Swim Teacher


Swim Teacher


My Aunt Beth had been a college swimmer and just missed making the 1972 Olympic Team, so, as a promising swimmer myself, when I turned 14 I was sent to live with her so I could continue my own training . She had a house in South Florida, with a 25 meter pool where she gave private lessons. She was known for having unusual, but effective training methods, and many of her students won state titles and scholarships. She took me to see a friend of hers who ran a sports medicine clinic, and I was put through my paces.

Dressed only in a jockstrap and gym shorts, I ran the treadmill while Aunt Beth watched, varying the speeds, and Mary (Dr. Mary Howell) checked the results on an EKG monitor. The two women were both in their late twenties then, and athletic but still attractive. They were both about three inches shorter than my 5'10", but I suspect they were heavier and stronger than me, as I had just started my growth spurt and only weighed 135 lb.

Mary, as I was allowed to call her, said, "We need to know whether to train you for the shorter or longer races, and which swimming stroke you will be best at, so I will have to run some other tests to see which kind of muscle fibers you have the most of."

Aunt Beth and I were shown to a regular Doctor's exam room. She had me sit at the edge of the exam table and checked my reflexes. Then she had me lie down and she bent and twisted me like a pretzel, to determine my muscle strength and flexibility. She told me to stand up, and turn towards the wall with my arms extended and my palms against the wall. When I did this, she stood behind me and ran her hands up and down my spine. When she got to the top of my gym shorts, she pulled them down, together with my jockstrap, and told me to step out of them.

Mary pressed her fingertips along my hipbones, feeling for any pressure points along my sciatic nerve, and then she had me bend forward facing the wall so she could check for any spinal curvature. Now I was used to being in public wearing a little Speedo, and as a kid other swimmer's moms were often in the locker when we changed, but since puberty, I had become much more self conscious about my body and was quite embarrassed about my Aunt, especially seeing me like this. Mary said my spine was O.K., and then, without warning she pulled my ass cheeks apart and shoved a finger in my rectum. I was so shocked I gasped and stood straight up. Mary just laughed and said she was just checking for hemorrhoids.

She said although I was really too young to need it, she would also like to examine my prostate. Mary had me bend forward with my elbows on the exam table, and point my toes in. This time she was more gentle, but she went in a lot deeper, and I felt her finger press down and forward. When she hit my prostate gland, I felt the urge to ejaculate, but I wasn't the least bit erect. Mary said that I would feel pressure, and it was normal.

Finally she withdrew her finger and went to wash (she hadn't worn gloves). I wasn't sure what to do, so I sat on the exam table, still nude, and crossed my legs to try to hide my genitals from my aunt's view. Mary turned back towards me, had me stand, and she examined my penis and testicles, pulling back my foreskin, and checking for moles or tumors. As she handled me, I looked at Aunt Beth, who was staring intently, and I realized, to my horror, that I was getting a boner in front of them. Beth said nothing and Mary didn't seem to care. Next I had to lie on my back again, and Mary pressed around my groin checking for enlarged lymph nodes. Finally, she was satisfied and told me I could get dressed, which I was very glad to do. She said that because I was so slender, long limbed and flexible, I should train for the longer distances, but as I got older, if I gained a lot of muscle, I might then go for the 100 and 200 meter lengths.

Beth drove us home, and said that I shouldn't be embarrassed in front of her, and that, as my coach, she would see me naked a lot. I also had to agree that I couldn't discuss my training with anyone else, except other students of hers. She said, that she wanted me swimming in the nude in my initial training, and she would videotape me to study my movements in the water. I said I would get used to it, but I was just surprised by the intimacy of the exam.

Once we were home, Beth made us lunch and we talked about my training schedule, which would include running and weights as well as swimming. Beth also told me that she wanted to shave me, that all the best swimmers shaved their body hair, and it was believed to save several hundredths of a second off their times. She said my legs were too hairy, and even my chest could use it. As soon as we finished eating, she sent me to the bathroom to wash. Beth cleared the dishes, and she came into the bathroom just as I was getting out of the shower.

I asked her if she was trying to get me used to her seeing me nude, and she said no, that she was here to shave me.

I said, "Let me go at least put a bathing suit on!" but she said she wanted to shave my butt and pubic area too. I refused, and she said I would have to do things her way or I would be sorry. She also said she knew how I was punished at home, and I would get the same treatment from her if I didn't obey her.

Not wanting a spanking, or worse, I reluctantly agreed. She took a can of shaving cream and a razor from her medicine chest. She quickly ran the razor over my arms and back then she had me face her while she lathered the little patch on my chest.

After the chest, she sat on the toilet seat while I stood naked in front of her, my penis inches from her face, while she did the front of my legs. She turned me around, did the back of my legs, and started in my ass crack. When she was satisfied I was hairless back there, she told me to lie on the bathroom floor so she could do my pubic hair. I laid down on a bath towel and tried to relax as she spread shaving cream all over my crotch. Beth told me to spread my legs out, with my feet together, and she grabbed my penis, pulling it out of the way while she razored by balls. She also had to move and stretch them quite a bit. Of course, all the attention got me rock hard again, and she said, "I know you're not being naughty, it's a normal reaction in a boy your age."

When she got to the thick hairy patch above my penis she grabbed a pair of scissors and cropped the hair as short as she could before shaving. I closed my eyes when I saw the scissors, and I would have lost my erection except that Beth never let go of my penis, I guess to shield it against an accidental nick. Finally she resumed the work with the razor and finished me off. She rinsed me with a washcloth, and she said that I might be embarrassed to have no pubic hair, but it actually made my penis look bigger without it. I asked her if most girl swimmers shaved too, and she said I might get a chance to see for myself soon.

Finally, she told me about her strict training rules. During swim season, I was not allowed sex, which in my case meant at least twice daily masturbation. If I was found to have masturbated, I would be punished like I was at home by my parents. This meant a pants down spanking, and sometimes bare naked for the belt or my mother's hairbrush. I didn't want to test my aunt's arm strength just yet, but I said I would never be able to make it for the four month season. She told me that if I did well in my training I would be allowed release once each week, and I could have my first one right now if I wanted to. I said I would like to hold off as long as possible. Beth said it would have to be in done front of her every time, so she could tell from the size of my load whether I had cheated; but she would not mind stroking me off or giving me a blowjob as a special treat once in a while.

I said, "then let me do it now, if you'll help me," and she took some baby oil and followed me to my bedroom. I laid down, still naked, and she sat on the bed between my legs. She poured some oil on her hands and slowly spread it on my penis, which had been hard now for a painfully long time. She asked me what I thought about when I masturbated, and I said mostly girls I like, but sometimes other stuff.

"Like what?" she said, and I told her that sometimes I pretend I have been captured and forced to put on a masturbation show for gladiator women, and other times I got excited because I remember seeing one of my sisters naked, running from the shower, or getting punished. I told Beth that we get more than even the bare bottom spankings that she already knew about. I admitted that when we do something bad enough we get punished naked in front of everyone; and at one time or another I have seen my 3 sisters all get it naked from Mom or Dad, in the living room, with the whole family sitting there watching.

Other times when we did something that merited a private spanking we were still sometimes made to wait naked outside Mom's bedroom or more often Dad's study, sometimes for an hour or more. At times like that, I always found excuses to walk by and engage the condemned in some conversation, just to see them nude and squirming in fear and embarrassment.

I especially liked teasing my sisters about their developing bodies, the size of their breasts, their pubic hair coverage or lack of it, and the nude show Dad was going to get when they went over his lap with their bottoms sticking out in his face. I know, because we discussed our private punishments, that Dad liked to keep the girls nude for as long as possible .

Dad sometimes made punishment spankings last for two hours, alternating spank time with lectures, which were given while the victim stood facing our seated Dad, pussy on display. Dad also used many different spanking positions during the spanking, and the two older girls say Dad purposely feels them up too. Jill said the last time she got spanked, Dad had his hands on both her little breasts while the lecture went on, and he ran his fingers through her downy patch of red pubic hair while he discussed how much a pretty pussy like hers gets boys her age excited. She was being punished for being caught making out with a neighbor boy.

The best part was they were helpless to do anything about Dad's cheap feels, because our parents believed that embarrassment and shame were part of the punishment. I couldn't get away with too much touching though, usually just a quick squeeze of a butt or boob, or a tug on the pubic hair. If I went too far, there was always the risk I would be taking their place. "Maybe sometime you'll get to see me naked." Beth said, "Would you like that? Do you like to be seen naked by your sisters?"

I admitted that I liked to let them see my naked body, but it was just as embarrassing for me as it was for them if I was the one being punished. Beth asked me to describe my last punishment. I told her that I had broken a window hitting tennis balls against the house, after being warned many times, and I was told to go in the living room for punishment as soon as Dad got home.. My oldest sister had two girlfriends over, and they were supposed to go to the mall, but Dad told Carolyn to wait until after my punishment. Her two friends could have found something else to do, but it was obvious to me that they were both very interested in what was about to take place. I waited in the living room, standing by the fireplace, while Carolyn, her friends, my other sisters, and Mom all found seats. Dad came in with his belt in his hands and told me to get ready. This meant that I had to strip naked in front of everyone, and I was expected to place my clothes neatly in a pile on the sofa table. One look at Dad's face told me there would be no reprieve, and I meekly undressed.

Once naked, I kneeled on the floor and bent over Mom's sewing bench, which was always used for beltings. Dad lashed my bare buttocks and legs until I was crying and squirming. As I shook from the pain, I could feel my dangling penis and testicles jiggling, giving my audience a terrific show. I know I always got a good look at my sisters' wide open pussies when they were belted this way.

After Dad stopped, I was allowed to stand up and regain my composure. Mom got up and hugged me, and Jill, my sister, said, "You took it real good this time."

Carolyn's friends had to try hard to hide their smug grins.

When Dad said go to your room, the punishment was over. Rather than dress in the living room and stay nude in front of everyone even longer, I raced to my room. Sweet Jill followed me into the bedroom with my clothes. "You were very brave," she said, and she kissed me on the lips while she hugged my still naked body against her jeans and T-shirt clad one. She ground her denim covered pussy against my bare penis, the little devil, and when she felt it stir she grabbed it, squeezed it, and said that she better leave before she got punished again.

Beth asked me what I did in my room, and I told her that I masturbated while imagining Carolyn's two friends getting spanked with their pants down in front of me. Beth said she thought they deserved that, for not leaving the room, and she speeded up the tempo of her oily handjob. At this point, I neared climax. I wrapped my legs around her waist and thrust up into her hand until I squirted my semen all over her clothes, myself, and the bed. Beth got up, told me to take a nap, and meet her at our pool at 4:00 for my first workout for which I will be expected to still be completely nude.

At 4:00 I looked out the door to the pool, and saw Beth with about 10 girls, ranging from ages 10 to 16, so I went back in the house. At 4:05, Beth came in my room and told me I already was in trouble for being late, and why wasn't I out there like I was told to be.

I said I assumed the girls' lesson was running late, and she said it wasn't my place to assume anything. She dragged me out to the pool, and in front of 10 giggling girls, she gave her hairless naked nephew a good old fashioned spanking.

I was very happy to jump in the pool, to cool my buns and hide my shame. The girls also jumped in. One girl swam, over to me and whispered, "don't worry, we all get it at one time or another and there are usually boys around too, just not today." I was still so embarrassed that it was another 15 minutes before I realized the girls had stripped off their swimsuits too. It was then that I decided that my training was going to be all right after all.

- Anonymous -