow up."

Comprehension dawned on Jeff.

"You mean your period? They didn't say it made you constipated."

"No, stupid. But it hurts sometimes. One of the girls told me to try a hot water bottle on my tummy, but mom said it worked better if you got warmed up from the inside."

"You get an enema every month? Gee."

"Not every month, just when it's real bad. Mom uses very warm water, and it sort of spreads round and relaxes everything. It doesn't hurt - it stops things hurting."

They reached Sarah's home and parted. He sure was learning a lot of things. Then a vision filled his mind of Sarah - bigger now - with that same rubber tube inside her, being filled right up with hot water. He shot straight into the bathroom - the picture was too good to waste!

The following Saturday was his last session - the Easter vacation began the following week, and then he would be unemployed - still, he would have enough money to get his cycle. But it would be then end as far as his relationship with Angela was concerned.

She was unhappy as well, and insisted that they exchange phone numbers - even if she couldn't see him any more, she would be able to call him now and again. The morning session was subdued, the sadness of parting spreading through the whole group.

Jeff chewed his way though some meatless burgers at lunchtime, and then was waved over by Miss Knight.

"Come along, the principal would like a word with you."

Jeff had not had much contact with school principals. In his world they were the equivalent of the nuclear deterrent - the mere threat was sufficient to keep the peace. He was ushered into an office containing a small, smiling lady who crossed the room to shake his hand.

"So this is the boy that all my young girls are in love with. I'm glad to meet you, Jeff."

Jeff blushed - it was news to him.

"And how do you like being an artist's model?"

"It's sometimes a bit of a strain, ma'am, but I like it fine."

"Miss Knight has said a lot of nice things about you, and she tells me that the girls drawing has improved dramatically since you came on the scene."

"Thank you, ma'am."

She looked approvingly at him - such a nice young boy, and so polite.

"Well, Jeff, would you like to carry on after Easter? I can offer you a small increase - say ten dollars per hour?"

Jeff almost kissed her, but collected himself in time, and spoke his thanks. Miss Knight announced the new arrangements at the start of the afternoon session, and things brightened up for everyone. Jeff was surrounded by a group of chattering girls, and quite shocked when one of them, a girl he didn't know, giggled and grinned at him.

"You know, Jeff, now we might even be able to see what you've got hidden inside that pouch sometime."

He cycled home in a state of some confusion. Surely girls - and especially Greenlawns girls - didn't think things like that. He had always been given the impression that it was only boys who undressed the other sex in their minds.

Jeff's mother answered the phone on Sunday morning.

"Mrs. Devine?"


"Jeff's mother?"


"You don't know me, my name is Moira Baxter, and my daughter Angela is in Greenlawns. Jeff poses for her drawing class, and I'm afraid she's taken a bit of a shine to him."


"Let me explain. My work takes me all around the world - that's why Angela is in boarding school - but I always make sure I'm home for her vacations. It's the only time I see her, and it's very important to me that she enjoys them as well."

"I don't see what this has to do with me...."

"I've got a real problem. She wants to stay at school during the vacation just so that she can feel near to your son. I know it's just puppy love, but it's really serious for her."

"Yes, but..."

"I was hoping that you and Jeff could be my guests for the Easter vacation. We have a house in Southern California, right on the beach, and the weather will be just perfect, and the two young lovebirds could get it out of their system - I don't suppose it will last long."

"I'm sorry, I can't get away."

There was a long silence.

"I wonder if you would let Jeff come? I'll be driving up to collect Angela, and I would take him there and back. There's plenty of room, I would take very good care of him and I'm sure he would have a great time. And it would make my daughter very happy."

"Well, I don't know..."

"Of course. You don't know me. What if I called on you early next Saturday, before I pick Angela up? You could make up your mind then, and if neither of us says anything to the children, there will be no disappointment for either of them."

Mrs. Devine though about it during the week. Poor Jeff never got a vacation away from home - money was just too tight. And California - he'd never seen the ocean once in his whole thirteen years. It wasn't as though there was any possibility of sex - they were both just children. Mrs. Baxter sounded nice as well. She did some shopping and quietly packed a couple of bags, stashing them out of sight.

Jeff woke early the next Saturday, his system programmed to wake him in time for his modeling session. Then he remembered - no school, no modeling, no Angela for three whole weeks. At the sound of a car he poked his head over the windowsill - who was that strange woman, and why was she talking to mom?

He was unceremoniously rousted from bed a few minutes later, mom insisting that he took a bath. That was odd - he normally made do with a few wipes from a damp cloth, but she was adamant, so he dutifully soaked in hot water for a while.

Even his breakfast was on the table for him. Things got stranger and stranger - he normally just helped himself to whatever he wanted and washed up afterwards.

The sound of the car returning made him look out of the window again - yes, it was the same strange lady. But there was someone else in the car. It couldn't be - IT WAS - Angela.

His mother smiled at him.

"Angela's mom has invited you to vacation with them. I didn't think you would be interested, but ....."

The visitors watched with interest as the boy launched himself at his mother.

"Mom. Thanks a million. I can go, can't I?"

Chapter 5 - The Swim

It was a long drive to Angela's home. The two kids chatted with each other, and Moira nodded in satisfaction - Jeff was a nice boy, and their relationship was very much in the initial stage. There weren't going to be any nasty complications.

The youngsters went straight to bed, exhausted by the boring travel. Early next morning, Jeff was shaken awake by an excited Angela.

"Come on, let's have a swim."

"Go away."

"Come on, get up."

"Not until you leave, I won't."

Jeff unpacked his bags - wow - mom had gotten him a new pair of swimming shorts. His delight evaporated as he tried them on - they were too big - even the white briefs underneath were loose around his legs. He tied the drawstring tightly - they still looked baggy, but they would do.

Angela met him outside, hopping from one foot to another in her impatience, wearing the sort of bikini that Jeff had only seen on TV, looking absolutely stunning. They ran the fifty yards or so to the beach.

Jeff was disappointed again. He had imagined some deserted stretch of sand, but this beach had other people on it - it even had one of those huts on legs like Baywatch.

The sea came as a real surprise. Raised on freshwater pools, the extra buoyancy was amazing, and the taste of salt was nothing compared to the usual reek of chlorine. The kids swam and splashed, yelling in sheer youthful exuberance.

Jeff felt a sudden stinging pain in his leg, just by the hem of his shorts. The shock made him momentarily lose control, and he sank slightly, the oversize legs of his shorts ballooning as he did so. The stinging spread and increased, becoming unbearable, and Jeff screamed, yelling for help.

He wasn't far off shore and it was a matter of moments before he was hauled out by the lifeguard and helped into the hut, his legs already starting to erupt in vivid red weals, Angela supporting his arm while the lifeguard manhandled the rest of him.

"Oh lord - jellyfish. And his shorts are covered in tentacles."

Jeff was dumped on the bench and the lifeguard produced a pair of scissors from the first aid kit and cut the shorts from his body. Their looseness had allowed the stinging threads free access, his penis and scrotum had not been spared.

Angela felt a jar being thrust into her hand.

"Spread that all over the stings - thick as you like. I've got to get a paramedic fast."

Jeff screamed as the ointment was applied, bringing tears of sympathy to Angela's eyes. She had wanted to see just what he kept under his pants, but not this way. She paused momentarily, then summoned up her courage and started on the boy's genitals, hearing his screaming increase in pitch and volume as she did so.

Then she panicked as Jeff's cries changed from screams to a sort of stuttering moan, and his body started to twitch,

"HELP. I think he's dying."

The lifeguard grabbed an oxygen bottle and applied it to Jeff's face, and the blessed sound of a siren approached. The paramedic slammed open his box and filled a syringe, causing Angela to wince audibly as he stabbed it into Jeff's butt.

"Keep that oxygen going."

Then a miracle happened. Jeff's face, which had started to swell, deflated in front of her eyes, the twitching ceased and his breathing started to slow back to a more normal range.

"Got him. The epinephrine has stopped the reaction. I'll give him some steroids now."

The improvement continued rapidly, at least as far as Jeff's progress towards death was concerned, but he was obviously still in a lot of pain from the stings. Angela released her breath - had she really been holding it all the time, and then heard a familiar voice raised in assertive rage.

"Get out of my way. My daughter and her friend are in there."

The door was flung open and her mother's anxious face took in the scene - a naked boy, his body covered in vivid weals, lying groaning on the bench, her daughter hovering anxiously over him, the paraphernalia of emergency medicine littered about the place.

"My God, what happened to him? Are you all right, Jeff."

"Don't be stupid, mom, of course he isn't all right. Just look at him. How can you ask such a stupid question....."

Angela started to sob uncontrollably as the shock got to her. The paramedic held her tight and sat her down on a chair.

"It's not as bad as it looks, ma'am. He got stung by a jellyfish - one of the bad ones - but they got anti-histamine on to it straightaway, and I was real close, so I could get the antidotes into him before any real damage was done."

"What do you mean, any real damage? What could have happened?"

"Ma'am, he was going into anaphylactic shock. Without fast treatment he would probably have died - but he's fine now - he'll recover OK."

As if to reinforce the point, Jeff raised a groggy head from the bench.

"It hurts. What happened?"

Mrs. Baxter took charge, and dragged the lifeguard outside.

"You see that blue house over there. Run and get Doctor Smith. Hurry now - tell him Mrs. Baxter wants him here immediately."

The doctor arrived, wheezing and puffing, looking worse than Jeff. The paramedic reported on the medication he had administered, and the doctor gave Jeff a quick examination.

"Calm down, Moira. These people have done a fine job - the panic is all over and nobody is going to die - except maybe me, I'm too old for sprinting nowadays. Somebody find a blanket to cover him up, and we'll get him up to your place."

"What about taking him to hospital?"

"Not necessary. I've told you - panic over."

Jeff was lowered gently on to his bed, even the touch of the sheets causing him to wince. The doctor gently removed the blanket. Mrs. Baxter turned to her daughter.

"You shouldn't be in here, Angela, not with Jeff undressed. Off you go."

Angela was in no mood to be dismissed. Her panic had subsided, and changed to a sort of assertive concern for the boy.

"You're being stupid again. Who do you think put that ointment on him? I'm not going out - not while he's ill."

The doctor gave them both a fierce glance, then turned back to Jeff.

"How are you feeling now?"

"Pretty bad. It hurts like hell. What was it? I feel like I've been scalded."

"I know. I'll give you something for the pain in a moment. Just let me examine you first."

He gave Jeff a complete examination, then filled a syringe. Mrs. Baxter suddenly realized that his mother hadn't been told.

"Doctor, I must phone his mother. Will you speak to her as well?"

Jeff raised himself on one elbow.

"Let me talk to her. If I do she'll know I'm still alive."

Moira dialed, then handed the phone to Jeff.

"Hi mom. Of course I'm OK. I got stung by a jellyfish, but I'm fine."

The rest of the conversation was easy - Moira and the doctor both assured her that her son was all right, and Jeff said his good-byes. Then yet another needle sank into his butt, and the pain faded from his face.

"That will see him over the worst - he'll wake up in a couple of hours, but I want somebody to watch him all of the time until then. I'll give you some codeine for afterwards, and some more cream for the stings."

Angela insisted on keeping watch, and remained within inches of her boy until he started to wake. To her chagrin, her mother adamantly refused to allow her to spread any cream on Jeff.

"No, Angela. You're too young for that. I'm sure Jeff can manage his naughty bits by himself."

But Angela did win the other victory - she demanded to be allowed to sleep in the other bed in Jeff's room, so that she could watch him through the night. Moira looked at the drowsy boy, the painful weals on his body and decided that her instinctive caution was not justified. Nothing could possibly happen.

Angela watched over Jeff with intensity - he looked so small, lying naked under a single white sheet - until her eyes closed and she succumbed to sleep herself. She leapt out of bed, seeing Jeff groggily starting to sit up.

"Want a pee."

"I'll help you. Lean on me."

She supported him as he walked naked into the small bathroom. He was still more than half asleep, and his first spurts missed the pot. Angela instinctively reached out to help him, and suddenly realized that she was holding his penis as he sent a stream of pee into the bowl. It felt strange, so soft, the tube inside swelling and subsiding with the force of the stream.

She blotted him dry, daringly pulling back the skin on the end, not quite sure what she would find underneath. He leaned on her as he staggered back to bed.

Jeff was close to going into shock again. His staggering had been the result simply of being really sleepy, and he had jerked into astonished wakefulness as Angela had grabbed his prick - so astonished that it hadn't even gotten hard. He played up to her concern.

"Are you all right, Jeff?"

She laid him down on his bed and pulled the sheet over him.

"It hurts. More cream."

She pulled back the sheet, located the pot of cream, and started to spread it gently over him. As she reached his penis, it moved of its own accord, then reared up, fully erect. She gathered her wits and continued to rub cream in, then realized that the grunts from him were grunts of pleasure.

"You bastard. You're awake. You're not ill any more."

His eyes opened and a broad grin spread over his face.

"I'm getting better. Just a bit more cream will do the trick."

Angela was lost in the sexual tension which gathered. She meekly submitted as Jeff sat up and pulled her nightgown over her head, and lay beside him, learning a new technique as his hands and lips roamed over her body, finally rubbing clumsily in her slit. She seized his fingers and guided them to the magic bump, and they lost themselves in a voyage of discovery, finding that, as far as masturbation is concerned, one plus one equals a hell of a lot more than two.

Moira peeked in early in the morning, seeing two heads on pillows - the little darlings looked so cute. She rousted Angela out and dispatched her back to her own room before removing the sheet from Jeff, exclaiming in surprise at the amount of recovery.

He spent the rest of the day relaxing, swallowing the prescribed codeine, catching up on his lack of food. The doctor called in, and recommended one more day of relaxation and codeine, then Jeff could get on with his holiday.

Jeff was finally given a clean bill of health, and Angela unobtrusively listened to the conversation between her mother and the doctor.

"There's only one problem he might have now. Codeine can cause constipation - if Jeff hasn't managed to go naturally in a day or so, you'll have to give him an enema."

No way, thought Angela, no way is mom going to do that, not to my boy. She waited until her mom was out, then retrieved the bag and filled it with warm suds.

"Jeff, have you been to the toilet yet?"

"Er, no. Not since I got stung."

"The doctor said you would need an enema."

She escorted him to his room, the bag already hanging ready for use. Jeff's heart leapt at the prospect - his previous experience had never been far from his mind. Angela wasn't going to make the same mistake this time.

"Get your clothes off - I'll do it."

Jeff willingly obeyed, then looked in astonishment as Angela climbed out of her clothes as well. He lay on his side, already erect, smelling the flowery perfume that Angela used still clinging to his pillow.

He closed his eyes and groaned as the tube slid home, the erotic stimulus increased by the presence of a nude girl and by the vast increase in his sexual experience that the previous night had produced. No longer were the pictures vague and ill formed in his mind - he could visualize every part of Angela's body.

The combination of physical and mental erotic stimulation was too much. As the pressure in his rectum increased he started to move his hips again, driving his erection against the sheet, yelling in triumph as his entire body spasmed while semen jetted from him.

Angela refilled the bag as he emptied his bowels.

"My turn now. I'm sure you'll do a better job than the school nurse!"

Jeff had never really understood the fascination that many of the boys had with female asses - his developing interest had mainly concentrated on the budding breasts, the bra straps that pushed against tight tee shirts, the way that things wobbled about when girls ran. But, looking at Angela's softly rounded curves, the female hips, the enticing crevice between her cheeks, suddenly things changed - the female ass was just so... female.

His erection reappeared as he picked up the rubber tube and spread grease over the rounded end almost as though it was already part of his girl. Then that entrancing moment as he pulled her butt cheeks apart, smelling the musky female odor that was such a turn on.

Her asshole was pink, small and crinkly, and he delicately probed it with the end of the tube. To his amazement it reacted to the touch, and opened up slightly, habituated as it was to the regular enemas the girl received at school, begging for the insertion.

Gingerly Jeff pushed on the tube - there was no problem - it slid smoothly into the well accustomed anus, accompanied by a whimpering moan of pleasure from the girl.

Angela was in a ferment of eroticism. It felt nice when she got her weekly enema from the nurse, but it just didn't compare to the wave of ecstasy which was radiating from her penetrated orifice now. She let herself go as the flow started, bucking and yelling with pleasure, fingers frantically scrambling inside her, multiplying the feeling to a higher order than ever.

Jeff watched in stupefaction as Angela became transformed from a demure, cultivated schoolgirl into something that resembled a female cat on heat. He concentrated on keeping the tube in place as her gyrations became more and more wild, and culminated in a howling climax that seemed to go on forever. Geez - girls were just as randy as boys - and they could cum too!

They washed the apparatus and replaced it, then returned to the bed and changed the sheets, burying their betraying stains deep in the soiled linen in the utility room.

Mrs. Baxter raised the question of Jeff's bowels in a slightly embarrassed manner at supper.

"Jeff, the doctor said you might have some trouble going to the toilet after the drugs he gave you...?"

"Oh, that's all right. I managed to go this afternoon. It was pretty hard, though."

A snigger from Angela made him realize the double meaning of his words. He chuckled, the process went into positive feedback and the two kids ended up rolling about in helpless laughter.

Moira watched them. Children were such strange creatures. What on earth was all the amusement about...?

Chapter 6 - Wheels

The memories of children, even teenage children, for unpleasant things are mercifully short, and their casual presumption of immortality is very strong, so it was a matter of a mere twenty four hours before Angela and Jeff were asking to be allowed to swim again.

Mrs. Baxter was not so sanguine. She called everyone she could think of, starting with the coastguard and ending with the TV weatherman before she even began to be convinced that the accident had been a total freak and that the seas were safe for her daughter and friend. Of course, Jeff's shorts had been reduced to tatters when the lifeguard had cut them from him, so the first priority was to get him a new pair. He, of course, had no particular preference - as long as they fit him. Angela was not so easily satisfied - she spent a full hour comparing and contrasting styles and colors, holding them against her weary boyfriend one after the other, before she decided that she could not make up her mind between a colorful pair of shorts and plain blue Speedos.

Mrs. Baxter turned to the assistant.

"We'll take both. Where can he try them on?"

"I'm afraid that's not possible, ma'am, on grounds of hygiene. I'll measure him carefully, and guarantee a fit."

They left the store with the small and surprisingly expensive parcel - everything seemed to cost more in California, and Angela squealed with delight as they passed a cycle shop.

"Jeff, show me which one you're saving up for."

Mrs. Baxter listened with interest as he described the features of his dream cycle and realized the purpose of his modeling job. Another idea came to her - this might be just the way to keep them out of the sea for a few days. Her acquisitive daughter was bound to take the bait!

"You know, Jeff, I feel really bad about what happened to you, and I think I should make it up to you. How about if I buy the cycle for you?"

Jeff was conscious that his mouth was hanging open, his lower jaw somewhere in the region of his kneecaps.

"Mrs. Baxter! No, it's too much. I couldn't let you do that."

Angela jumped in, right on cue.

"Don't be silly, Jeff. She spends more than twice as much as that whenever she buys a dress. I think it would be really neat if I had one as well - then we could go for long rides in the hills. I could take it back to school as well - it's real boring just wandering round the grounds."

Moira gave herself an imaginary pat on the back. By the time they had tired of their new toys, and if nobody else had been stung in the meantime, she would feel happy about them going back in the water. A small price to pay for peace of mind.

They drove home with the cycles hanging out of the back of the station wagon, and Moira watched as they rapidly got used to them, racing each other around the house, whooping and screaming with pleasure.

They set off next morning for a local beauty spot, glad of the large number of gears as they sweated their way up a series of rises, finally collapsing in groaning heaps as they reached their destination. The place was deserted - it was mainly used as a parking spot by local teenage lovers at night - and spoiled by the litters of cans and wrappers which had been dropped by the uncaring youngsters.

Angela and Jeff sought a secluded place, screened by bushes, and lay basking in the sun after consuming the provisions they had brought. It was really hot, and Jeff hauled off his shirt, fanning his armpits in relief as he cooled. It didn't take long before Angela followed suit, hauling her top over her head, revealing the fact that she had not bothered to don a bra that morning.

It seemed just a natural progression to remove shoes, socks and jeans for comfort, and then to lie in shorts and panties respectively. Things followed their natural progression, hand in hand, arm to arm until the two youngsters lay, their underwear also discarded, pleasuring each other with hands and lips.

As the day cooled, they dressed, fulfilled by their orgasms, yet disappointed that they could not take matters to the conclusion which nature and the reproductive urge was demanding. Angela announced that they, at least, were going to take their litter home, and (being female) set Jeff the task of gathering things up while she attended to her hair and clothes. He picked up things at random, then looked curiously at the small box he had retrieved from under the bush, still wrapped in its original cellophane, realizing that it bore the magic word 'Trojan' on its front. Heart pounding, he unobtrusively slipped it into his pocket, saving the contents for the right moment. Soon, he hoped.

They arrived home, stiff and saddle sore from the long ride.

"Mom. We're home and real sore from the ride. Can we go in the hot tub?"

Jeff had never experienced anything like it. Sitting in hot water, in the open air under the stars, eating and drinking as the stiffness and pain gradually eased from his muscles. This sure was the way to live. The only downside was that Angela was wearing her bikini while he was clad in his new Speedos - still, the water was opaque in the starlight, and they both had hands.

The following day they were still too sore to ride far, and after extracting the most solemn of promises from each of them that they would not enter the sea, Mrs. Baxter departed for a meeting. The youngsters mooched about for a while, but even sitting on soft sand did not ease the soreness. Angela finally decided that help was required.

"C'mon Jeff. Let's go ask Doc if he's got something for a sore butt."

The doctor had lived next to the Baxters for years, and had watched Angela grow up. He listened gravely as she delicately explained their problem, then handed her a tube.

"Apply this two or three times a day. It's just a simple soothing ointment, so it doesn't matter how much you use."

Angela had to go first. Girls were more delicate than boys, and therefore they needed priority. Jeff gulped as she lay face down on her bed, legs spread wide apart. It was the most erotic thing he had seen in his life, the trusting girl exposing all to her boy without shame or embarrassment. He extruded a bead of ointment on to his shaking fingers and gently rubbed it between her butt cheeks, listening to her sighs of relief gradually deepening in tone and intensity as he transferred his attention to those fleshy lips and what lay between them. He worked his way back and applied another glob to her anus, feeling her hips rising to meet his gentle pressure. Tim's story came into his mind, the fact that his mom had usually inserted a finger into his asshole. Jeff's rubbing became more directed, his finger in the very center of her anus, moving the entire thing around. It opened up like a flower, like the way it had done when he gave her an enema, and his finger slipped slowly inside. Angela tensed for a few seconds, then abandoned herself to the feeling. The best part of an enema was always when the tube first went in, and this feeling was a thousand times better than best.

Jeff felt her anal canal gripping his finger, pulsating slightly in time with her soft moans. He shifted position slightly and worked the index finger of his other hand into her vagina, marveling at the way the two fingers could feel each other through the thin wall of soft flesh which separated the two apertures.

Her climax, when it eventually came, was violent and seemed to go on forever, her body jerking away from his penetrating digits, the friction producing even louder shouts of ecstasy. She subsided into a groaning heap.

When she could speak again, Jeff just had to ask the trite question.

"How was it for you?"

"On a scale of one to ten, about eighteen. I've never had a feeling like that in my life."

He handed her the tube of cream and lay on his stomach. No words were necessary, she knew exactly what he wanted. He groaned when he felt her finger slide firmly home - it was larger than the enema tube, it bent and wiggled in a delicious fashion, it moved in time with the erotic urges which swept over him. Her other hand slid underneath and grasped him in a firm grip.

He found his hips moving of their own accord, propelling his rigid organ back and forth, fucking her hand as the tip rubbed against the white cotton of the sheet. It was slower than jerking off, it felt different, more exciting, more intimate. His system gathered itself into a giant knot of tension, unraveling in yells, grunts and squirts as his semen jetted on to the sheet.

Afterwards, dressed, they fed the bedclothes into the machine - the male and female stains, the smell of sex were just too evident to trust it to the basket. Shyly, Jeff showed Angela the box of condoms.

"I'm not trying to force you. When, if, you're ready, it's good to know that we have some protection."

"I'm not ready yet, Jeff. I don't know why - I want to, but something inside is telling me that I'm still too young. But when it changes, I promise you'll be the first to know...."

Chapter 7 - The Demon Drink

At long last, Angela was catching up with her friends. They were mainly a couple of years older than her, and a yawning chasm had opened up as they had moved into adolescence. No way could the flat-chested twelve year old Angela, without an escort have been included in their scene. But now she was fourteen, her boobs were a respectable size, and she had a boyfriend - she could rejoin the group.

Angela greeted the invitation with rapture - her first proper teenage party - proper being defined as the absence of adult supervision. Moira was not so sure, but capitulated - the girl had to start sometime and she was fairly familiar with the group of kids involved.

"Well, dear, I suppose you'll want a new dress. I'll take you shopping for it this afternoon."

"MOM! I would just DIE if you came into that sort of shop with me. NOBODY lets their mother choose a party dress for them. Everybody would laugh at me."

So Jeff spent the afternoon sitting in a succession of hard chairs outside fitting rooms as Angela tried on what seemed to be every garment in the entire mall, before finally selecting a slinky red thing whose cost per square inch seemed to be about the same as a ten dollar bill.

Moira looked on in astonishment when her daughter darted up to her room, and then emerged, twirling to show off her new dress, her face eager for approval of the purchase. Was this really her daughter? What had happened to yesterday's child?

"It's a little short, dear - your panties show when you jump around - perhaps one size larger?"

"Don't be silly, mom. They're meant to show - that's the fashion."

Jeff was embarrassed when Angela lifted the skirt, revealing black lace - he preferred Mrs. Baxter to think that he had never seen Angela's panties.

"I got new panties as well - they're really sexy."

Jeff hung his head and groaned - if things went on like this, he could imagine being put on a bus for home.

Moira was initially startled - but kids didn't mean 'sexy' like adults, did they? She had heard computers described as sexy - the word must have changed in meaning. She realized that poor Jeff was actually blushing at the display, obviously uncomfortable.

"Yes, dear, but you're embarrassing Jeff. Why don't you change out of that before it gets soiled - you want to look your best for the party."

She would have changed her opinion had she been present later when the two youngsters cycled to a secluded bay, and Jeff found to his pleasure that the brief lacy things were underneath Angela's well worn jeans, just begging to be removed with his teeth.

The evening of the party dawned at last. Moira gave them the statutory parental warnings.

"Now, I want you two back here by midnight."

"Aw, mom, we're not kids...."

"Midnight, or you don't go at all."

"Well, all right, but everybody will laugh when we leave."

"I doubt that. No alcohol. I want your word on that."

"We don't drink alcohol. Neither of us."

"And if there are any drugs, you're to leave immediately."

"OK, OK, we promise."

"And I don't want you two getting up to any mischief."


"You know exactly what I mean, young lady. I don't want a pregnant daughter on my hands."

They left the house subdued, but Mrs. Baxter's warnings and influence rapidly declined as they approached the party - a house with windows ablaze, loud music and excited voices spilling out of it. They threw themselves into the group of frantic dancers with enthusiasm, until they eventually flopped down, sweating and exhausted.

"You two look as though you need a drink. Beer OK, or something stronger?"

"Er, no thanks. Have you got some orange juice?"

Their host disappeared into the kitchen and returned with two tall glasses, chinking with ice cubes. They gratefully downed the contents, then accepted two more.

As the party continued their euphoria increased. Jeff became ravenous and dived into the food, they both somehow caught the spirit of the party, laughing and giggling uncontrollably. Had they been more experienced, they would have initially been cautious about an older guy providing them with orange juice, and they would have realized that they were feeling the effects of the vodka which had been used to spike their drinks, but everything was too new and exciting - they just went with the flow.

After a while, even finely tempered teenage springs wind down. The music was softer, the lights were dimmed, and couples formed clumps around the room as Eros replaced Bacchus. Jeff and Angela clung to each other, kissing passionately, emboldened by the actions of the older kids, letting their hands wander above and under clothing.

Jeff felt a hand squeeze the front of his baggy Bermudas, and tease his prick to attention, then begin a slow gentle massage that drove him crazy.

"Hey, Angela, stop that. I'm going to cum in my pants."

He jerked back to near sobriety in shock as he was answered - by a male voice.

"That's exactly what I want...."

He struggled on to his elbows and recoiled as he saw the grinning face of one of the older boys - it was his hand, not Angela's that Jeff had been enjoying. It wasn't so much the fact that the boy was gay - Jeff was a modern kid, and homosexuality wasn't the bogey that it had been for previous generations - it was that he felt raped, revolted, disgusted, sick....

His stomach heaved, and he peppered those around him with an ungodly mixture, based mainly on orange juice, peanuts and potato chips. The gay boy received most of it, but there was a general chorus of disgust and horror as the realization of what had happened started to spread. Jeff could take no more - he grabbed Angela and headed for the door.

Moira glanced at the clock as she heard the door open - just eleven - they were home in plenty of time. Her relief was short lived when she was confronted with a vomit spattered boy and girl, both obviously still under the influence of alcohol. Anxiety, shock and anger took control and she reacted instinctively as generations of mothers have done when their children have exposed themselves to danger.

Jeff stood rooted with terror as Mrs. Baxter seemed to grow in size, her fury radiating as she grabbed her daughter.

"HOW DARE YOU. You PROMISED me that you would not drink alcohol. I'll show you, young lady."

Angela could only wave her arms feebly as Moira pulled up her dress and then heaved her panties down around her thighs. She felt herself pulled over her mother's knee, and then howled and yelped as a heavy adult hand rose and fell, her butt screaming with pain at the spanking.

Jeff tried to explain that they had not had any alcohol, but he was grabbed in turn, his baggy shorts and boxers hauled down, and then jerked and howled in turn like a baby as his ass felt the impacts of a mothers hand impelled by anger and concern for her child.

Both kids had tears running down their faces as they pulled their pants back up. Mrs. Baxter's wrath was hardly diminished. "Get to bed, both of you - and wash that disgusting stuff off first. Angela - you're grounded. Jeff - I'm going to call your mother in the morning."

Jeff lay face down in bed, the pain gradually subsiding into soreness, the pillow getting saturated with his tears at the indignity and injustice of his treatment. All they had drunk was orange juice - and it was that queer that had made him puke.

Breakfast was a somber and embarrassed affair. Both youngsters were suffering from the effects of alcohol on their systems, they had splitting headaches and felt queasy. The residual soreness in their hindquarters and the memory of the humiliating spanking did not add anything positive, either.

Mrs. Baxter was equally embarrassed, mortified at what she had done. Her rage had prompted a hostile call to the parents of the host in the small hours - she had found them surveying the debris of the party - and a return call some time later from their chastened son who had admitted spiking the drinks. Rage immediately had changed to self accusation. What had she done? Why had she not listened to Angela and Jeff?

She tried a weak smile. Jeff just stared bleakly back at her, Angela pointedly turned her back.

"Er... I owe you two an apology. I over-reacted last night, and now I know you were given alcohol without you knowing about it. I'm really sorry - I'll try to make it up to you."

Angela immediately assumed the posture of the innocent who has been wrongly convicted.

"So what will you do? UN-spank us? I thought that mothers were supposed to be kind and understanding and help their children? I HATE YOU!"

Moira winced. She could not explain to the girl that her actions had been precipitated by fear and concern.

"Angela, darling, please try to understand. I really will make it up to you."

Angela just burst into tears.

"I don't care. My head is splitting and I feel sick. I'm going back to bed. Leave me alone."

She ran from the room. Jeff was more understanding.

"It's OK, Mrs. Baxter, she'll get over it. You didn't know that we hadn't gotten drunk deliberately. Actually, I don't feel very well either - I think I'll lie down for a while."

Angela lay curled up in bed. Everything hurt. There was a tap on the door, and she heard her mother enter. Angela huddled further under the sheets.

"Angela, darling?"

"Go away."

"Angela, I know how you feel - it's called a hangover. Everybody gets one sooner or later."

"I feel like I'm going to die."

"I felt like that too, the first time. But my mother fixed it for me."

A faint ray of hope peeped into the corner of Angela's mind.

"How? I want to be fixed as well."

"Well, dear, she gave me a nice big warm enema, and it washed all of those nasty poisons out of my system."

Angela felt the sheets being pulled back.

"Just let me ease those pants off you, darling."

Angela did not resist as her mother gently eased the garments down and removed them over her ankles. Mom was going to fix her. She gratefully accepted the black nozzle, then sighed in relief as the warm, almost hot, water coursed around her rectum. It felt good, warming her from the inside outwards, carrying away the tension and anger.

It was almost with a sense of disappointment that she felt the tip being withdrawn - the nurse always used more water that this. The sheets were replaced.

"Just lie there and let it work, dear. Go to the toilet when you need to."

The bedroom door clicked shut, and Angela lay savoring the feeling of fullness until the urge became overpowering. Bowels empty, she had to admit that she felt very much better - even a bit hungry. But first she would check on Jeff.

Jeff was a bit surprised when Mrs. Baxter arrived in his room carrying a full enema bag. The only enemas he had received before were from Angela, and he was not at all sure that he wanted her mother to do something like that to him. I mean, she was a grown up lady, a stranger, and he was a boy. His fingers reluctantly released the sheet and let her pull it down.

"Now let's have those shorts off, Jeff. I won't hurt you, and you really will feel better afterwards."

He raised himself and felt her pulling them down, working one leg and then the other over his feet. Then she made her mistake.

"Really, Jeff, it's OK. I've just given Angela her enema, and it worked for her."

At the mention of her name, a confused mass of pictures and memories shot into Jeff's mind, and he grabbed frantically at the sheet as his penis reacted by erecting. Moira saw what had happened and cursed herself for uttering her daughter's name. Jeff clutched the sheet around him and turned to face the wall, blushing furiously.

"Don't worry, Jeff. I'm not shocked. But let's just keep the sheet over you, shall we?"

That wasn't so bad. Jeff felt the sheet lifted to expose his butt, then fingers pulling at him, then something sliding into his anus. Like Angela, he found the warmth immediately soothing and comfortable.

"Hi Jeff. Guess what mom did to me.... Oops..."

He jerked his head round as Angela burst into the room, stopping short as she was confronted by the scene of her boy's butt, a red tube snaking from it, ending at the bag her mother was holding.

"Angela! OUT! Jeff needs privacy."

Angela stood her ground, furious that her mother was administering an enema to Jeff - if anyone was going to do that, it should be his girlfriend.

"I'm staying unless Jeff tells me to go."

Jeff was on the spot again. If he told her to go, there would be trouble later - big trouble. If he told her that she could stay, her mother might draw conclusions - the correct ones, unfortunately.

"It's all right, Mrs. Baxter. Angela saw everything when I got stung. Let her stay if she wants to."

The enema proceeded to its conclusion, Angela feasting her eyes on the sight, that well known feeling and dampness appearing in her crutch. She was dragged out before Jeff had to get out of bed to go to the toilet - she just knew what he would be up to in there too!

The kids both bounced back to good spirits rapidly, and breakfast suddenly became attractive. Afterwards, Angela wanted to go for a ride, and Jeff followed her rapid pedaling to the secluded bay.

"Have you got those things?"

"What things?"

"The rubbers, stupid. I'm ready. I'm ready now."

They had used up all three of them before they rode slowly home to lunch, both cycling gingerly, both sore from their exertions, both realizing that things had changed for ever for both of them....

Chapter 8 - Angela's Story

The first priority in Jeff's mind was to renew his supply of contraceptives. He cycled with Angela along the coast - shops near beaches and campsites where kids congregated were the best chance of purchasing them undetected by parents or friends of parents. To Jeff's surprise Angela was much less shy than he was and embarrassed him by displaying a completely unladylike curiosity about the various brands and types. The only time she was taken aback was when perusing a pack with a large picture of a strawberry on the front.

"Jeff, why on earth would they make flavored ones? I mean, who's going to taste..... Oooh. I never thought of that!"

They cycled rapidly back to their favorite bay, teenage lust adding strength to teenage legs, and fell on each other. Afterwards, as they both lay naked, soaking in the sunlight, it occurred to Jeff that he had never asked Angela about her experiences.

"Say, Angela, have you been given enemas all your life? Or was it just when you went to Greenlawns?"

"Oh, I didn't get them when I was a little kid. In fact, I think I was eight when I got the first one. Daddy had gotten ill then, and he had a real bad patch when he could hardly move at all. The nurse used to come and help him - I remember that I was surprised that the nurse was a man - up till then I had thought that only women could be nurses.

"Anyway, I think I must have complained to mom about having a pain in my tummy, because one day she took me into my room and took all of my clothes off. Then she went out and came back with this nurse guy - I was real bashful and I tried to hide in the corner of the room, but mom got me out and made me lie on the bed so that he could examine me. I'll never forget the smell of his after-shave, it wafted around as he poked my tummy real hard. Then they both went away.

"I thought it was all over, but then they came back again, and he had this big rubber bag hanging from a pole, and there seemed to be miles of red rubber tubing attached to it. Mom showed me the end of the tube and let me feel how smooth and soft it was - I wasn't really interested until she told me where it was going! I didn't want it, but when you're only eight, you don't even think of disobeying your mom.

"Mom laid a couple of towels on the bed, and I had to lie on my back on them, and then she got hold of my legs and lifted them up and out. Now that was really embarrassing! I didn't know about sex or anything like that, but the only people who had really seen those bits were mom and dad, and now here was this guy looking real close. I could see his head in the space between my legs, then all of a sudden there was this tickly feeling, and I realized that he had pushed the tube right into my bottom.

"Mom put my legs down then, and the nurse started to rub my tummy, and I realized that something warm was going up my bottom - it felt weird. Anyway, he just kept rubbing and telling me there was nothing to be afraid of, and suddenly I wasn't frightened any more. Everything felt sort of warm and cozy, like when I crawled into their bed and cuddled up with mom and dad. I was even a bit disappointed when he stopped and pulled the tube out.

"Mom took me to the bathroom, and you should have seen what came out of me - it just about filled the toilet. And that was my first ever enema."

Angela rolled on her side and looked at Jeff as he fingered his newly erect penis. She giggled.

"Until I met you I didn't think all boys got turned on by enemas - I thought it was just Billy Joe."

Jeff felt himself go cold, and a sharp pang of jealousy shot through him.

"Who the hell is Billy Joe? I thought I was your first boyfriend."

"Relax, Jeff. The last time I saw Billy Joe, we were both nine years old."


"You know my dad had a muscle disease. Well, he just got worse, and mom found this place in Arizona where they did naturopathic treatment. It wasn't just for sick people, so she booked me and her in as well for a couple of weeks, and I found myself sharing a room with this little boy, the same age as me, called Billy Joe. "

"Every morning the nurse used to wake us up for an enema to start the day. And when she gave you an enema, you really knew you'd had one. She would shake us awake, standing there holding the tube in her hand, wiggling it under our noses. I always went first - she made me turn in the bed until I was lying on my side, then yards of rubber tube went up my ass. She seemed to use gallons of water - I felt as though I was going to burst."

"All the time I could see Billy Joe in the other bed - he had his hands under the bedclothes and he used to sort of fiddle with himself while he watched me get filled up. By the time I had been to the bathroom and got rid of it, the nurse would have him half inflated already - and then he would have to run for it with his little willy sticking straight up in the air."

"The nurse used to go out while he was still in the bathroom, and I would go in and talk to him. He just sat there playing with himself while he squirted all of the water out again. I think he really loved enemas - at night he would creep into bed with me and we would talk about them for ages."

Angela blushed and cast her eyes downwards.

"Actually, I've just remembered that he got me to fiddle with him. He was always disappointed that I hadn't any stories to tell, but he sure made up for it. I think some mothers use enemas for punishing their kids, but with Billy Joe the biggest punishment would have been if his mom had refused to give him one."

"Well, by the time I had spent two weeks there, I began to see what he meant. I would wake up early with this really funny feeling between my legs - at first I thought I just needed to pee, but that didn't make it go away. I didn't know anything about sex, just that there was this strange feeling, and if I scratched it, it got even better. Then, when I heard the nurse coming I would rub like mad until I heard the door handle turning, then I had to stop. It's strange - somehow I knew that what I was doing wasn't for adults to know about."

"When we got home, I missed the enemas quite a lot. I could persuade mom now and again that I was stuffed up and needed one, but she got worried about how often it happened and she told me that if my system didn't sort itself out then she was going to take me to see the doctor, so I had to stop."

"I had got used to being a vegetarian, and it made me feel good that animals weren't being killed just so that I could eat them. Then daddy died, and mom had to work full time, and I had to go to boarding school."

"It was only when I got to Greenlawns that I realized that other girls had the same sort of feelings about enemas as I did. Being the sort of place that it is, all of the girls who go there are already into naturopathic living, and we knew what the regime involved - in fact they insist on discussing it before they accept anyone. I didn't mind - in fact, secretly I was delighted - but I reckoned that the other girls would just sort of take it as something routine - a bit like swimming or gym. I got a bit of a shock after the first time we got our enemas."

"How come you got a shock? Was the nurse rough or something?"

"Oh, nothing like that. In fact the whole business was quite quick and totally painless - she just told me to lie on my side, then she lifted my skirt, pulled my panties part way down and got on with it. She didn't use a whole lot of water - I hardly even felt full. No, it was afterwards, when we went to bed."

"I was just lying in bed, and I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened - I could still sort of feel the tube. Well, I just started fiddling with myself - real quiet so that none of the other girls would know, and then I noticed that I wasn't the only one. In fact one of the girls was going at it real hard, and it wasn't long before most of us stopped pretending and just got on with it."

There was a long silence as Angela wondered if she had said too much - she had gotten totally involved with the story and not really known when to stop. Jeff sensed her worry.

"Geez. Boys do that sort of thing - in fact more so. They all get in a circle, and each one jerks off the boy next to him." Angela's relief was evident. And the conversation had given Jeff a lot to think about.

Chapter 9 - Back to School

All too quickly the holiday time passed. Mrs. Baxter drove Angela back to Greenlawns and dropped Jeff off at his home, complete with new cycle. His return precipitated the most embarrassing episode in his fourteen years, as he was dragged to see the family doctor by his mother to check that there were no lasting effects from the jellyfish stings. Jeff had to stand with his pants around his ankles, with his mother sitting right there, watching, as the doctor examined his skin thoroughly.

Had Jeff been more aware, he would probably have gotten away with pretending that it was only his legs that had been involved, but he told the doctor that some of the stings had been on his privates without thinking of the consequences. He had to stand in mortified agony as the doctor rolled the skin of his scrotum between cool fingers and then, horror of horrors, transferred his attention to Jeff's penis, even pulling back the skin to have a closer look.

The worse thing of all came when the doctor just asked straight out if there was any loss of sensitivity or diminution of function. Jeff could not speak. With burning face and a trace of moisture in the corner of his eyes he could only shake his head.

Then, of course, mom unpacked his bags. Jeff remembered too late that he had pushed the remaining condoms in there - In fact the return of memory coincided with a shower of little packets on to the floor. His mother just looked coolly at him.

"Oh. It looks as though things between you and Angela have gone a lot further than I imagined. Does her mother know?"

"I don't think so. Angela would have said if she did. ...I think."

Jeff stood in mute misery as his mother picked up the packets - it was almost as bad as if she were actually watching him make love to Angela. He waited anxiously for the verdict. His mother did something that he had never expected - she dropped the condoms in a drawer and closed it.

"Well, Jeff, I had thought - hoped - that you were going to be my little boy for a while yet. Just be careful - condoms don't always work, and it's the girl who takes the risk, not the boy."

"Aren't you going to burn them or something?"

"No point, is there? I can't watch over you for twenty four hours a day. I've just got to hope that I raised you right."

She held her arms out to Jeff and he walked into her embrace. Even a hug felt slightly different now - sort of mother to son, not mom to kid any more.

Jeff had started on the longest two weeks of his entire life. There was no art class on the first Saturday of the new semester, and he got only the briefest of calls from his beloved as the girls waited in line for the phone. So many things had changed. Jerking off had somehow lost its magic and become much more of a mechanical stress relief than the primary erotic focus of his life. He pined for Angela's company, her soft, sweet-smelling body, her surprising bursts of pure animal lust.

His anus remembered the bitter-sweet pleasure of an enema. Jeff tried to recreate the sensation with a well greased finger and even the rounded end of a pen, but these also were poor reflections. He was trapped - no longer could he live happily as a single person - he needed someone else. Mom wouldn't do - he still loved her, but she could not provide what he craved.

Saturday eventually arrived, and Jeff cycled to Greenlawns early, having set up a clandestine meeting with Angela. They furtively made their way to the little hut where the groundsman kept his tools and frantically undressed each other before violently coupling on an old groundsheet spread on the floor. Angela dressed and made her demure way to breakfast while Jeff waited until it was safe for him to arrive.

Jeff changed into his posing pouch as instructed by Miss Knight, then walked into the studio in his robe. He was greeted with giggles and knowing looks from the girls, and realized with horror that Angela must have told them what had happened - hopefully only when they were on holiday together. Why did girls always share their secrets like this? Jeff would have died rather than discuss Angela with his friends.

The procession to the nurse's office was headed by Angela, who was missing for a lot longer than usual. She returned, flushed and fidgety, and had to excuse herself for a visit to the bathroom twice before the break. Jeff went up to her, a question on his face. Angela took him to one side.

"Gosh, Jeff, that was the mother of all enemas this morning. I've been a bit off color because I was missing you so much, and my work hasn't been all that good for the past couple of weeks. I think one of the teachers must have had a word with the nurse about it."

Jeff had been in a more or less permanent state of erection during the class - he had learned the trick of making it less obtrusive, but some at least of the girls had noticed and nudged each other - he just hoped their drawing wasn't too accurate. Now his prick reared up to new heights, fortunately concealed by his robe.

"What do you mean? What did she do?"

"You know I told you about the first enema I ever got from that male nurse? Well, when I went into her office she told me to take my skirt and panties right off, and then she made me lie on my back, just like he did."

Jeff groaned as his prick swelled and throbbed as he tried to picture the scene. Angela continued her narrative.

"She made me pull my knees right up to my chest. Then I felt something absolutely huge go up my bottom - I couldn't really see it, but she's never used a tube that fat before. Then she just kept the water coming, and she sort of rubbed me so that I could feel it spreading right up inside. It was a strange feeling - normally I couldn't have taken anywhere near the amount of water she used, but it was OK once something opened inside and let it penetrate."

"She made me hold it for ages. She pulled the tube out and pushed a folded up towel hard against my butt to help me. And when I went to the bathroom - wow! - it just kept coming and coming."

Jeff couldn't resist it.

"I bet it wasn't the only thing coming either!"

He doubled up as Angela delivered a playful blow to his midriff, impacting on his erection.

"Christ, Angela, that hurt. You don't want to break it, do you?"

She giggled.

"No way! Sorry."

Jeff spent the rest of the morning in a ferment. Other girls left and returned - they were obviously just getting the routine treatment. He just could not get the thoughts of enemas out of his mind. He ached to feel that delicious, erotic tube and the surge of liquid as it filled and expanded his innards. When lunchtime came, he could take no more.

"Hey, Angela, I'm a bit stuffed up myself. How's about we go to the nurse's office like last time?"

He dressed and they walked as unobtrusively as they could to the door of the office. Jeff swallowed hard as it opened just as they reached it, and the nurse emerged, raising her eyebrows.

"Hello, young man. Jeff isn't it? Is there something we can do for you?"

Jeff desperately tried to think of something, anything, that would explain their presence. Angela's face split in her devilish grin.

"Jeff's a bit shy about mentioning it, nurse, but he's really constipated, and he asked me to bring him to see you."

Jeff groaned internally and looked at the floor in acute embarrassment. It was one thing getting Angela to administer an enema, but this nurse looked rather businesslike. The nurse turned to him.

"Is this true, Jeff? What sort of thing did you expect me to do?"

He wanted to scream that he expected her to be somewhere else, but Angela took the lead again. With another innocent smile she sealed his fate.

"I told Jeff that you would be able to give him an enema. He's a bit too shy to ask you himself."

Jeff wilted before the nurse's gaze.

"Is that correct, Jeff? Did you come here to get an enema."

"Yes, but I didn't want to trouble you..."

"Oh, that's no trouble. Off you go to lunch, Angela. Come in, Jeff."

His fantasy totally derailed, Jeff followed her into the office.

"Now, how long is it since you went to the bathroom?"

"I don't remember."

"That long, huh? Well, we'll soon get you comfortable again. Just take off your pants, and I'll be with you in a moment."

Jeff reluctantly stripped them off. There was no way out for him, but he really did not fancy a grown up lady administering an enema. If he said he didn't need one, then there would be a lot of difficult questions asked. Feeling a bit silly, he sat on the couch, his legs dangling in the air as he heard the sound of running water from the small toilet at the end of the room. The nurse re-entered, holding a pole from which dangled the largest enema bag Jeff had ever seen - bigger than he had ever imagined could exist.

He nurse gave him a bright smile, then turned round and bent down to open a drawer at floor level, revealing long, nylon clad legs and the outline of tiny panties against the tight seat of her white dress. Even if she was quite old, Jeff found the sight stimulating. He lost it completely when she straightened up and turned round, holding the longest, thickest, most rubbery tube he had ever seen. His traitorous penis betrayed him again by leaping to attention.

Jeff confusedly tried to cover up, pulling frantically at his short tee shirt in an attempt to conceal his excited state. The nurse didn't react at all.

"Don't worry about that, Jeff. I worked in a male surgical unit before I came here - I've seen it all before."

He just knew what was coming next. Yes.

"Now I want you to lie on your back and draw your knees right up to your chest for me."

Oh god, this was awful. She could see everything. The nurse reached over to the chair where he had left his clothes and picked up his shorts, using them to cover his erection. Jeff breathed a sigh of relief.

The nurse greased the tube and peered between his legs.

"My goodness, you're a greedy boy aren't you?"

Jeff was still trying to work this out when the greased tube pressed against him and slid smoothly home, distending his anus, not enough to be painful, but more than enough to be stimulating. The water started, and she probed his abdomen, releasing some sort of internal valve. Jeff suddenly understood what Angela had been describing.

He abandoned himself to enjoyment, eyes closed, thinking of Angela, as the pressure built up and the nurse continued to knead his abdomen. She shifted her focus, and her elbow started to bump into the crumpled shorts covering Jeff's erection. The slight shifting produced enough friction, and he felt himself erupt into a jerking, grunting orgasm.

The nurse stopped the flow and withdrew the tube.

"I think that's enough, Jeff. Off you go to the bathroom."

He joined Angela and her friends in the dining room after he had emptied his bowels. They were giggling again - Geez, you got no privacy at all when there was a bunch of girls involved. He even got his bottom pinched a couple of times.

Cycling home he reflected on the day - it had been a set of memorable experiences. Seven days to wait now.

Chapter 10 - Withdrawal Symptoms

Angela was already in the hut waiting for Jeff when he arrived the following week, and they got straight down to more frantic lovemaking. The atmosphere in the morning posing session was more intense than ever before as a dozen young teenage girls contemplated the boy that Angela was doing it with, and wondered just what it was like. Whatever might happen in the public schools system, virginity was very much the norm at Greenlawns for girls of all ages.

Jeff sensed the tension as the girls shifted on their chairs - he could almost smell it. Was it his imagination, or was he getting more glimpses of underwear today? One girl after another made the trip to the nurse's office and his sexual excitement reached a peak - he sure would like to be that nurse!

By lunchtime, he could no longer contain his desire. There was no possibility of a session with Angela, but another one of the nurse's amazing enemas was more of a possibility. He made his way to her office.

"Well, hello there young man. I wasn't expecting to see you again so soon."

"I'm pretty constipated again."

"Hmm. That's not quite normal for a boy of your age. Come in and let me have a look at you. How's your diet? Lots of greens I hope?"

"Well, some...."

"Just step out of your pants and get up on the couch for me, will you?"

He sat watching, then his face fell as she flipped a rubber glove out of a pack and pulled it on.

"Lie on your side with your back to me, and draw your knees up to your chest."

This was more than Jeff had bargained for, but he could only get out of it by admitting his real motive for wanting an enema. Glumly he curled up and gritted his teeth in anticipation of what was about to happen. He felt a coolness, then gulped involuntarily as a gloved finger was thrust deep inside his rectum. It pushed and probed, painfully at times, and seemed to go on for ever. He released his breath when at last he felt it being withdrawn.

"That's strange, I can't feel very much in there. I'll just give you a quick wash out and then we'll investigate further."

The enema was quick and painful - just a bag of tepid water emptied rapidly into his rectum. Jeff yelped and howled as he experienced his first enema cramps, but the nurse paid no attention - just kept it coming until the bag was empty. Then Jeff had the almost terminal humiliation as she accompanied him to the toilet, insisting that he held the liquid in until the pain and pressure became unbearable, then afterwards inspecting the results.

"Not much solid matter in there. Perhaps it's all higher up."

She poured a brown liquid into a medicine glass. Jeff swallowed it with distaste, screwing up his face at the bitter draught.

"That's a laxative - it will take a while to work, but I wouldn't make any plans for this evening if I were you. I guarantee that will get rid of anything in your system."

Jeff pulled his pants back on, still smarting from the unwanted and ungentle attention he had received, then turned to see the nurse holding a shiny object which opened and closed as she manipulated the handle.

"If you're still having trouble next week, we'll have a real good look inside you. This clever little thing is designed to hold you open for that. Cute, isn't it?"

Jeff fled. He knew when he was beaten.

There was a buzz of excitement as he limped wearily into the dining hall.

"Mrs. Knight has been called away. She said she would just have to trust us this afternoon."

Jeff scowled. All he wanted to do was to crawl away and hide.

"So? Why all the excitement?"

"How about posing properly for us? In the buff?"

"No way! I'm not paid for nude posing."

"We'll pay you. There's twelve of us, and we'll contribute ten dollars each."

Jeff was tempted. He had done well out of the posing so far, especially since Mrs. Baxter had actually bought the cycle for him, but an extra hundred and twenty bucks really appealed!

"I don't think Angela would like me to be naked."

He looked round to be met with one of her special smiles.

"Oh, that's all right. I don't mind them seeing what they're missing - just as long as they don't touch the merchandise."

Jeff went to his cupboard to change. The treatment had left him pretty immune to getting an erection, but to make sure he jerked off until he was sore - there was no way that thing would do anything except lie down and recover for the next few hours.

Posing nude was a strange experience. Jeff hadn't known what to expect, and he was really surprised to find that after the problem of the initial exposure the whole thing was completely unerotic - it was actually less embarrassing to be completely naked that to wear the little pouch. The girls, too, were somewhat deflated to find that after a short period of interest, the sight of a dangling boy penis left them rather cool. Still, Jeff collected his fee with a smile.

He called at the office on his way out to collect his official earnings. They were handed over by an apologetic vice-principal.

"Jeff, I'm afraid the Saturday class is cancelled until further notice. Miss Knight's mother is unwell - that's why she was called away today - and Miss Knight will have to spend all of her free time at home. I'm sorry about this - I will call you when things get sorted out."

Angela took the news badly. There was no way out - clandestine meetings were impossible at Greenlawns unless he had a reason for being in the grounds. They kissed sadly, not knowing when or if they would see each other again.

Jeff cycled homewards in a black mood - this had not exactly been the best day of his life, even if it had been the most remunerative. His misery reached a peak as the laxative kicked in when he was only half way home, forcing him to crouch behind a bush as the entire contents of his intestines burst from him in a hot, stinging gush. He didn't even have any toilet paper, and he certainly wasn't in the mood for the grand gesture of using paper money to wipe his ass, so he made the best job possible with a handful of grass and leaves.

It didn't stop there. The nurse had her revenge at half mile intervals for the rest of the journey.

He finally arrived home with his asshole on fire, his shorts soiled with excrement where the seat of the cycle had forced them into contact with his anus, the tender skin between his butt cheeks inflamed and sore from the joint effect of irritation and friction. His mother confronted her tearful son.

"My goodness, Jeff, what on earth is the matter?"

"I've got the runs. I'm real sore."

She ushered him to the bathroom and undressed him as though he were four instead of fourteen as he broke down into sobs of misery at the combination of disasters which had befallen him that day. Jeff meekly bent over and allowed her to inspect the damage.

"Good heavens, that looks really painful - everything is bright red. It looks as though it's about to bleed."

She pulled him upright and turned him around.

"Oh lord, it's even spread to your willy - that's all red and inflamed too. Into the bath with you - but don't put any soap on the sore bits or it will really hurt."

Jeff could have enlightened her as to the reason for the soreness in that particular location, but he thought better of explaining that it was the result of violent masturbation prior to nude posing - some things mothers just didn't need to know.

His mortification grew as she picked up his shorts and examined their seat. Long gone were the days when he would simply discard his underwear on the bedroom floor, neither knowing nor caring what state it was in. Shit marks were nowadays a cause of the most acute embarrassment, making him thrust the offending garments deeply into the heap of soiled clothes awaiting washing. Now she was actually looking at his mess!

Jeff soaked in a warm bath, gently wafting soothing liquid over the sore areas. He was just beginning to recover a fragile composure when his mother reappeared with a pile of soft towels and beckoned him from the tub.

He winced and yelped from a mixture of pain and humiliation as she gently dried his ass, then prayed for death when she transferred her attention to his prick and balls. Then she reached into the pocket of her apron and produced a large tube of ointment.

"This stuff is for treating hemorrhoids, but it's really soothing, and it's got some anaesthetic in it too. Just bend over the tub again."

Jeff sighed with relief as the pain disappeared to be replaced with the most comforting numbness he had ever experienced. Then he started to jerk upright as his mother's fingers contacted his anus.

"Keep still, Jeff. I need to get this stuff right inside."

He closed his eyes and tensed his jaw muscles as he felt a large lump of the ointment applied, and then the slow insinuation of a finger, withdrawing at frequent intervals to pick up more cream. All his previous humiliation faded into insignificance compared to this indignity - here he was, fourteen years old, no longer a virgin, and his mom's finger was stuck right up his asshole!

His prick might have been sore, but the stimulation would have produced an erection on a male corpse. His shame and desperation grew - what on earth would she think if she saw it? The finger withdrew and he looked around hopefully - surely it was over now, and if he could persuade her to leave before he had to stand up.....

His heart sank into his boots as he saw her produce a white plastic nozzle and screw it on to the tube - its purpose was only too clear.

"Just hold still for a while longer, Jeff. This will soothe inside you."

Anaesthetic or no, Jeff felt the insertion, then a cold sensation as she squeezed the tube sending the ointment into his rectum.

"Just stand up and turn round."

"No. Go away."

"Jeff, this has to be done. Now do as I say - stand up and turn round."

Her eyes widened as he reluctantly obeyed, and she immediately turned her back.

"I'm sorry - I didn't realize. Here, take the tube and put some on yourself."

She left at once, but too late for Jeff - the ultimate nightmare had happened for real. His mom had seen him with a hard on.

The humiliation faded slowly, as did the soreness, but by the following morning Jeff was back to physical normality at least. He gazed bleakly out of his bedroom window at an empty world. No girl, no chance of another enema, and he still had to face his mom at breakfast!

Chapter 11 - Home on the Range

Breakfast was not the ordeal that Jeff had envisaged - by mutual, unspoken consent Jeff's involuntary display was not even alluded to beyond an inquiry as to whether his soreness had subsided, to which he gave a rapid affirmative answer - that nozzle attached to the tube of cream was something he preferred to avoid - at least if it was in the hands of his mother.

The rest of Jeff's life stretched bleakly in front of him, the only thing he could possibly look forward to was an occasional call from Angela. He could not even call her, since the student phones did not accept incoming calls - they had to go through the office.

By the middle of the week his school friends had begun to notice his depression. Jeff fended off their questions - he had been very careful to keep his posing activities secret. It had been a real stroke of luck that he had seen the card just as it was being placed in the window so that nobody else was aware of its existence. Nor had he given any indication of his relationship with Angela - girls from Greenlawns were rarely seen in the community, and were generally considered to be rich, arrogant bitches by ordinary kids.

Eventually Jeff felt an arm on his shoulder.

"What's the matter, Jeff? Are you in some sort of trouble? You can tell me."

He turned to see Sarah's concerned face.

Sarah had grown distant from Jeff as they left elementary school and boys and girls separated to do their own things. His questions about enemas had brought him to her attention again, and she had taken a fresh look at him. He really was pretty cute. Tall for his age, no zits, the first fluff on his face presaging a need to start shaving. And when he ran round the field just wearing his shorts, the ripple of developing muscles on his hairless chest just about made her wet her pants. Even more important - he didn't have a girlfriend.

"Come on, Jeff, tell me what the problem is. After all, I know your guilty secret."

He turned sharply. Surely she didn't know about Angela?

"Oh, and what's this guilty secret?"

"I know you've slept with a girl."

Jeff felt his knees start to buckle as the blood drained from his face. She couldn't possibly know. She must be guessing.

"Oh? And what's the name of this girl?"


She laughed at the blank look on his face.

"ME you idiot! We were in first grade at the time. It was one night when your mom was away, and you slept over at my house. Don't you remember? My mom popped us into the bath together and then tucked both of us up in my bed for the night."

Relief swept over Jeff. He had no memory of the occasion, but it wasn't something that would raise any more than a chuckle if she spread it around - things like that happened to everybody when they were tiny. But he still had to explain what was wrong. He reverted to the old faithful excuse.

"Gee, I don't really know. I think school is getting me down - my grades have fallen, and I just don't seem to be able to keep up any more."

"I'm finding it pretty tough as well. What say we work together and help each other?"

Jeff paused for thought. Sarah was OK - he had known her all his life - and she was developing into a really pretty girl, curves and bumps correctly positioned. What's more, she was clever - her grades had always been better than his. He decided.

"That's a good idea. Worth a try anyway."

Sarah's mom was pleased to see him, and he endured the obligatory peck on the cheek and ruffling of the hair stoically.

"Well, hello Jeff. We haven't seen much of you lately."

"Gee, I'm sorry, Mrs. Greene. I've been real busy."

"Well, why don't you two go up to Sarah's room and get on with your work. I'll give you a call when it's time for supper."

Sarah and Jeff sat together working on their assignments. He became conscious of her warmth and a faint scent - maybe scented soap. She shifted to lean over him, pointing out some calculations and he caught the clean smell of her hair as it fell over her slightly fuzzy neck. He was aware of her soft and yielding body pushing against his chest.

That did it. Jeff felt a familiar stirring in his pants as Sarah's status changed from childhood friend to desirable female. He let his hand stroke lightly over her hair feeling an increased desire for this girl.

Conscience returned when he went to bed that night and he found his erotic fantasies divided between Sarah and Angela. Angela was his first, and he still loved her, but they might never see each other again. Even if he got his job back, there would only be fleeting moments of intimacy and it was far too much to hope that the holiday would be repeated - she would probably jet off to Europe next summer. Perhaps he should see how things developed with Sarah before making any final decision. The fantasy of Sarah's monthly enema returned in force, supplanting the vision of Angela.

His next working visit to Sarah provided him with the opportunity of looking for the equipment. He went to the bathroom, locked the door, and opened cupboards and drawers. There it was! A big, red, floppy bag like a deflated football, a long red rubber tube, a selection of nozzles and a slithery, snaky rectal tube. He looked at the nozzles. Two of them had an obvious purpose - it was just that one was larger than the other. But the third was weird - curved, with a bulbous end and holes all the way round. He looked at the box. '....Includes rectal, infant rectal and vaginal nozzles...'.

Jeff felt faint as he reverently handled the vaginal nozzle - ladies must use it to wash out that place. He imagined it nestling gently inside Sarah's bush, in that canal that he worshipped, that simple moist flesh tube that could somehow evoke so much pleasure. He enjoyed a slow, sensuous wank, holding the device in one hand.

"Gee, Jeff, you were ages in there. Is everything all right?"

Sarah looked at him with concern.

"Are you constipated or something?"

"Oh, no. Nothing to worry about."

Jeff kicked himself mentally. How could he be so stupid? An opportunity missed! He tried to retrieve the situation.

"Just as well, I guess, or your mom would have probably had my pants down for an enema!"

This statement sent Sarah into a fit of giggles whose intensity and duration seemed quite out of proportion to Jeff's feeble attempt at a joke. He was eventually forced to grasp her by the shoulders and shake her gently before she calmed down sufficiently to be able to speak.

"I'm sorry.... it's just that it happened exactly like that with Josh."

"Josh? Your cousin?"

Jeff could hardly believe what he was hearing. Josh was sixteen, the second string quarterback, and the cause of more damp knickers than any other boy in the school. He just had to get the whole story.

"What on earth are you talking about, Sarah? What happened to Josh?"

"It's just like you said. He was round here last week, and he told mom that he was feeling a bit off because he was stuffed up, so she told him that he was going to get an enema."

"Didn't he object?"

"Didn't he just! But she just said that she had given him dozens of enemas when he was younger and there was no way he was getting out of it."

"You've lost me again, Sarah. Dozens? When he was younger?"

"You remember - all of us used to play together when we were little kids, and Josh often used to sleep over when his mom worked nights. You aren't the only boy I ever slept with, you know.

"Well, if either of us needed an enema, mom would say that it wasn't worth getting everything out just for one, so we'd both get done together."

"What do you mean, together? Like in the same room?"

"Of course, silly. We were only little kids and we used to go in the tub together anyway. Mom didn't tell us in advance - it was only when we went for our bath and saw the bag hanging up that we knew we were getting enemas. Josh always went first because he was older - he looked so silly kneeling on the floor with his butt in the air and his little...."

Sarah trailed off into silence, and Jeff could see that she had gone red. Suddenly he realized what it was that she was going to say, and decided to drag it out of her.

"His little what?"

"Don't ask me. I've gone all bashful."

"Come on. His little what?"

"His little willy - if you must know."

"Oh yes? And what was it doing?"

"I'm sure you can guess. Boys are all the same."

Jeff certainly could guess - in fact he was rapidly adopting the same state.

"OK, I get the picture. Didn't he get all shy about it?"

"Heck no. It happened all the time with him - I think he was kind of proud of it. Mom just used to laugh and say he'd make a fine husband for someone when he grew up - neither of us understood what she meant."

"Anyway, enough of about when you were little. What happened last week?"

"Well, like I told you, she said he had to have an enema, and he said he didn't want one. She just grabbed him by his ear and hauled him up to the bathroom and said he was getting one whether he wanted it or not. You should have heard him complaining while she hosed him out."

"How come you heard? I bet you were spying on him."

"Well, not really. My bedroom is right next to the bathroom, and the walls are real thin, so I couldn't help hearing. Afterwards he couldn't even look at me, and he was as red as a beet - he made me promise... Oooh! He made me promise not to tell anybody, and now I've told you. He'll never forgive me!"

"Aw, that's OK, Sarah - I won't blab about it."

They returned to their studies, with Jeff paying less attention than usual. There were several intriguing possibilities here. Should he just say that he was constipated and let Sarah's mom give him an enema? Or was there an opportunity for getting a lot better acquainted with Sarah....?

Chapter 12. The Second Front.

Slowly Jeff and Sarah grew closer - first a touch of fingers, then 'accidental' brushes, progressing to passionate kissing. Their mothers also renewed old acquaintance, taking pleasure from their children's happiness.

Jeff had decided to pretend that he had never had an enema in his life - that had been his initial story, and to change it would have raised some very awkward questions. He quizzed Sarah on the subject.

"Say, Sarah, what does it feel like to get an enema?"

"Gee, Jeff, you're always wanting to know about enemas."

Jeff phrased his reply with care.

"Well, when you've never experienced something, you get real curious. It's like making love - don't you ever wonder exactly what that feels like? I sure do."

"Oh. Yes, I see what you mean. What exactly do you want to know?"

Jeff paused for thought - her reply had been ambiguous.

"About enemas? Or about making love?"

"Enemas, stupid. I don't know any more about lovemaking than you do."

"Well, suppose you start from the beginning and tell me what happens and what it feels like."

"Phew! I'll try. I usually go with mom to the bathroom while she mixes up the stuff."

"Mixes? I though you just used hot water."

"Oh no. It depends what the enema is for. If I'm constipated, mom mixes some soap in - that helps to soften everything and make it come away easy. If it's for a sore tummy, she just puts a couple of spoonfuls of bicarbonate in to make it soothing - so it can stay in longer and not make me want to go.

"If I'm getting it for constipation I have to kneel down on the bathroom floor - like I told you Josh did. Mom say that helps the water to get real deep inside. If it's because of cramps and things - you know what I mean - I go into the bedroom and lie down on my side on the bed.

"I can't really describe what it feels like when the tube goes in. I've had it lots of times, but it still feels funny - like I was being invaded by a worm or something. I guess you have to experience it to know what it's like"

By this time Jeff was more turned on that he had ever been before. His erection was supersensitive, feeling the electric touch of the cotton fibers of his shorts, a slight sensation of moisture as pre-orgasmic lubricant leaked from the tip. Sarah was obviously excited as well - she shifted on her chair as her face flushed and her voice deepened. Jeff saw her gaze fixed on the front of his pants where the bulge of his erection was all too obvious. He looked down and grinned sheepishly, unable to speak lest his voice crack under the strain.

The two youngsters moved closer to each other, mouth pressing to mouth, tongues probing. Jeff groaned with pleasure and anticipation as Sarah's hand moved over his sex. He reached and eased his zip part way down, holding his breath and willing her to complete the movement. His prick sprang free from its constraints, Sarah held it gently in her hand and looked at it.

"Gee. I knew they got big, but not as big as this! That would really hurt."

Jeff led her to the bed and encouraged her to start playing with him as he slid his hand up her skirt and probed for her clitoris. She tensed, then relaxed as his busy fingers found the spot. They rubbed each other to orgasm, then jumped up and quickly sorted out their clothing as Sarah's mom called that supper was ready.

His relationship with Sarah moved to a new level after that, but plateaued at the level of fingers - no way would Sarah even consider allowing full intercourse, on the grounds that she was afraid of the effect of such a large object being inside of her. Try as he might, Jeff could not convince her that she would not be split apart in the process. The presence of her mother made it impossible in the house anyway, and Sarah was careful not to create any opportunities in other places. Angela continued to call Jeff once a week - she was obviously unhappy at the separation, but there was nothing either of them could do unless and until his modeling job resumed.

Then the fateful week arrived. Jeff was sitting with Sarah and her mother, when an unwilling Josh was propelled through the door by his mom.

"Usual trouble, Mary. Sort it out for him, will you."

She noticed Jeff, and held out her hand.

"Hello young man - you must be Sarah's boyfriend - the one she keeps telling everyone about. Nice to meet you."

With that, she was gone, leaving a scowling Josh and a puzzled Jeff. Enlightenment dawned when Sarah, standing behind Josh, made a circle with finger and thumb and pushed her other index finger in and out of it. He had been fetched to get an enema ! Mrs. Greene bustled out, heading for the bathroom, and Josh grabbed Jeff by the collar.

"One word from you - and you're dead meat. Understand?"

Jeff bridled. How dare this boy humiliate him in front of his girlfriend? He squared up to the older boy.

"Did the little boy come to get his bottom washed out, then? You'll be the laughing stock of the place when I tell the rest of the kids about it."

Josh drew back his fist. Jeff sneered at him.

"Go on. Hit me. Then you'll be in trouble at home and at school!"

They sat in mutual hostility until Mrs. Greene reappeared.

"Come along, Josh. Everything's ready for you."

Josh slunk from the room to an accompaniment of sniggers from Jeff. He was sitting down, rejoicing in his triumph, when Mrs. Greene returned and looked at him accusingly.

"Really, Jeff, I thought you were a big enough boy just to say things right out. You don't need to deliver oblique messages through Josh. Just how long have you been constipated."

Jeff panicked, seeing Josh's revenge looming over him.

"I'm not constipated. No way."

"Come on, now. Josh said you were shy about it, but there's no need to be coy here - we're all friends, aren't we?"

"But I'm really not constipated."

Sarah was convulsed in the corner, trying to keep her laughter from bursting out. Here was the chance to stop all of those tedious questions about enemas. She smiled brightly.

"Yes he is, mom. He's just shy. I've tried to tell him that there's nothing to be afraid of, but I don't think he believes me."

Jeff stood his ground.

"Anyway, I'm not having an enema."

Mrs. Greene eyed him, more in sorrow than in anger.

"Well, I think I had better give your mother a call, and see what she says about it."

Jeff's heart sank. Mrs. Greene was a forceful sort of woman, and he could see that his options were closing down. Either he took his enema here and now, or his mother would get involved - and he'd end up getting one anyway - with her either watching or doing it.

"Ok, Ok, let's get it over with."

He followed Mrs. Greene to the bathroom, where a grinning Josh was sitting on the side of the tub, exulting in his revenge while a bulging bag of water hung from the shower rail.

"Right, Josh, I'll do you first to show Jeff the ropes."

Josh grimaced, turned his back and undid his belt, then he knelt down, sliding his pants halfway down his thighs. Jeff heaved a sigh of relief - for a moment he had thought that they would have to strip, but this wasn't too bad. He gulped as Mrs. Greene greased a good six inches of the tube - he didn't think he was six inches thick! Then she used two fingers to hold Josh's cheeks apart. Jeff felt a surge of shame as he viewed the small forest of hair with the crinkled brown aperture in its center - he shouldn't find it erotic, but he did. Then the tube went in. And in. Mrs. Greene fiddled with the clamp and the tube jerked from the pressure of the water. It didn't take very long, and it was quite clinical really - there was just something erotic about the sight of a rubber tube protruding from somebody's asshole....

The tube was withdrawn and Josh jumped to the toilet, covering himself with his shirt, but not before Jeff had caught a fleeting glimpse of an erection - it seemed that he wasn't the only boy in the world that got turned on by receiving an enema - or, for that matter, by watching one administered.

"All right, Jeff, let's have you now."

He was really grateful for the cover afforded by his half-mast pants and shirt - he was erect from the start. The tube went in quite quickly, giving him a thrill as it burrowed through his anal canal. Was this what girls felt when they made love? He could not suppress a groan of pure pleasure as the hot water gurgled into him, filling and expanding, producing an exquisite pleasure as the urge to empty his bowels increased. He found himself alone as he emptied, and the temptation was just too much. Three or four strokes and he gasped as he ejaculated into the bowl.

He bounced back into the living room - whatever else, an enema gave you tons of energy - just in time to hear sentence pronounced on Sarah.

"Come on, young lady. Might as well get you done as well, now that all the apparatus is ready."

He and Josh grinned at each other - both were aware of Sarah's role in Jeff's syringing - then they shook hands, sealing a pact of silence between them. Mrs. Greene reappeared after a few minutes.

"Sarah's just finishing off. You two can look after each other while I drive Josh back home."

As soon as they left, Jeff hurried to the bathroom and peered round the door. Sarah obviously did not get the same concession to modesty as the boys - she was sitting on the toilet stark naked, her fingers busy inside her. She looked up at Jeff.

"Have you got any protection? I'm as randy as I can be....."

Mrs. Greene smiled fondly when she returned and saw the two happy children. Nothing like a good clear out to make kids glow with health and happiness.

Chapter 13 Into Each Life...

Jeff was at first delighted to discover that Sarah, once she had taken the initial step, suddenly became both voracious and insatiable. He applied himself to her satisfaction with considerable energy, every snatched moment of privacy spent in a horizontal position.

Slowly he became aware of his own limitations. Whilst Sarah found no problem in doing it three times in one evening, his physiology just could not cope with a continuing sexual marathon. He had never in his wildest dreams considered the possibility of turning down any opportunity to make love, but he found himself making occasional excuses, just to give the soreness time to subside.

After his embarrassing session with Josh, Jeff found that they were actually becoming firm friends, united at first by their secret, but finding that they actually did like each other. Jeff was flattered when Josh invited him camping with a couple of friends one weekend.

They cycled for miles through familiar country, and eventually reached the boys' favorite spot - a small valley, coincidentally close to Greenlawns, a fact which gave Jeff pangs of nostalgia as he recalled the good times he had experienced with Angela.

Carl and Derek, Josh's friends, turned out to be a whole heap of fun. The boys spent the afternoon swinging from trees in imitation of Tarzan, swimming in the dammed stream and pitching camp - two small tents, one for each pair.

Twilight came and they feasted on the sort of diet that only the adolescent male can consume without having a paramedic ambulance standing by - potatoes baked at the side of the fire, sausages and marshmallows toasted on sticks, washed down with bootlegged bottles of beer. They lay around, replete and slightly drunk, and Jeff was conscious of a sudden tension in the air. Carl and Derek looked at each other, then glanced pointedly at Josh, waiting for him to speak.

"It's OK, fellas, Jeff knows all about you-know-what."

Carl grinned meaningfully, then dived into the bottom of his rucksack, emerging with a flat-bottomed, thick, red rubber bulb, from the top of which protruded a thick, curved, plastic pipe. Jeff looked at it with amazement. The pipe was almost an inch thick, and grooves ran down the sides almost to the bulb. Its purpose was unmistakable, particularly in view of the array of holes spaced around the end of the nozzle.

Jeff followed the lead of the others, stripping off his clothes and throwing them in his tent. The alcohol was making him feel woozy, and he swayed slightly on his feet as the four boys, all massively erect, stood round the fire, the warmth of the embers impinging on his stomach and genitals. Carl filled the bulb with warm water from the pan.

"OK Derek. Show Jeff how to take it like a man!"

Derek grinned widely and touched his toes, his legs wide apart. Carl dipped the nozzle in a tub of Vaseline, and deftly inserted it into the boy's asshole, then squeezed it firmly, giggling as Derek shot upright and then darted into the bushes, squatting as the contents of his rectum were violently expelled. He returned and refilled the bulb, then treated Carl in the same way. Josh took the bulb and filled it.

"OK, Jeff, assume the position."

"I don't think it will fit - it's too big."

Carl and Derek erupted in fits of laughter, hanging on to each other as they lurched around unsteadily.

"Come on, Jeff. We all get to take it."

Jeff bent over, his knew trembling at the thought of the huge nozzle going in. To his surprise, it hardly hurt at all - his hole just opened up and swallowed the thing. Then he, too jumped up as a jet of hot water was violently propelled into him by a sudden squeeze of the bulb.

Then it was his turn. Josh's hairy ass was presented to him. Jeff felt a return of the feeling of guilty eroticism first experienced when he had seen Mrs. Greene sliding the enema tube into that orifice. He hesitated.

"Come on, Jeff, don't hang about."

Jeff placed the blunt end of the nozzle against the brown crinkle and pushed gently, surprised at how smoothly it slid into Josh. He squeezed, then it was all over as Josh too scampered into the bushes. They shared a final bottle of beer, still naked and erect, in a sort of male camaraderie, and then tumbled into their tents.

Jeff tensed as he felt Josh's fingers on his erection, then the effects of the alcohol overcame the last of his inhibitions as they lay together jerking each other off. Jeff's erection began to subside after his orgasm, then stiffened again as he felt Josh's hot breath play over it and then take it into his mouth.

Jeff abandoned thoughts of right and wrong as Josh expertly teased the end of his penis with tongue and lips, sending him almost into a trance of pleasure. He did now resist as Josh rolled him on to his stomach.

Suddenly Jeff screamed as he was crushed under the weight of the older boy at the same time as something huge forced its way into his asshole. He sobered up in double quick time as a searing pain shot through him, but he was pinioned firmly as Josh thrust deep into his anus. Mercifully it was soon over, and Jeff scuttled into his sleeping bag, pulling it tight around his neck as he heard the sound of similar activities coming from the other tent.

Jeff awoke very early - the first signs of dawn were just appearing. He was hurt and scared, his ass was still painful and he had an awful suspicion that it was bleeding. He quietly packed his bags and pushed his cycle away from the camp where the other three were still lying in satisfied sleep.

Half a mile down the road, the sky was light enough to make accurate vision possible. Jeff crept into the trees and gingerly lowered his pants and shorts, misery turning to sheer panic when he saw the bright red stains of fresh blood on his shorts. He felt himself going weak, his head swimming with shock, scared witless but not knowing what to do. He looked around, then realized that he was just behind Greenlawns - there was one person who could take charge. He heaved his cycle over the rails which surrounded the grounds and made his way to the small cottage where the nurse lived, then leaned on the bell push, tears of misery, pain and fear coursing down his face.

The door was opened by the nurse, clad in a robe, an expression of concern on her face. Jeff stumbled forward, she took him by the shoulders and half carried him into her tiny living room.

"Jeff! What on earth...?"

Jeff's story tumbled from his lips. He didn't even try to censor the words, just let them come, separated by sobs and groans of misery. He was completely out of his depth, and just submitted to being stripped and examined, handing himself over to the adult world with gratitude.

"Who did this? Have you been raped?"

That brought Jeff up short.

"Well, not really. I was camping with these boys, and we all got drunk, then we jerked each other off, and before I knew what was happening...."

She looked at him. This was by no means straightforward. Her first impulse, to call the sheriff, might not be the best thing to do. A trial would be messy at least, several boys, including Jeff would be pilloried, and it would be argued that he had been a willing participant in homosexual activities.

"Do you want me to call the sheriff? Have them arrested?"

"NO. PLEASE, not that. I'm just scared that I've been split open. Will I have to go to hospital?"

"Relax. There's a bit of blood, but no major damage. Let me get you into a hot bath, then we'll talk about it when you've calmed down."

Jeff subsided gratefully into the warm, scented suds, accepting the nurse's help in gently washing his anus, feeling a gradual relaxation as she reassured him that he was not permanently damaged. He soaked for a while, then managed a sheepish grin as she came back into the bathroom, holding a tube of cream fitted with a nozzle.

"Let me tell you what this is...."

"It's all right, nurse. I've met one before."

She helped him from the bath and gently dried him. Jeff did not even react as the soft towel grasped his penis and then his balls. He didn't even need to be told. He just bent over the tub and presented his ass for medication. It hurt a bit as the tube went in, but the soothing effect of the cream soon calmed his inflamed tissues.

The nurse produced a robe - Jeff would normally have died before wearing pink, particularly with blue flowers, but did not protest. He nursed the hot cup of tea, gingerly sipping it, returning to a fair approximation of his normal self.

"Now then, Jeff, what are we going to do?"

"Nothing. It was my own stupid fault. I don't want any fuss."

"OK. If that's what you want. But what are you going to do now?"

"I just want to go home. I'll tell mom we had a fight and so I came back early."

She helped him to dress, then tied his cycle to the back of her car and drove him almost home.

"Just push the thing the rest of the way. If you have any more trouble with... your ass... come back and see me. If it's at all possible, we'll keep this just between us two."

Jeff let himself in to the house and roused his mom with a kiss and a hug, explaining that he just hadn't got on with the big boys, then gratefully slid into his own bed, allowing sleep to work its magic on him.

By lunchtime he was restored, and ate a huge meal.

"Oh, by the way, there was a call for you yesterday. They want you back at Greenlawns next Saturday..."

Chapter 14. The Triangle Resolved

Jeff could hardly contain himself when he heard the news. He waited impatiently for Angela's call.

"Hey, Angela, I'm back at Greenlawns this Saturday. Isn't that great?"

"Wow! But we don't get Saturday art this semester. I think it's the seniors. But get here real early - I'll be waiting in the usual place."

Suddenly Sarah seemed less attractive, coarser compared to the cultivated Angela. Sarah sensed it immediately they met up again - Jeff was distant, less attentive, less keen. Then the fatal slip - they seized a moment when Sarah's mom was out to make love. Suddenly Sarah stiffened and threw Jeff off.

"ANGELA? Who the hell is Angela?"

Jeff groaned - in the heat of the moment he had said her name. The evening broke up in tears and insults as Sarah drove Jeff from the house, screaming that she never wanted to see him again.

His mother guessed the situation as soon as he entered the door.




"Yes. Oh mom, I'm so miserable...."

She hugged him until the first outpouring of grief had ground to a damp halt.

"What caused it, Jeff?"

"It was my stupid fault. I called her Angela. I though that just ever happened in the movies."

"Any chance of making it up?"

"I don't think so. I don't even want to. I love Angela."

She looked at him sympathetically, but she had to say it.

"I think you should maybe try. The thing with Angela can't last, you know. She lives hundreds of miles away and most of the time she's virtually locked up in that school. You're going nowhere."

"I know that, mom, but it doesn't make any difference. Angela and I really love each other."

She sighed to herself, remembering her own youth. There was trouble ahead, and there was nothing she or Jeff could do to avoid it.

Jeff broke all cycling records the following Saturday, arriving at Greenlawns far too early and having to spend the best part of an hour waiting in the shed before Angela arrived. She was amazed and complimented by his enthusiastic welcome and passionate lovemaking and it was with a feeling of regret that he eventually had to go to the art studio.

As Angela had predicted, the students were seniors, most of whom were distinctly unimpressed by a boy two years younger than they were. Jeff donned the Grecian kilt and picked up the discus which had been left out for him, and made his way to the studio.

Jeff held his pose for the duration of the morning whilst a few of the girls made desultory attempts at sketching. The rest just ignored him and sat around gossiping - mainly bitchy comments directed at absent girls. Only one of the seniors had any time for Jeff at all, and made stilted conversation with him during the breaks. She was actually the best looking of the lot - most of the others seemed to have gotten stuck in a sulky expression.

Jeff heaved a sigh of relief when the morning session was over, and changed back into his normal clothes, deciding that if it were not for the fact that posing sessions represented his only means of meeting Angela then nothing would get him through the school gates again. He turned towards the dining room, then a twinge from his rear reminded him both of the assault on it and the fact that soreness had prevented him from emptying his bowels for the entire week. He made his way to the nurse's office, tapped on the door and then poked his head into the room.

He realized his error immediately when he saw the senior - the friendly one - lying on her side on the couch. It was just like Angela had described - the girl's skirt was tucked up around her waist, and her tiny white panties had been pulled down just far enough to make room for the thick red tube which was protruding from her butt. Jeff muttered an apology and beat a hasty retreat, but not hasty enough to miss the startled look on the face of the girl as she twisted round to see who had entered.

Jeff considered making a run for it, but the nurse would be sure to seek him out to see what he had wanted. He sat on the bench outside the office in a mixture of embarrassment and sexual excitement. Eventually the door opened and the senior came out, turning tomato colored as she saw him sitting there and then departed at almost a run. The nurse beckoned Jeff into the office.

"I'm sorry about bursting in. I didn't think there would be anyone here."

"You realize that you've caused poor Anne almost to die from embarrassment? You should have waited. However, what's done is done - how are you? Any problems with your rear end?"

It was Jeff's turn to be bashful as he realized that even talking about what had happened had made his prick stand to attention again.

"Er, I'm OK really. I'll just be going now."

"Hold it right there. You didn't come to just tell me that. Off with those pants and up on the couch with you."

Jeff hung his head as he stepped out of his pants and tried unsuccessfully to climb on to the couch without revealing his erection. The nurse didn't avert her gaze, just smiled a little.

"That's nothing to be ashamed of, young man, it happens a lot to adolescent boys. Now then, draw up your knees and let me have a look at you."

He obeyed, his heart sinking as he heard the now familiar snap of a rubber glove being donned. He felt gentle touches around the outside, then...

"Just take a deep breath, Jeff."

He knew what was coming, but it still came as a sort of electric shock as her index finger was gently worked inside his rectum. He could not help tensing and groaning as it hit that strange spot inside him. Just what was it that turned him on so much when somebody did that? The nurse seemed to have read his thoughts.

"Sorry, Jeff, that's your prostate gland - it will make you feel funny, but I've got to make sure that there are no lesions in your anal canal. My goodness, but you're really constipated, aren't you?"

He grunted an explanation as the investigation continued.

"It's just that it was real sore at first - then I got stuffed up and I didn't dare push too hard in case I tore something."

The finger withdrew, and he breathed a sigh of relief - much more of that and he would have messed up the couch.

"Well, you'll be glad to know that everything is healed nicely. I'll inject some oil now to soften everything up - come back before you leave and get an enema to clear everything out."

He turned around to see what she was doing and his eyes widened with horror as he saw the big metal syringe, then he breathed more easily at the sight of the blunt nozzle - not a needle in sight. The nurse pulled back the plunger and sucked in a clear amber liquid.

"Turn back round - this won't take a minute."

The cool nozzle entered his anus and he felt a slight sensation as the oil was injected. He started to put on his shorts.

"Oh, there's a slight problem, Jeff. The oil tends to leak a bit, so you need some protection."

He looked with horror as she produced a press-on sanitary towel and deftly applied it to his shorts. Thank God he wasn't wearing the posing pouch today! Jeff walked awkwardly to the dining room - heck, girls did have it rough if they had to wear one of these things every month.

He met up with Angela and her friends - she was puzzled at the delay, then giggled inordinately when he told her about the oil and the pad. Of course, she couldn't keep it to herself and after lunch Jeff was surrounded by her friends, giggling and probing at the seat of his pants to feel the pad. He got some sympathy, however.

"Gee, I remember when I first started and mom made me wear those awful things - I was sure everyone could see them through my pants."

"You're lucky she didn't use a Tampax on you!"

They fell about laughing at that particular thought, but Jeff was intrigued - just what would it feel like if...?

He remembered the senior.

"Hey, none of the seniors left to get enemas this morning."

"Don't be silly - Saturday is our day. Anyway, the nurse only treats you when you are a first year - the other girls are supposed to do it themselves."

"And do they? Treat themselves, I mean."

"Some do, some don't. Enemas get a bit boring after a while."

Jeff digested that thought. It made an intriguing fantasy - a dorm full of girls with enema bags hanging in the bathroom. Did they have their own? Or did they share?

The girls were interested at Jeff's acceptance of the nurse as a giver of enemas.

"Don't you mind when the nurse does it? I mean, it's OK for a girl, but I would have thought that a boy would get real embarrassed. I thought you would prefer a man nurse."

"No way! No guy is ever going to shove his finger up my bottom!"

Silence fell in mutual awkwardness at his unintentional revelation. Jeff looked around at random, then realized that the girls weren't laughing at him - they had that hungry look on their faces that he was beginning to associate with desire. He blustered.

"Don't try to tell me that it's never happened to you."

Most shook their heads in denial, but Mary shuddered as she remembered something.

"The nurse has never done that to me, but when I was little I had a nanny, and she did it all of the time."

Expectant faces were turned towards her, so she continued.

"It was just about every time that she gave me a bath. Before I went in the tub, she used to rub soap all over her finger and push it up there. It stung like mad and it made me go to the toilet straightaway. I hated it, but she said it was good for me."

There was a general chorus of sympathy, and another girl chimed in.

"My granny used soap as well. She cut bits off a bar and pushed them up me and my brother when we couldn't go. It makes you really sore."

Jeff would have liked to carry on the conversation, but the bell sounded and he trudged back to the studio. The afternoon session was just as boring as the morning - more so since Anne had obviously chickened out of facing him. To his surprise Angela was waiting for him when he finished and walked along to the nurse's office with him.

"Hello Jeff. Ready for your enema? You run along, Angela."

"Aw, nurse, I never get the chance to have a talk with Jeff. Can't I stay?"

The nurse felt a swell of sympathy for the girl. Angela's grades had fallen badly and she had been so obviously miserable when she was parted from Jeff. There had been long telephone conversations between her mother and the principal, culminating in the decision to send her to a different school. The nurse had argued long and hard against it, but had been unable to influence their conclusion. Angela would get the news just before it was time to leave.

"Oh, I'll stretch a point just this once. Wait outside until I call."

Jeff climbed on the couch again - this was getting to be a habit. He felt the tube slide gently into his well lubricated anus, then the nurse covered him up with a blanket.

"All right, Angela, you can come in now."

Angela suppressed her feelings of disappointment when she saw Jeff concealed beneath the blanket. The enema seemed to take forever, as the nurse injected small quantities of water. Meanwhile, Angela and Jeff told the story of their holiday - the jellyfish part at least. Eventually she withdrew the tube and Jeff scooted off, still swathed in the blanket. He was amazed - there was no sudden gush of water - just a feeling of blessed relief as his bowels smoothly emptied.

He cycled home, the combination of newly empty bowels and the farewell kiss from Angela buoying him up. He had made the right decision - Angela was definitely the girl for him.

The following week, his mother answered the phone.

"What? When? Where? Why? Oh my God!"

She turned to Jeff, shock on her face.

"Jeff. It's Angela. They told her she was changing school and she's taken an overdose. She's in the hospital...."

Chapter 15

They hurried to the hospital to find Angela in intensive care, a small, ashen faced body connected up to an intimidating array of wires and tubes. The doctor was cautious.

"We've pumped her stomach and now she's on dialysis to get the crud out of her bloodstream. She's deeply unconscious and we won't know if there is any permanent damage until she comes round."

Jeff was scared. At fourteen, death was not part of his experience or thoughts - it was something that happened to old people - kids didn't die.

"Will she die? I mean like soon?"

"I don't think so. The main problem is the possibility of brain damage."

That was worse! Jeff formed a mental image of Angela in a wheelchair, head lolling about, struggling to form words. Tears ran down his cheeks as he held her cold, limp hand. He stayed as long as he could, but eventually the combination of nervous tension and physical tiredness drove him home to bed where he spent a fitful night. School was out of the question next morning - as soon as his mother had gone to work, Jeff cycled to the hospital.

He was overjoyed to learn that Angela was conscious and had recovered to the extent that she had been transferred from intensive care to the pediatric unit where she lay, propped up in bed, still with tubes and things, but at least there was no bleeping monitor attached to her. She was sharing a two bedded room with a boy of about twelve whose two plastered legs were attached to a scaffolding of metal rods and wires.

Angela smiled weakly at Jeff, who rushed across the room to embrace her.

"What happened, Angela? Why did you try to kill yourself?"

"It was awful. They just sprung it on me at bedtime. They said that mom had decided to send me to another school on the other side of the country. When I asked why, they told me that it was so that I would forget about you and settle down to my studies. The principal wouldn't even let me use the phone - she said I should write you when I got to the new school. So I just swallowed a whole bottle of painkillers - I couldn't even do that right, because I woke up in here."

Angel broke down in floods of tears, clinging to Jeff.

"Well, that's the best sign I've seen so far!"

Jeff swung round in alarm to see a lady in a white coat smiling at them. She held out her hand.

"Hi. I'm Doctor Beck. I gather you two know each other."

Jeff shook hands and introduced himself. The doctor sat down and listened as the two youngsters told their story. She was a good listener, and drew out of them the real depth of their relationship. Jeff gradually ground to a halt, aware that he had probably said too much.

"Hey, doctor, you aren't going to tell all this to Angela's mom, are you? That would really make her go crazy."

"No, I don't tell. I'm a psychiatrist, and I hear a lot more confessions than most priests."

Both kids looked at her in alarm.

"Am I mad? Am I going to be locked up in an asylum?"

"Of course not, Angela. You were just put in a situation that you couldn't cope with and did the only thing you could think of. Nobody is going to lock you up while I'm on your case. Actually, I came to tell you that your mom is flying in from Geneva - she'll be here tomorrow morning."

"Doctor Beck, is it all right if I stay with Angela?"

"Fine by me, Jeff."

She left the room and Jeff looked again at Angela.

"Geez, I hate all these tubes and things. What are they filling you up with?"

Angela giggled shyly.

"They're not just filling me up!"

She eased down the blankets and pulled up the hem of her gown, showing one of the tubes snaking somewhere between her legs.

"That one is in my pee hole - I think it's to drain my bladder."

Jeff felt his genitals contracting, his balls trying to crawl inside his body for safety. He had never imagined that such things existed, and his prick ached in sympathy as he tried to imagine what it felt like. He had once experimented when he was a little kid, pushing a grass stem a little way inside his prick until the pain had given him a very positive indication that this was not a good thing for a boy to do.

"Does it hurt?"

"Not really - it makes me feel real full - but I'm not looking forward to when it comes out."

The boy in the other bed snickered.

"They did that to me after my accident. It killed when they pulled it out."

Jeff turned to glare at him.

"Who the hell are you?"

"I'm Jimmy. I've been in here for a whole month. I've got steel screws in my leg bones - they showed me the X-rays."

"Well, Jimmy, if you upset my girl friend again, you'll need steel screws in your skull as well. Understand?"

The boy subsided into a sulky silence, vanishing behind a comic book. The morning drew on, and a nurse entered and went over to Jimmy's bed, drawing a curtain round it. They heard a rattle of metal, then grunting noises, then silence broken by the voice of the nurse.

"That's two days now, Jimmy. You know what that means."

She swept out of the room, and Jeff peered round the curtains, seeing the stainless steel bedpan sitting on the table beside Jimmy's bed. The problem was obvious.


"Yeah. She's gone to fetch an enema for me. I hate those things."

Jeff beat a hasty retreat as he heard the nurse returning. He expected to see the familiar red bag, but instead she was holding a small plastic bottle with a long nozzle protruding from it. She disappeared behind the curtain, and they heard Jimmy protesting that he didn't want an enema. It obviously did him no good, because shortly afterwards he yelled that the stuff was cold, and then began a process of begging for the bedpan on an increasing scale of panic as the stuff did its work. Then the smell of shit drifted from behind the curtain as grunts and groans indicated that his bowels were emptying. The nurse departed in triumph with the bedpan covered by a cloth, leaving an exhausted boy lying on the bed. Jeff was both curious and sympathetic.

"Hey, man, hard luck. Does that happen often?"

"Not if I can help it. I think those bottles are full of acid or something - the stuff really burns inside you."

"I never heard of that kind of enema before. I thought they always used a bag full of water."

Jimmy nodded in assent.

"That's the kind my mom gives me. I don't mind them - they don't hurt - they even feel kinda nice. But the sort they use here are vicious."

Jeff felt Angela's hand tighten on his, and realized that she was scared.

"Hey, Angela, don't worry about it. You probably won't get one."