Falling Asleep Amid a Sea of Dreams

Part 1

A loner child, teenaged in a foreign country. The onset of puberty is just as powerful for him as for others, with longings, desires and yearnings half felt remotely, hardly understood but experienced just as acutely. There is no one to share this inevitable process with, no relief to be found in secretive meetings in dark rooms with equally eager and shy females. The boy is on his own, in uncharted territory, finding his way by touch and feel, giving in to irrational conjured up visions of lust and desire.

When alone, in bed at night, the images come unbidden to his mind, playing themselves out like short silent movies. The scenes are in remembered black and white, gray tones, halting, jerking and oft repeated when the intensity is unexpectedly strong and pleasurable. Relief is not always the immediate purpose, for the feverish imaginings and racing pulse are as intoxicating as the most devastating orgasm. Prolonging the state of rapture is often an intent unto itself.

First Imagining

He is young and entrusted to the care of an older aunt. She is a kindly lady, but firm in her treatment of the boy and set in her ways. She takes him with her on shopping trips to the big city. For her this entails longish afternoons of trying on new clothes, buying intimate apparel and lingerie. The boy is oft enjoined to help his aunt in the dressing room of large department stores, hooking up back-straps or helping her dress and undress.

She is unconcerned that he see her half unclothed. The sales ladies, normally stern faced matrons smile at him and ruffle his hair. They comment on what a good help he is to his aunt. Seemingly far in the distance, from the end of dimly lit side corridors, he hears the melodic chiming of arriving elevators and hushed announcements on loudspeakers. Other ladies, garments in hand and sales assistants in tow smile at him as he steps in and out of his aunt's changing booth. They too would like assistance from such a good-looking young lad.

What otherwise would be an unbearable waste of time to a young adolescent becomes an unsettlingly intimate and vaguely arousing activity. Satiny and shiny cream chemises, undergowns and bustieres pass through his trembling hands. He holds on to them, rubbing the silk and lace between jittering fingers. His aunt asks his opinion about a garment, theatrically twirls about or lifts her arms high to show off. He stutters something, nervous and tense. His aunt laughs and rubs his neck playfully, or gives him a hug while she is half clad. The boy feels a pressure in his trousers and shifts uncomfortably about, trying to rearrange his enlarged little prick. He is still too young to understand that his aunt can easily discern the signs of his arousal. She has had much experience in that field.

The shopping done, he is rewarded in one manner or another : he is allowed to choose a book for himself or they go to an ice cream parlor and order a giant parfait for him or maybe a waffle with cream. His aunt sips tea and regards him with a smile on her lips.

Second Imagining

In her home, the boy is closely supervised regarding matters of hygiene. He is helped to dress and undress, clothes must be neat and clean. She oversees him at bath time, washing and bathing him as a matter of course. Quite often, the household help, an unmarried lady, comes in to assist.

His prick and testicles, which the ladies still refer to by more child-like names, are carefully washed, his foreskin inspected and pulled back, the tip of his swelling penis rinsed with soap and water. He is made to stand up and bend over while his aunt parts his buttocks and rubs a soapy washcloth between his legs. She twirls a finger into the cloth, works in an extra amount of soap and proceeds to clean out his puckering anus. While she does this, the boy is extolled to push out so she can clean him thoroughly.

At first he is flushed and mortified at this treatment, but by now he has become used to it. This is just the way his aunt does things. After he is dried off and waiting in a long fluffy night-robe, his aunt makes him open the garment again. Sometimes he must lay across her lap as she sits on the toilet cover, at other times he is told to bend over and spread his legs. She may then rub an oil or ointment into his fannyhole, her finger probing and rubbing slowly along his pulsing sphincter.

At other times, seemingly as the whim suits her, his aunt will anoint his sexual organ with the same oil or cream. On special occasions she will use a perfumed talcum powder and rub his body from tip to toe. The boy will then go to sleep enveloped with sweet smelling fragrances, feeling dry and clean.

Third Imagining

In his aunt's household, the boy must announce his use of the conveniences. He has been instructed that he must ask permission from whatever older lady is present, his aunt or the housekeeper. Clearly and distinctly he must tell them of his needs. Permission is not always immediately granted and he is then told to wait a few minutes. He is made to understand that he is big boy and must learn to control himself.

On the other hand, seemingly at odds with the pronouncement that he is a grown boy, he is often accompanied by one of the two older ladies. They watch as he unbuttons his fly and will just as likely unbuckle his trousers and underpants and pull them down around his ankles. If there is sufficient time he is made to step out of his lower garments entirely.

His aunt does not really like him to urinate in a masculine fashion, standing straight upwards. She urges him to thrust his groin and prick forwards and arch his shoulders backwards. In this manner it is of course difficult to aim the flow of urine correctly and he ends up making a mess on the toilet bowel. For this she scolds him and decides he will be educated in other positions.

One particular afternoon the boy is given a large amount of tea to drink. When the urge to urinate grows incessantly, he is taken into the bathroom. He is told that he is to remove his trousers and underpants, shoes and socks.

The first time he is simply made to stand astride the toilet bowel, legs wide open and squatting. The aunt stands behind the boy and takes hold of his prick in one hand, pulling the foreskin free. Her other hand she uses to cup his testicles and squeeze the area underneath. Though this unusual position is not really conductive to urinating comfortably, the boy's urge is so strong that he manages to loose a bladder full.

He spills nothing at such close range and for this is extolled by his aunt.

She has him take up the same position in practice several more times until once again his bladder is full. Hesitantly he asks his aunt's permission to urinate again. She feigns surprise at his having to go again so soon but of course accedes.

She uses the opportunity to have the boy assume yet another position. She simply informs him to sit down on the rim and use the toilet as a girl would. The boy is taken aback, but not overly so. Smiling, his aunt forces his penis down between his legs out of sight and tells him to let everything flow out.

Though the boy has urinated while sitting after a bowel movement many times, in this instance he is hesitant and embarrassed. She kneels down next to him and rubs his neck, gently urging him to tinkle into the toilet like a good boy. To help him she presses her fingers into his abdomen, massaging his bladder. It doesn't take long for him to pee.

A short time later, he once more is forced to ask his aunt's permission. She playfully alludes to his need to tinkle so often. This time she takes an enamel potty from a closet and has the boy squat down on it, in the middle of the bathroom. It is difficult for him to get his prick into the small bowel, but he manages.

The tea finally purged from his system, the boy no longer needs to urinate. He is given a small wash and allowed to dress. Before leaving the bathroom his aunt informs him that from now on he is to use the toilet in the manner she has just shown him.

Even so at regular intervals she has the boy use the potty.

Fourth Imagining

His aunt supervises the boy even more closely regarding his bowel habits. She inspects his underpants carefully and books no 'little accidents' or stains. He is only allowed to empty himself after her express permission and in the presence of one of the ladies of the household. Normally his aunt prefers him to move his bowels before bath time. Of course this is not always possible.

As a matter of routine she gives the boy an enema bulb of fresh water afterwards to flush out whatever remains inside of him.

Besides that he is given a regular 'big cleaning' at least once a week. In the evening before bath time he is given a series of suppositories and a thorough clystering. The suppositories contain various compounds, usually irritating substances such as glycerin, herbal extracts or soap. Some of these suppositories have to be allowed to dissolve completely. This means that the boy must endure a period of waiting before getting his usual bath.

The clyster is given by means of either an enema bulb that is repeatedly inserted into his rectum and emptied, or else via use of a hand pump. His aunt likes to inject warm soapy water into his fanny. He is made to hold it for specific periods of time. The longer he can hold it without leaking, the more he is praised for being a 'big boy'. At first he hardly manages a few minutes and then only at the expense of unseemly tears. Later he learns to hold the solution of suds and water almost indefinitely.

The household help is often present to assist with his clystering. The ladies fuss over him and pamper the boy to encourage him to greater heights of enema discipline. The aunt is pleased to no end that the boy accedes so readily to this practice. When he first comes to stay with her, she does not imagine this practice will become a regular part of his hygiene routine.

This is how it comes about.

Fifth Imagining

The first weeks of his stay at his aunt's house are very pleasant but the emphasis she places on matters of intimate hygiene seem unusual to the boy. At first he likes neither her supervising his bathing and certainly not his bowel movements. However gradually he comes to accept his aunt's predilections, if not even to look forward to them.

It once happens that he cannot move his bowels for several days. The first evening he is given his bath without the matter being much considered. But the next day brings no change, nor the next. His aunt becomes concerned for his well-being and summons a doctor to the house.

It is a dark and rainy afternoon when the doctor arrives. It is a lady doctor of his aunt's age, she is tall and well dressed, her air is cut at half length and flows in ripples as she moves her head. She has a bag along with her but first takes time out for a chat and a cup of tea with the boy's aunt. It appears that the lady doctor and the aunt are friends from long years ago.

While his aunt and the doctor pass time in the salon, the boy is with the household help in the kitchen. She smiles at him and passes him a tea biscuit from time to time. Her hand ruffles his hair, twitches his cheek or playfully caresses his bottom. She informs him that the lady doctor is here to help him go to the bathroom. She uses a more childish word however and the boy blushes. He asks her what the doctor will do to him.

She smiles and shakes her head in mirth. The doctor will certainly look at his fanny hole and see why he can't go she informs him. This of course tells the boy nothing of what to expect. Still smiling she reassures him that the doctor will not hurt him, but that she will have to look and maybe even feel around inside his fannyhole.

The boy's eyes grow round in alarm, but she just smiles and tells him not to worry. Girls and ladies have things stuck into them all the time and learn to like it very much. She says that boys should do the same.

When he is finally called into the parlor and introduced to the lady doctor, the boy is very nervous indeed. He is trembling and shaking on his knees and hardly manages to stammer a coherent greeting to the lady doctor. She smiles back at him and stands up, taking him by the hand.

The aunt shows the doctor to the upstairs bathroom. For the moment, the doctor prefers to treat the boy on her own. When she needs assistance, she will call.

The boy's aunt seems disappointed but graciously leaves the two on their own. She points out where towels and other items are, checks to see the heating is on and closes the door behind her. The boy and the doctor are alone in the bathroom.

The doctor opens her bag and takes out a white garment. It is her doctor's coat. Unconcernedly she steps out of her skirt and blouse. The doctor is clad in a white slip and chemise. Over this she dons her white jacket, buttoning it up. She sits down on a chair.

This done, she tells the boy to come closer and lower his pants. He has undressed for the two ladies of the house many times, but still feels uncomfortable as he drops his trousers. The doctor pulls him closer to her and tells him to lift up his shirt. She then slips a hand behind him and lowers his underpants slowly down around his thighs. The doctor smiles and tells the boy to thrust out his abdomen, like his aunt taught him to when tinkling.

The doctor gives his youthful prick a quick look over, leaving the matter of his sexual organs be until the other matter has been settled. She probes his stomach with fingers and hands, sticking and rubbing along his belly. Of course she knows what is the matter with the boy's bowels and has already decided on a treatment, but a quick check is never amiss.

She has the boy turn about and bend over while she parts his buttocks and rubs a finger along his anus. She nods, confirming her diagnosis and tells the boy that he is to remove all of his clothes now.

Still smiling reassuringly, for she sees the boy trembling nervously, she helps him undress. She cannot help admire his youthfulness and smooth skin, taut buttocks and pristine genitals. Taking him by the hand, she leads him to a small padded table and spreads a large towel over the surface. She tells him to step up and lay down on his back. Pretending that his shivering is due to being chilled, she has him cross his arms over his chest and drapes another towel over the boy's torso. His abdomen and pubis are still bare.

The doctor goes to wash her hands with hot water and soap. then removes several objects from her bag and places them at the foot of the padded table, within easy reach.

She tells the boy that because he has not had a bowel movement she must take a quick look inside of his fannyhole and feel around. It will not hurt she says, but he must lay absolutely still and do as she tells him. Does he understand ?

The boy nods, uncertain what is going to happen.

The doctor holds up a thin rubber rod for the boy to see. It is quite long to his imagining, but not large around. The doctor tells the boy that to start with she must stick this rod all the way up into his fannyhole, to see how far up the rectum everything is stuck. Clearly he does not understand some medical words so the doctor explains in simple terms what they mean.

She will put some very greasy cream on the rod and in his bumhole so that everything will slip in easily. The doctor tells the boy to lift up his legs to his chest and spread them as wide as he can. He is embarrassed and the doctor has to help him assume the position she wants.

As he awaits imagined indignities, the doctor daubs an amount of lubricating jelly on her finger and rubs it around the boy's shy and twitching fannyhole. She pushes inwards but decides not to insert a grown-up finger into his anus just yet.

The doctor lubricates the pliable rod as well and while mouthing reassuring little nothings, she slowly pushes it up into his rectum and bowels. The tube is so small around it cannot possibly hurt, but still the boy groans and pulls away. The lady doctor does not relent however and gradually she manages to insert the rubber rod into the boy's bowels. She twirls it around and pulls in and out, causing alarmingly pleasurable sensations. She smiles satisfactorily as she sees his small penis stiffen and swell. His scrotum is taut and tightly retracted. His sexual organs pulse and twitch involuntarily. The doctor has to fight an overwhelming urge to take his stiffening prick into her mouth. She would love to suck and kneed his tool between her glossed lips while massaging his balls and pubes.

That satisfaction will have to wait for another visit, but she anticipates the no less gratifying delight she will get when examining his penis and scrotum, retracting his foreskin and inserting her finger into his virgin little bumhole. She loves feeling the body's warmth as she slips a finger into the anal sphincters of her patients, be they male or female. This one is a delightful specimen, his dearth of vagina and labia notwithstanding. She briefly wonders if the aunt might consider some form of transforming for the boy. Nothing permanent of course, but perhaps a treatment with discernible outward results. He would make an adorable apparition if trans-gendered with pubescent breasts. She will mention it to the boy's aunt before leaving.

But now she has to concentrate on the matter she has been brought to treat.

Slowly she retracts the rubber rod and holds it up for inspection. Telling the boy he can lay his legs down and sit up, she shows him the rubber tubing. One extremity is soiled. It is from high up the boy's rectum she explains and that means the doctor will have to give him a special treatment.

He asks what it will be. Nothing unpleasant she explains. She is going to give him one or more suppositories, then inject some oil into his fanny and finally clean everything out with water and soap.

This sounds very alarming to the boy and he starts to shed a tear. The doctor reassures him that nothing will hurt very much if he does as she orders. All he will feel will be some nice things going into his bumhole and then he will have to go to the bathroom very hard. The doctor will be with him all the time and tell him when he is allowed to empty his bowels. Afterwards he will feel much much better and pleasantly empty.

The doctor decides to start by inserting a suppository into his bottom. It is made of grease and glycerin and as it melts inside the boy's rectum it will start to irritate his bowels. She has purposely chosen large sized suppositories, yellowish-white bullet shaped rectal pills. They are wrapped in gleaming foil. Transfixed, the boy gazes almost reverently as the doctor unwraps the objects and lays them down on a towel next to him. She chooses three different suppositories for this session with her young patient.

As she anoints the objects with lubrication, she tells the boy to lay down on his side, facing her. She has him move his legs upwards to his chest. She rubs in a generous amount of cream into his awaiting fannyhole, her finger slipping inwards and outwards several times. She can feel his anal sphincter contract and clench around her digit as it invades his rectum. The doctor then parts his buttocks from behind and inserts the first suppository, her arm and wrist pressed up against his groin. Gently she presses it into him and follows up with her finger. As his insides fold round the invading object she pushes it further up his bowels.

This first suppository is to be dissolved only partly. When the outer irritating coating has melted, she wants the boy to expel the harder inner core. For this she must wait.

While waiting the doctor takes hold of the boy's stiffened penis from time to time and unconcernedly gives it a squeeze or rubs under his foreskin. She notices that his glans is covered with sticky lubricating secretions. This pleases her immensely. While waiting for the time to pass she engages the boy in conversation.

-There now. That wasn't bad at all, was it ?

-No, Madame. But it still feels funny.

-Really ? Hasn't anyone ever done this for you before ?

-Oh no…

-My goodness. We'll take care of that from now on. I'll see to it that your aunt knows just what to do. In fact, this is something she should do regularly anyway.


-All children have to be taken care of in this manner. It's nothing to be embarrassed about. You're not embarrassed are you ?


-Silly boy. Why I should think you would be happy to take off your clothes for a lady. Aren't you ?

-I don't know…

-Don't you like me ?

-I suppose so doctor….

-Well I think you are very handsome for a boy of your age. Especially your penis and fanny.

-(blushing silence)

-Is that what your aunt calls it ? Or does she use another word ?

-Another word….

-Of course dear. Would you like me to do the same ?

-I suppose so…

-Good. Now tell me, do you feel anything in your belly yet ? Do you have to go potty yet ?

-Not yet…

The doctor decides to aid the boy. She dips a finger in a bottle of liquid glycerin and inserts it into the boy's anus several times. As she keeps her finger inside of him, she feels his bumhole begin to rhythmically contract. She can discern the inner core of the suppository as it is pushed up against her digit.

She takes a small bowl and places it under the boy's anus, telling him to let the object come out of its own accord. She watches him strain as his bottomhole puckers open. With a plop the remains of the suppository slide out.

She praises the boy and proceeds to insert a second suppository. This one is not so long in melting. It too is expelled without effort on the boy's part. By now however his bowels have been awakened and he feels a rumbling in his insides as his intestines begin to contract.

The doctor now takes a shining brass and glass syringe and draws up an amount of viscous thick oil. She attaches a thickly tipped nozzle and inserts it into the boy's twitching bumhole. He gasps as he feels the thick cool oil run down into his bowels. It is a delicious sensation, yet it stimulates his insides even further. As a final and ultimate item, the doctor then inserts a freshly greased soap stick into the boy's fanny.

She smiles as she tells him to hold everything in him until she allows him to expel. She has no idea how long she will wait, only that the boy will have to ask several times before she gives him permission.

Delightedly she watches the boy squirm and moan as the ingredients begin to take effect. He is soon swaying gently to and fro, the urgency of his needs apparent to the doctor. He asks to be allowed to empty himself. The doctor denies permission but presses his buttocks together to help him contain himself.

This is repeated several times until she sees that the boy can contain himself no longer. She places a potty on the table and tells him to turn around and squat over it. Though he would like to protest the indignity he has already learned to use an enamel bowl in the presence of his aunt.

He bends over and the doctor can just discern a whitish object being expelled from his anus, the remains of the soap suppository. This is followed by a gush of colored oil in several spurts.

The doctor wonders if she will need to repeat the treatment, for the boy's bowels expel nothing more. Then she sees his sphincter pucker and open up and he produces a long turd and several smaller ones.

When he is finished she takes the potty away and tentatively wipes his bottom. He is relieved to have passed such a large amount of waste and allows her to do her work. Now his bottom is sore and strained.

As a final measure the doctor gives the boy a small bulb enema with water to clean him out. This he is allowed to expel in the toilet. The doctor wipes him yet again, more thoroughly this time and afterwards uses a washcloth and soap. When he is dry she inserts yet a final suppository. This contains nothing more than a soothing and gentle ointment.

The boy is relieved that his ordeal has passed. He is very tired.

Deciding to leave things as they are, the doctor calls up the boy's aunt and explains to her how things went. She discusses various treatments with the aunt and together they decide upon a course for the boy.

The household help is called upstairs to help dress the boy and put him to bed. The doctor and the boy's aunt retire to the parlor and discuss various other matters. The lady doctor leaves behind an amount of medication and writes out various prescriptions. She promises to come back regularly and monitor the boy's progress.

Sixth Imagining

After the doctor's first visit, the boy is given a supervised series of suppositories and clysterings on a regular basis. At least once a week, but usually more often, he is taken upstairs by his aunt and made to endure the treatment. His aunt enthusiastically administers all manners of rectal medicines and suppositories. This is followed by enemas and clysters which he must retain for a fixed amount of time before expelling.

After he has emptied his bowels he is given yet more flushings. When he is totally empty, he is given a bath and cleaned thoroughly. He aunt uses more creams and ointments on him than previously. She likes to anoint him from head to toe and rub the lotions over his body. His intimate parts receive special attention.

The doctor has also prescribed a hormonal treatment. The boy's aunt is very eager to see the results so she diligently administers the medicinal suppositories twice daily, making sure the boy does not inadvertently expel them when she is gone.

After some time has passed she notices a gradual swelling around the boy's nipples. The immediate area is tender to the touch. Pleased beyond all measure, the boy's aunt is grateful the doctor broached the subject. She can't wait to see her nephew with budding nubile breasts. Already she imagines him in bra and petticoats and trembles with anticipation at the thought.

But the doctor has cautioned her to proceed slowly in small stages to accustom the boy to the changes taking place in his body.

Seventh Imagining

The second time the doctor comes by the boy expects a repeat of his previous experience with her. But this is not her intention.

The lady doctor and young boy are escorted upstairs and once again left alone in a large bathroom. She puts her medical jacket on and then orders the boy to undress for her. He complies with penis already stiffening. Expecting to receive a series of suppositories prior to a rectal cleaning, the boy is surprised that she only administers a single suppository. It is a light sedative and takes effect rapidly.

The doctor has the boy lay down on the padded table and spread his legs. On this occasion she proceeds to examine the condition of his genitals. Of course his prick is stiff and his scrotum taut with desire, only he does not perceive it as such yet. He thinks only that he is embarrassed at being inspected in such an intimate manner.

The doctor takes various measurements of his genitals and anal region, notes everything down in a notebook. She probes and prods his parts, feeling and squeezing were she will. The doctor takes special care when exposing the boy's glans. He is clean underneath the foreskin, his aunt taking diligent care of the boy. The doctor gently rubs the reddish tip and squeezes his small urethral opening sideways, hardly exposing the interior of the canal. She takes a small smooth rounded probe and inserts it entirely into his peehole, gently sliding it downwards until his penis is twitching and quivering. She retracts the tube and chooses another slightly wider one. This causes somewhat more discomfort but she extols the boy to take it all up into him and endure the examination.

His eyes smart and he begins to tremble. Then his penis looses its rigidity from the discomfort. The doctor would like to catheterize the boy's bladder, possibly flush it with a hormonal solution, but decides to do this another time. As a final step, she inserts a penile caliper into his urethra and marks down the diameter.

The boy does not understand the purpose of such examination, and neither does the doctor have a suitable explanation. This is just something she likes to do. She has a book full of similar measurements in her office. Diligently she records these intimate proportions of her patients, charting all by age and gender. Of some she even keeps photographic records.

Proceeding lower she inspects the boy's relatively undeveloped scrotum and testicles. She cups him, rolls each small gland around between finger and thumb, probes into him and squeezes his balls none too gently.

Telling him to turn over on his stomach the doctor parts his buttocks and fixes her attention on his anus. This is an opening she is relatively well acquainted with, but yet she again proceeds methodically, feeling, squeezing, rubbing and probing as she sees fit. She watches as he bears down and puckers his little bumhole, pretending to be passing stool. He is ordered to do the same with her lubricated finger up his bumhole, this so she can form an idea of his muscle tone. It is firm and strong.

His interior is in pristine condition, no irregularities are to be found in his rectum. But a digital examination is not sufficient for the doctor. She takes a rectal speculum from her bag and coats the tips liberally with lubrication.

Though relatively relaxed from the sedative suppository, the boy is alarmed when he feels the hard blades of the speculum push up against his little bumhole. The doctor tells him she is going to stick something into his fanny so she can look inside. He is to lie still and remain quiet, not to pull away or make a fuss.

The lady doctor tells him this a very important part of her examination. He is to be a good boy and do as she tells him. If he is not, she will inform his aunt and he will be punished. If he is a good boy and cooperates she will find a way of giving him a little reward.

The doctor tells him to push as if he is going potty. As he does so, she pushes and inserts the speculum into his fannyhole. The boy lays quivering as she speaks a few soothing words and screws open the blades. He grits his teeth and sheds several silent tears as the doctor uses a small light to inspect the inside of his virgin rectum. It is pink and clean with nothing amiss, just as she expected.

She closes the blades and hears the boy sigh in relief. She leaves the speculum in him for a while longer until he calms down. With the instrument still inserted in his bumhole, she rubs his neck and whispers a few encouragements in his ear. She moves her hand lower and takes hold of his penis, squeezing and pulling as she gently moves the speculum in and out of his fannyhole. Clearly he likes this for soon the boy is thrusting his behind in counterpoint to the instrument in his fanny.

The doctor is delighted that he show such a proclivity for rectal stimulation with so little preparation on her part. Other patients of hers have to follow a long and exacting treatment before accepting any kind of anal stimulation as a pleasurable thing.

He moans softly and has his eyes closed as the doctor continues to handle his sexual organ. She encourages him to thrust deeper and arch his back to accept her buggering. Briefly she wonders if she should allow him to spurt out his desire but decides against it. There will be other occasions for him to orgasm to climax. Now she wants to imprint other types of pleasure and play on his youthful psyche.

She asks him if he likes having this instrument in his bumhole after all. He blushes as he tries to catch his breath and composure. He nods of course, there is no denying his obvious enjoyment. She says she is gratified, that his aunt will certainly be gratified. If he is a good boy and does as he is told in all things, there will always be a lady in the household willing to do this and other similar things for him.

He cannot believe what he is hearing. He has never been so aroused in his life before, though he would not be able to accurately describe his feelings as sexual to another person. He nods and promises the doctor to do as she asks.

He is rewarded with another slow bout of buggering by speculum while the doctor frigs his prick. As she moves the instrument in and out of his inflamed anus she engages the boy in lascivious whispered hushed conversation.

-Doesn't that feel so good my little boy ?

-Oh yes doctor….

-I knew you would like this. All boys like to have something put into their fannyholes. It's only normal. You've been a very good and obedient boy and for that I'm sure your aunt will reward you. Isn't that nice ?

-Oh yes, yes…..

-Good. You see that we know what is best for you. Your aunt and I know what young boys like. It's so nice having someone hold your stiff wee-wee, isn't it ?


-When you grow up all the girls will want to see you with no clothes on, many boys will too. And they will want to hold your pizzle and stick something into your behind. And maybe they will let you do the same to them. Isn't that so good to look forward to ?

-Oh yes….

-In the meantime we are going to teach you these things. So you mustn't be afraid when your aunt asks you to do something for her. Something that seems embarrassing at first. Do you understand ?

-Yes doctor….

-Good. Now to help you start out, I'm going to give your bottomhole another name. When your aunt or I do this to you, stick things in your fanny for fun, we're going to call it your little boy's cunnyhole. Doesn't that sound nice ?

-Yes ?

-You know what a cunny is, don't you ?

-No doctor…

-Ahhh well. It's what we call a girl's wee-wee when she grows up, another name for her slit. Do you understand now ?

-I think so…

-Haven't you ever played together with a girl and shown each other your pee-pees ? Pizzled together or watched each other go potty ?

-Oh no doctor…

-Oh you poor sweet little boy. What a shame. Haven't you even played make-believe doctor ? Taken temperatures in the behind ?


-Oh my, how awful. You should always have a playmate to do such things with. Would you like that ?

-I think so…

-Good. Meanwhile your aunt and I will be your grown-up playmates. We'll play with your wee-wee and little boy's cunny. Won't that be nice ? Maybe we can even all dress up together sometimes. How would that be ?

The doctor continues in a similar manner until she judges that the boy is on the verge of climaxing. He trembles and shakes from sheer arousement, images and words crowding his consciousness until he is dizzy with fatigue. His young boy's prick and fannyhole are both aflame equally. As the doctor withdraws the speculum from his hole, he lets out a sigh, from regret or relief from the intense arousal he can not say.

The doctor lets the boy compose himself for a few minutes while she cleans the rectal speculum and puts it back into her leather bag.

As a final point she checks the growth of the boy's breasts. They are coming along nicely, though only obvious when he is unclothed. In a short time they will become large and prominent. She is curious at his future reaction, but decides not to bring the matter up for the moment. There will still be time enough to prepare him.

Eight Imagining

As the days pass it is no longer possible for the boy to ignore the growing mammaries and the accompanying soreness. After a particularly long and intense clystering, bath and playing about with his penis and fannyhole the boy is apprised of the situation.

At first he is dismayed, such unnatural goings-on seemingly impossible for him to comprehend. At least he is relieved to hear that no changes will be made to his genitals, the growing of girl's breasts notwithstanding.

Both aunt and housekeeper are present that night and in unison they praise him and comment on his good looks. Such a handsome boy-girl he will make ! Smooth and soft with delicate curves, yet hard and virile with pizzle and balls. His growing titties will only offset his taut buttocks with eager and yearning fannyhole ready to be treated as a boy's cunny.

The hormonal suppositories have the added benefit of keeping his pubes and legs relatively free of hair, necessitating but infrequent shaving and depilation. His complexion remains fair and unblemished, skin soft and supple to the touch, no facial hair appearing.

To supplement the changes to his body, his aunt has gradually taken to applying skin creams and lotions on his face, working up to conditioners, foundations and other feminine toiletries. Surprisingly he takes well to all this and submits to having his eyebrows plucked and his lashes colored.

A final step comes when he allows his aunt to apply rouge and lip gloss. He looks somewhat garish at first, since half measures only are taken to transform his looks.

But by and by his aunt and the doctor encourage him to submit to further feminine treatment. He takes an irrevocable step when he accompanies his aunt to her beauty salon and hair parlor. She has expressly made an appointment as last customer for the day, so that the parlor is almost empty when they arrive. The room is still warm and damp, the air redolent with sweet and cloying odors, perfumed fragrances wafting about and impregnating the very walls of the establishment.

His aunt gets her regular treatment. While she is sitting under the hair dryer the lady beautician engages the boy in conversation. He is not made up or wearing lip gloss, but briefed aforehand, the lady comments on his good looks and hints of her prowess at her trade. She tells the boy that she has many other gentlemen-lady customers and young boyling-girls, all satisfied with her skills. She asks if he would mind her giving him a treatment, perhaps a more suitable hair style ?

He stammers and blushes at first, but the beautician is skilled in conversation and flattery. She alludes to his budding breasts and even delicately cups them from behind as she pretends to inspect his hair from all angles.

She tells him that gentlemen such as him are much in demand with ladies and other gentlemen of a certain persuasion. She giggles and puckers her lips, hands over his shoulders, caressing his neck. Hesitantly he is talked into submitting to her ministrations.

Delightedly the beautician informs his aunt. She too is pleased at the boy's decision, manipulated though it may be, and after attending to some last matters she leaves the boy in the lady's hands. She ostensibly leaves the shop but returns via a side entrance to observe the subsequent goings-on.

As his aunt leaves, the beautician draws the window shades and closes shop. She begins by washing the boy's hair. It is not very long as such, but even so she requires that he remove his shirt before she drapes a sheet around his torso. She is able to admire the boy's budding titties and remarks most positively on their development. He blushes but is secretly pleased.

The beautician gives the boy a fashionable but feminine hair-style. She tapers the hair in back in an alluring manner and adds barely perceptible curlings to the rest. He is cutely banged on the forehead, his hair parted in a different manner than before. Taken one by one, no single element can be conceived of as being overly feminine. As a whole there is doubt.

After he is permed and set he is put under a large hair-dryer. This procedure is unnecessary as such, but provides the beautician an opportunity to lavish attention to other parts of the boy's body. His nails are trimmed and buffed, then painted. She comments on his complexion and suggests certain cosmetics be used in such and such a fashion. When his hair is dry she takes the boy to hand, delicately applying a cream or lotion, blusher, rouge and other make-up.

When his aunt returns she exclaims in surprise and delight. Such a beautiful apparition he makes. She has him twirl around for her and lovingly runs her hands through his hair, down his back, she cups his buttocks.

His aunt pays the beautician and together they walk back home hand in hand through the darkening streets. She hugs him to her and tells him he has been a very obedient and good boy for her. Tonight he will be rewarded in a special manner.

The boy is flushed with love and gratitude. There is but little he would not do for his aunt. He wishes she would fold him into her arms and smother him with kisses. Little does he know that such is precisely his aunt's intentions, but that her plans include even more intimate kisses than he can imagine.

Ninth Imagining

When they arrive home, the housekeeper expresses her delight at his transformation. Such a handsome boy-girl he is. She comments on the good work aunt and doctor have accomplished.

The evening passes enjoyably, all are lighthearted and neither aunt nor the boy can wait for the evening bath and cleaning session. The aunt decides to start early and leads the boy upstairs. Instead of immediately retiring to the bathroom, the aunt takes the boy into her bedroom instead. She orders him to undress.

As he is removing his clothes she tells him that from now on he is to become accustomed to wearing suitable undergarments. He will have to trade his boyish underpants and shirts for other apparel. For the time being he can wear some of his aunt's surplus lingerie.

He is momentarily startled, for such things he has never imagined before. But the logic is undeniable and he is still more than willing to do his aunt's bidding.

She gives him several panties and knickers to wear in lieu of underpants. They are all large and frilly, a whitish cream color, satiny and soft. The aunt has the boy try them on and comments favorably. Aside from these items, she also has him try on various other garments : slips, chemises, camisoles, a garter and stockings. She even holds up a bra of hers but both can clearly see that it is far too large for his growing pubescent breasts. She promises to buy him a suitable item sometime soon.

As the aunt chuckles at the difference in size, she asks if he would like to compare his breasts with hers. Not waiting for an answer, she turns around and asks the boy to unbutton her dress. He has done this many times already, but now he is surprised when he sees he aunt remove her gown and unhook her bra. She uncovers her breasts and holds them up in her hands for the boy to admire.

They are overflowing and full, large and rounded, unblemished of skin and each sport enormous reddish brown nipples. He watches mesmerized as the nipples contract and stiffen. These are the breasts of a mature lady, almost oversized but inviting and warm.

She invites the boy to feel and hold them in his trembling hands. He squeezes and tweaks the teats tentatively. The aunt encourages the boy to lay his head against her. She breathes deeply in contentment and arousal as he nuzzles into her. She holds him tightly pressed against her for a longish moment and then sits down on her bed. She pats her thighs, inviting the boy to sit on her lap.

As he takes place, she has him spread his thighs. The aunt starts to kneed his scrotum playfully, squeezing and cupping his balls before taking hold of his stiff boy's prick. She pulls back the foreskin and envelopes the tip of his organ in her hand. She moves up and down, rubs and massages the cute little twitching tool as she exhorts the boy to suck her breasts and bury his head in her ample magnitude.

Of course the boy is excited beyond all measure, eyes closed and feverish, lips greedily licking and sucking, all the while inhaling the sweet perfumed and musky fragrance of his older aunt.

The lady decides it is time to let nature follow its inevitable course. She will bring the lad to orgasm, likely for the first time and watch him as his boy's wee-wee does what grown men's bludgeons long for : to spurt and shoot out the thick creamy male essence in long spasming and satisfying streams.

She coos and urges the boy to let everything come out by itself. Let his pee-pee come and spurt it all out, let it feel oh so good.

Everything already feels oh so good for the boy as his aunt continues her handling and massaging. He opens his legs wider and the lady rightly concludes that his other parts are excited and aroused, in need of stimulation and stroking. She and the doctor have after all gone to lengths to let the boy think of his asshole as a surrogate cunny, an orifice to be pleasurably filled up and frigged in the heat of passion.

She whispers softly in the boy's ear, asking him naughtily if he would like her to slide a finger into his young boy's cunnyhole. Maybe even two ? He is so impassioned and aflame that of course he assents eagerly.

A first digit enters him easily. As she is enveloped in his internal heat, the aunt briefly wonders what it feels like for a pulsing prick to be surrounded by a vaginal canal. Is the feeling similar but more intense ? It must be she concludes, for how else to explain the almost single-mindedness males display in looking for a haven for their rutting organs.

She then works a second finger into the boy's extended and pulsing little fanny. She smiles as she realizes that here is one lad who has learned to be receptively feminine in his libidinous expressions. She hopes to imprint that lesson on his conscious and unconscious mind, making it second nature to him.

As her second finger enters him, she can feel his sphincter begin to tremble and contract. Is this the prelude to orgasm ? The boy's first ?

Several seconds later, the boy begins to jerk and shake in his aunt's arms, moaning deeply and oozing a thick white cream from his peehole. It emits in spurts and little jets of substance, covering his aunt's fingers, running down the boy's penile shaft and covering his balls and parts of his thighs.

He moans and groans, not knowing what is happening to him, only that it is extremely pleasurable. He believes he would do anything his aunt asks of him in exchange. That will of course come later.

For now she lets him come to rest, playfully stroking the salty sweet essence around his diminishing penis and around his balls. She rubs a bit on her nipples and has the boy suck. She then puts a semen covered finger up to his lips and encourages him to take it into his mouth. He does this without encouragement, a seemingly natural activity when engaged in intimate strokings and games with his aunt.

Delighted she rubs the rest of his boy's come around his lips, onto and under his nose. He inhales the smell : warm, heady, musky and intimate. As he lays depleted against her breasts, the aunt reaches under gown, between her legs and rubs a finger or two into her own secretions, for she as expected, is aroused and longing for release.

But her pleasure will wait until the boy is bedded and asleep. At some later date, as yet undetermined she will initiate the boy into feminine intimacies, revealing to him the build and shape of female private parts in more detail than he can now imagine. She wants his progress to be gradual and thus prolong the process of discovery and enlightenment. What good is it to know the outcome of a murder mystery in the first chapter ? What enjoyment can be had from knowing all in one rush ?

For now she plays with his lips, this time her fingers covered with vaginal fluids, equally dark and enticing fragrances, heady and musky, intimate and arousing.

The boy is languid, spent and tired from the relief of sexual tension. He is also willing, compliant and utterly grateful his aunt has taken him into her care. He cannot imagine not ever having known such pleasure.

The rest of the evening passes routinely. The aunt and housekeeper together give him a bath, supervise his bowel movement, administer his hormonal suppositories. The aunt decides to give him an extra dose from now on.

After the bath, he is dried, powdered profusely and given one of his aunt's night gowns to wear. This will be the norm from now on. He does not protest in the least as the copious garment is lowered over his shoulders. It rustles and daintily brushes over his talcumed skin, the satiny material is so soft and pleasing to the touch that he feels his penis tingle with delight. It stiffens and sticks outwards, clearly visible underneath the nightgown.

The two ladies chuckle and laugh, calling him insatiable, though he doesn't know what that means. They lift up the night-robe and fiddle around with his wee-wee playfully, calling him their sweetheart and darling boy. But this is as far as the play goes. He must not come to expect too much in the course of a single day.

The ladies tuck him off to bed and kiss him good night, leaving him to fall asleep.

The boy's aunt is still highly strung and aroused. She lustfully takes the lady housekeeper in hand and the two ladies retire to the aunt's bedroom. The boy sleeps so deeply that he does not hear the moans and sighs that echo from the corridor in the deep of the night.

Tenth Imagining

Not long afterwards the lady doctor comes back for a visit. She and the boy's aunt have a long conversation before she takes the boy upstairs to the bathroom.

As the doctor watches the boy undress, she comments favorably on the changes in his appearance and wardrobe. Such delicate features, soft skin and alluring hair style, such lovely titties and demur looking genitals. She is delighted and proud in his transformation. It is far from complete, but except for minor physical changes, things will probably go no further. Neither of the ladies see the virtue of rearranging the boy's sexual apparatus. They can easily arrange to have his tubular wee-wee tucked inside out and changed into a girl's vulva, with labia constructed from his scrotum. He can even receive a working clitoris, viable to stimulation and climax just as any other young female's.

But truly there is no dearth of available nubile and mature maidens. There is a world of ripe cunnies, taut and engorged with desire, secretions oozing from the pinkish slits, all waiting to be handled, rubbed, licked, frigged and fucked. The doctor sees a seemingly endless queue pass through her office and she can undress them all, view them in their nakedness, legs splayed on the examination table, in stirrups spread wide open. If she wants she can explore nubile girls in naked and nude intimate detail, parting pussy lips, uncovering clitties, sticking fingers and instruments into virgin vaginas and bumholes. This is not only tolerated, but even expected of her.

She sees an equal number of young and adolescent boys, most more shy in revealing their nudity than females, but all equally fulfilling in their own right. Here too she can hold, prod, probe, squeeze, rub and handle wee-wee and hairy pricks alike, grab and cup scrotum and testicles, insert finger and instruments into unwilling assholes.

But this boy is different, a mixture of both genders, neither one nor completely the other, deliciously ambiguous and eager to please aunt and doctor. He will remain in this condition, a boy-girl, clothed as the situation calls for.

Undoubtedly his breasts will continue to grow, that is the expectation. Soon they should be indistinguishable from that of any other well developed girl of his age. His hips will widen to a moderate degree and testicular growth should be arrested at its present stage. Hopefully he will remain devoid of body hair in the main.

But now his aunt decides he is to be initiated into grown-up games, allowed to experience release of sexual tension, engage in prolonged intimate activity. She will teach him proper and fitting conduct.

Meanwhile she thinks it is time to train him for more intense and serious anal penetration. After all she reasons, if he is to be encouraged to think of his fanny as a boy's cunnyhole, he must be able to accommodate the same as a girl's cunnyhole.

The doctor agrees. Today she has brought a set of rubber anal dilators with her. She gives the boy the usual detailed examination of genitals and breasts, anus and rectum. That completed she has the boy lay on his back and spread his legs, flexing them upwards so she can access his bumhole. The boy has assumed this exposed position so often that he is used to it, in fact has even come to look forward to laying thus for his aunt or lady doctor. This is not surprising considering the gratifying intimacies he is subjected to.

She rubs in an amount of lubricating cream, prelude to an anal insertion of some kind. The boy wonders what it is be today. The doctor's fingers ? Tubing ? An instrument of some kind ? Suppositories or medication ?

As the doctor removes a flat case from her bag, she explains to the boy he is to be fitted with a set of dilators, rubber cylinders tapered at one end and flanged at the other to prevent complete accidental insertion into the rectum. The idea is to enlarge his bumhole, make it easier to accommodate large objects into his hole. What those other larger objects may be, the doctor leaves unsaid, but the hint of intimate sex play is in the air.

She opens the case. Inside are some dozen medical dilators. They are of course similar to anal dildos in general shape and build, could not be elsewise of course, but yet they are somber objects, menacing almost in the precision with which they are graduated in size and girth. The doctor chooses one, not the smallest and asks the boy to hold on to it. It lays heavy in his hand, thick and rotund, solid and nasty in a vague manner.

The doctor rubs a bit of cream onto the tip and pushes it into the boy's fannyhole. It slides in easily. The boy lets out a soft grunt and lifts his buttocks up higher off the table. In discomfort or pleasure ? The doctor smiles and thinks him a wanton little tease at times.

She moves the dilator about on an axis and rubs her finger along the rim of the boy's distended anal muscle, pushing inwards and inserting a finger alongside the dilator. She can feel the boy's hole clench tight around finger and dilator.

Clearly this one is too small, even for a beginner's training. She skips one size and inserts the following cylinder. This one is a better fit and she places it aside. The boy will start wearing it either this afternoon or tonight in bed. This dildo and others will become an almost constant companion of his asshole's. She is sure he will come to enjoy the training.

Now she must find his limit. She tries several larger sizes until the boy is straining and grunting in discomfort. Clearly he is not ready for an adult buggering right now, not that she believes the aunt to have such activity on her schedule. Nonetheless he will have to be stretched. There are many ladies who enjoy inserting an ersatz penis in a male's fundament, even if only to perversely remind those males of the traditional female role in love-making. And besides, there may be a multitude of other activities the aunt wants to enjoin.

So the doctor sets aside 5 dilators. She calls in the boy's aunt and together they go over the sequence of inserting and fitting the dilators once again. The boy looks somewhat tired by now, so the ladies decide to wait outfitting the boy with his first training-dildo until bedtime.

As he dresses he can not help glancing at the black rubber objects lying in wait for use on his behind. He can't wait for bedtime.

Eleventh Imagining

The first night with dilator up his behind is restless. Subsequent periods, during the daytime as well as at night, become progressively more comfortable for the boy, until it seems that he remarks the dilator's absence more readily than its presence. He is pleasurably stimulated as he walks around the household, sits down or engages in other activity.

The first trip with dilator outside the house is a nervous affair for the boy. Of course he obeys his aunt without much discourse, but as he walks along the street he imagines all eyes turned on him, passers-by leeringly cognizant of the pliable plug up his fannyhole.

After a few trips outdoors he comes to realize his fears are unnecessary. He is but a handsome boy, or striking girl walking arm in arm with an older lady or relative.

One day his aunt announces a special shopping trip downtown. On the way she explains that it is time he built up his own wardrobe of undergarments and clothes. He is of course welcome to borrow whatever he needs from his aunt as needs be, but that really most items are far too large for his build. On a specific note, the aunt points out it is time he wears a suitably sized bra. Jokingly she squeezes his titties and remarks that they will never grow as large as her own, no matter how many suppositories the doctor prescribes for him. The boy chuckles along, gratified his aunt seems willing to share such mirthful intimacies with him.

She informs him they will go to a large department store and purchase whatever items are necessary. This momentarily causes him a pang of apprehension. He has appeared in public in feminine attire several times and no one has made any comment on his appearance. But today they will be in the heart of the big city, in the midst of crowds and throngs of shoppers.

The aunt allays his concerns. Anonymity is always best conserved amid a mass of people. No one will notice yet another aunt with niece in tow.

Briefly the aunt wonders if they might best go to a small specialist shop. She knows of several, discreet places where even a gentleman can purchase a piece of fine lingerie for a lover or for himself, no awkward questions asked, no eyebrows raised.

But the aunt thinks that to be too simple. It would entail no more boldness than going to the lady doctor for an intimate examination. Why go to an establishment where the outcome is already predictable ? No, a grand and ornate department store it shall be. She is just as curious to test the salesladies' composure as that of her boyling-niece.

They take the escalator to a higher floor. On the way up, they stop for several purchases of assorted toiletries : a scented spray, a stick of lip gloss, a powder case for the boy. Though emboldened by the ease at which the items are presented to his aunt and himself, the boy still approaches the lingerie and undergarments section with trepidation.

They browse around at first, non-commitingly responding when approached by sales attendants. The aunt tries to gauge their attitudes, but of course posses no special powers, can conjure up nothing more than inarticulate prejudices or affinities based upon their manner of dress or hair style.

Finally she decides to pose several questions of her own to a saleslady apparently higher in rank. The lady smiles at them, inquires if she can help them in any way. The aunt explains what they are looking for. She begins by stating she is helping her niece choose out a suitable bra. It will be her first, but certainly not her last. The older ladies smile at this pleasantry, what memories this brings ! The boy looks nervous.

But no matter, the sales lady has much experience in suggesting suitable garments for young adolescent girls and has soon laid out a selection on the glass counter top. She appraises the boy-girl from the side of her eyes, gauging size and build, but addresses the aunt, correctly surmising she has the ultimate authority when deciding upon a purchase.

The aunt fingers several bras, hold them up for inspection, drapes them across her boy-niece's chest. Of course there is no way of knowing which will fit best, look most appropriate. The sales lady suggest they retire to a changing booth and try on several.

The boy has been into many changing rooms with his aunt. Now she is accompanying him. His heart beats faster and he wonders why he has consented to this silly adventure in shopping. But there is nothing he can do to stop it.

The sales lady pulls aside a heavy curtain and aunt and boy are ushered into a smallish booth. There is a chair and coat rack on one wall, a mirror on the other. The aunt gestures for the boy to remove coat and blouse, baring his chest and titties. They seem shriveled and taut from an imaginary chill, the boy shivers as the aunt fastens the first bra around his shoulders.

As they go through the various items, the sales lady asks them through the curtain if they have found any one to be satisfactory. The aunt pretends to be undecided and asks for the sales lady's professional opinion, inviting her into the booth. It is too cramped for the three of them, so the aunt simply opens the curtain and steps outside a bit, to allow the attendant and boy-niece more room.

The boy blushes deeply and tries to demurely cover his breasts, but the attendant merely smiles at him, saying she has seen to many an adolescent's first intimate apparel. She adjusts the straps on a bra, pulls it loose from around his titties, allows it to snuggle around his nascent cleavage. The attendant suggests another bra be tried on and watches attentively in the mirror as the boy's upper torso is bared.

Pretending to gauge his girth, the attendant puts her arms around the boy and cups his budding tits. She squeezes and hefts them in her hand, then makes a learned sounding pronouncement regarding size and volume. Reluctantly she removes her hands from the boy-girl.

The boy is trembling, the attendant less so, the aunt is amused. The sales lady of course retains her composure, acts as if this is all part of her job, a service graciously offered by the management.

Consulting the boy the aunt decides upon a specific bra and hands it to the attendant. The aunt then states that she is looking to purchase additional items of lingerie for her niece. Could they be shown other types of apparel ? Panties, knickers, slips, camisoles and the like ? Maybe even a garter and stockings ?

The attendant beams and seems about to kowtow in servitude. The boy's eyes open wide in alarm but the aunt places a hand reassuringly on his shoulder and squeezes, an almost imperceptible smile on her lips as she motions with her eyes he remain quiet.

The trio returns to the sales floor and pass by several display cases, aunt and attendant pointing out various items, the boy meekly in tow. The two ladies discuss things, items of apparel are laid out on the counter for inspection or held up to the light for appraisal, placed against the boy's body to estimate size and fit.

Soon the aunt has a multitude of garments set aside for fitting. They all return to the changing booth, attendant carrying a first set of lingerie.

The boy is bidden to disrobe, this time removing his lower garments and shoes. The aunt chooses a pair of knickers to start out with, something he can pull up over the panties he is already wearing. With less than feminine grace he fumbles into the knickers. They try on several other models and make a decision. The sales attendant hovers about of course, trying not to appear too eager to watch the boy-girl dress and undress. The boy's prick and balls bulge slightly under knickers and panties, but the attendant has not yet noticed any particulars regarding the young person's gender.

The boy fits on several models of slips and hopes to be spared a complete undressing. His wish is granted but not in the manner he hopes. The attendant still has an array of panties for aunt and boy-niece to choose from. The aunt enjoins the boy to step out of the panties he is now wearing. She holds a fresh pair ready for fitting. He is mortified and paralyzed, transfixed on the spot. He dare not bare himself in this place, more so that the curtain is drawn open and other shoppers regularly pass through the corridor, exchanging impersonal greetings or smiling approvingly at purchases.

Shrugging, the aunt herself slips a finger around the hem of the skimpy undergarment and pulls it down around the boy's ankles. He quickly steps out of it and hurriedly bends over and pulls on the new pair. The sales attendant has of course been waiting for a further glimpse of what she thinks to be a nubile pubescent maiden. She is puzzled at first and then enlightened as the boy is made to try on another pair of panties.

She sees a smooth hairless boy's prick. It is not a large specimen in her experience, but undeniably male nonetheless. As he bends over forward she also remarks a dark object protruding from his anus. She does not immediately recognize the dilator for what it is.

Her eyes grow round in amazement and appreciation. She retains her composure with difficulty, clearing her throat and pulling at the hem of her skirt, but in the end manages to keep a straight face. From being understandably surprised, a smile of lascivious recognition grows on her face. What a delightful apparition this young creature makes ! She has been completely taken in by the masquerading young boy and his aunt, but instead of indignation or disgust, she nods in approval and admiration at his appearance. If the young teenager takes pleasure in dressing and looking as a female, why should she as a member of that gender take umbrage ? Imitation is after all a sincere form of flattery.

The aunt is pleased with herself, and her adroit handling of the situation, her subtle manipulation of boy and attendant. After finishing the purchases she will try and undoubtedly succeed in making the sales lady's acquaintance, possibly inviting her for tea or an evening visit. Perchance they may have many things in common.

For the moment the boy is both their focus of mutual attention. The attendant pretends not to have noticed anything out the ordinary. The aunt, for her part, pretends it to have been perfectly obvious from the start that the boy is only dressed up as her niece, that no subterfuge could pass by the attendant's eagle eye. The aunt makes subtle and sometimes not so subtle remarks about the boy's physiognomy, his preferences and predilections. Both ladies know of course that only by coercion, be it gentle or less so, can a boy be persuaded to dress so.

But that is of no import now, and the two ladies merrily pass items of lingerie to the boy to try on. The attendant is exhorted to lend a hand in dressing the boy. Of course her hand strays and brushes against his prick and balls. Her hand rests on his buttocks as he waits for another garment to try on.

A long time passes before everything is chosen, sorted and wrapped up, but the attendant cannot remember passing time at work in the department store more agreeably. She has also made a large sale and is later praised by her superiors for her sales acumen. Still later in time, the aunt and attendant meet, compare interests, spend time together and engage in mutual pastimes.

But meanwhile boy and aunt return home with their purchases.

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