The Nephew’s Special Examination


Nephews Special Examination


The patient’s aunt, Miss Smith, phoned me to set up her nephew’s examination. She felt he required a special exam session due to what she had seen him doing with another male of his own age. He was staying with her for awhile and she had came home from work early one day to find her nephew and the boy “playing doctor” in his bedroom. She explained how she watched as her nephew played the role of the patient, the other boy having him lie on the bed in just his briefs. He sat beside her nephew and proceeded to peel down his white cotton underwear to “examine” his cock. She explained in detail to me how her nephew quickly grew hard as the “Doctor” fondled his cock. She told of how she slid her hand down the top of her pantyhose and rubbed her pussy as she watched them. She was very confused, but she became so aroused as she watched her nephew with the other boy. They did not know she was watching, she remained hidden and quiet.

She told me how the “Doctor” soon brought her nephew to orgasm, and that she rubbed her clit as she watched her nephew have an orgasm. She continued to watch as the nephew then “examined” the other boy. He too was given an orgasm by her nephew’s “examination”. She didn’t let them know she had seen them. She said she went right away to her bathroom, peeled down her pantyhose and masturbated herself to orgasm thinking about what she had just seen.

She explained how they were both her nephew and his friend were awkward and clumsy with each other as they explored each other’s sex organs. She wanted me to properly examine her nephew, since he seemed to like having another male doing things to him. She wanted to see how he would react in an intense, true medical setting. She expressed her wish to watch the entire examination, and she said she would not be a bother while it was going on. She had heard about my nurse and me from a friend who had brought an unruly daughter to us. The friend said she thought we performed our special exams upon males too. I assured her we performed examinations on both sexes.

The nurse called me on the intercom and told me the patient was ready. When I entered the exam room, I saw that my patient was lying on the exam table; all of his clothes were removed except for his white cotton briefs. The nurse stood beside the table, she smiled as I came in. The patient’s aunt sat on the small sofa placed against the wall; she had a clear unobstructed view of her nephew as he lie on the table. The nurse had placed the instrument carts beside the table. The contents of the carts were hidden from view; white cloths were draped over the tools that I would use on his body.

He was a nice looking male patient. His body was lean and tan, except for the area of his skin that was pale white and outlined from his wearing of shorts. The room was chilly, so his skin was covered with goose bumps. His blue eyes looked scared and uncertain. His arms were held to the sides of the exam table by black leather straps. His legs were also strapped, but slightly open. The nurse had placed a ball gag in his mouth. She knew to leave the underwear on, I liked to remove that myself. I enjoyed the humiliation I caused the patients when I would expose their sex organs.

His aunt was maybe in her late thirties or early forties. She had short black hair and dark eyes. She sat with her long, lean legs crossed. Her legs were smooth and tan; she wore a gold anklet, which highlighted her tan feet. She wore a short, white bathrobe; her legs and thighs were exposed. I imagined she was naked underneath the robe, or maybe she still had on panties. I was sure that I would see more of her body once her nephew’s exam progressed. Most family members who viewed the special exam sessions would become sexually aroused and we liked to encourage them to enjoy themselves as they watched their nephews and nieces on the examination table.

My nurse was a young lady in her mid twenties who was very enthusiastic about participating and assisting with my special physical examinations. She was blonde, with striking blues eyes and short, fashionable hair. She stood beside the exam table, eager to begin. She only wore white cotton panties and stockings, with a nurse’s cap on her head. The panties hugged her firm ass, She wore no shoes, she was topless and her tits were small and pert. Her breasts were pale white against her tan skin, the nipples erect and pointy. I knew that beneath her panties, she had totally smooth genitals, the labia no doubt swollen and wet in anticipation of working on the male patient.

I wore a white lab coat over a pair of khakis and a dress shirt, no tie. I had silk boxers on beneath the loose fitting khakis. My cock was stirring at the sight of my patient and his attractive aunt. I usually didn’t get really hard and completely turned on until the exam became intense. Unlike my nurse, I would remain clothed well into the exam, often not exposing my cock until the physical was drawing to a close.

This was the second and final exam of the day. Two special exams per day was our limit. The first exam was of a very pretty female. She had also been brought in by her aunt, an attractive older woman who became quite aroused by what she saw being done to her niece. The nurse would mainly run the examinations of the girls, she was quite fond of them, she liked them better than the males. It showed when the exams took place. The aunt had become so aroused that she even “helped out” with her niece’s examination and it turned out to be quite a session.

“All right,” I said, “let’s begin.” The nurse gave a slight smile, and I could see the anticipation in her bright, blue eyes. The aunt said nothing; she sat with her eyes focused on her nephew. I stood beside the exam table, reached into the pocket of the white lab coat and removed my stethoscope.

The male patient’s eyes were wide; he looked up helplessly as I placed the tips of the stethoscope in my ears. With one hand I held the tip of the stethoscope, the other hand I placed on his smooth, flat belly. He flinched as my hand was placed on him.

“Now sweetie,” my nurse said, “just try to relax, no one is going to hurt you.” She leaned over him by the top of the table, she ran her hand over his brow. Her firm, pale white tits jiggled as she moved. I place the cold tip of my stethoscope on his chest.

“Every time the Doctor moves the stethoscope, take a nice deep breath for us hon,” the nurse told him. I placed the cold tip of the instrument directly onto his nipples. He looked up at me with nervous eyes as I eased the tip lower. My other hand I used to rub and gently pinch his pink nipples. I looked back at his aunt; she sat forward on the sofa, watching intently.

Now I slid the tip of the stethoscope onto his belly. His skin was smooth, and deeply tanned. I slowly eased the tip down until it was just above the tops of his cotton briefs. I placed my free hand on the waistband and slightly pulled them down as I slid the tip onto the beginning of his pubic mound.

“Breath deep now Hon,” the nurse said to remind him.

His chest and belly rose up and down as I slid the stethoscope tip over his pubic mound. It was smooth and hairless. Obviously it had been recently shaved, and I wondered if he had been made to do it, or if his aunt had done it for him. I had told her on the phone that all my patients, both male and female must come to us with hairless genitals and pubic areas. His pubic mound was pale white in contrast to the tan skin around it. I didn’t expose or touch his cock yet. I held the fabric of his underwear just above the base of his shaft.

Now, I removed the scope from his mound, and I pulled his briefs back in place. I took the scope tips out of my ears. I looked down at him as I placed both my hands on his belly. I used my fingers to probe his abdomen. Slowly I probed lower until I let my fingers just touch the tops of his cotton briefs. I slid my fingers under the waistband and firmly pressed them into his soft and hairless flesh, probing slowly, looking up at my nurse. She smiled and looked back me, both of us knowing what was soon going happen. Her exposed nipples were hard and goose bumps were on the white flesh of her tits. I knew she was dripping between her legs at the thought of the things that we would do to our patient today.

Now I pushed the finger-tips of both hands slowly probing the smooth mound until I let my digits touch the base of his cock. He was still limp; many of the males would remain soft well into their exams, mainly due to fear and the unease of another much older male having his way with their sex parts. Many also had problems becoming aroused if a family member was viewing the examination, but sooner or later most would give in to all the attention focused on their sexual organs. If they did not get erections while in my hands, they almost all certainly did when I would turn them over to the nurse.

I didn’t mind if they stayed soft well into their exams, I enjoyed the feel of a male patient’s limp penis as I examined him. I felt if a male was not becoming aroused, that meant that his level of humiliation was high, and this I particularly enjoyed. Watching a patient fight his arousal during the exam was something I also enjoyed; watching. It was the same with the girls, to see them fight the feeling of arousal as we watched and felt their pussies get wet, and the clit and lips become swollen.

I used the fingers of both my hands to press into the base of his soft cock. I looked over at his aunt, she sat wide-eyed. She was becoming flushed and she kept shifting her body around, crossing and uncrossing her long lovely legs. The short bathrobe rose higher, exposing more and more of her smooth, tan thighs. I could see the tops of her large breasts as she leaned forward, her tits looked firm, and the skin was ivory white against her tanned body.

I looked back at my patient, into his eyes. I always looked at them with a cold and emotionless expression on my face, even if I was extremely aroused. His blue eyes were wide with fear and uncertainty, his lips dry as they were pressed against the black ball of the gag that was in his mouth. I slowly slid my hands off his bald pubic mound, and then I looked at my nurse. She gave me a sly slight grin.

I slid both of my hands onto my patient’s slim hips. I hooked the fingers of both hands into the tops of the underwear, looking at the bulge his cock made pressed tight against the fabric. Then I looked him straight in the eye, wondering if he had an idea of what was going to happen to him soon.

This was the part of the exam I truly enjoyed. All my previous actions were just things to lead up to this point, they had little real medical purpose, it was solely to lead up to and prolong the exposure of the patient’s sex parts. Until this moment, maybe they thought there was a chance this wouldn’t happen, that it wasn’t going to be what they thought it might be. But once they had their briefs or panties pulled down, and their sex organs were exposed to all eyes, their doubts would quickly vanish. It was a powerful feeling to expose them, to let them know that I was in complete control of their bodies, to see their eyes as the last piece of clothing was removed from their bodies.

I gripped the sides of his slim hips firmly as my fingers were hooked into the elastic of his briefs.

“Billy honey,” the nurse said, “the Doctor is going to pull your undies down now. We need your penis exposed.” She ran her hand across his forehead and her fingers through his brown hair.

The patient looked over his aunt; she gave him a little smile, saying nothing. “You’re going to be naked for quite awhile today hon,” she said. “Just try to relax and go with the flow, please don’t struggle and give us a hard time. OK sweetie?”

He looked very nervous, his breathing was deep and heavy. “I know you can’t speak because you’re gagged, so just nod your head OK ?” she said, ‘you’re going to be a good patient for us right?”

He nodded yes, eyes wide, looking at her as she spoke to him. “That’s good, because if you’re not a good patient, we will have to punish you, and no one wants to that happen.”

Now I slowly eased the fabric down. I uncovered the pale white skin of his pubic mound and then the base of his limp cock appeared. I felt his smooth hard buttocks with my hands as I yanked the white cotton underwear down over them, still leaving his cock covered. I really liked to take my time when I exposed their private parts, prolonging the humiliation.

I knew he lay there thinking in just a few seconds we would all see his cock, including his own aunt. He knew his ass was bare and with just a slight motion, his penis would be too. I kept the fabric taut against his crotch as I peeled it down, knowing that if I kept it taut, that as I exposed the penis, I would get the desired effect. My fingers pressed into his firm ass cheeks as I slowly peeled his briefs all the way down, intently watching his soft shaft become exposed, until right before the sight of his pink tip was in view, I jerked the white cotton briefs down with a swift motion, and his soft cock popped out as it was exposed. My own cock stirred with excitement as I exposed my patient’s penis. I lowered the briefs down onto his thighs, checking out his now exposed scrotum too.

“Oh my,” his aunt gasped as the nephew’s cock and balls were exposed. Her hand went to cover her mouth, her face flushed. The nurse smiled at her, then looked back at the patient’s exposed cock. His aunt removed her hand from her mouth, and she smiled too, looking directly into her nephew’s eyes, imagining how humiliated he must feel being in this situation.

As she looked at her nephew’s exposed privates, she uncrossed her legs, and opened them slightly. I glanced and saw that she wore a pair of baby blue cotton panties under the robe. I could see the material pressed tight against her pubic mound. Her hand went to her inner thigh and she let it rest there. I knew the sight of her nephew restrained to the examination table, white cotton briefs down around his thighs, limp cock exposed, was turning her on.

I looked down at my patient’s penis. It lay back on the pubic mound. He was cut, but his cock and his scrotum was shrunken due to fear and humiliation, so the head of his cock was mostly obscured by foreskin. I could just see part of the pinkish glans. My patient’s scrotum was drawn tightly up and all this made his sex parts look like they belonged on a much younger male, especially with him being totally hairless. It looked like his cock size was about average for his age, but soon I would know exactly.

I looked at him directly in the eyes. He was very nervous and scared. I placed my hand onto his bald mound, letting it rest there. “The Doctor is going to examine your penis now hon,” my nurse said. “You lie still ok?”

He nodded quickly at her. She smiled, and she stood by the top of the table, by his head, again running her hand over his forehead and through his hair. The patient couldn’t see it, but she slid her other hand onto the panty-covered mound of her pussy and rubbed herself, her nipples hard as rocks. She bit her lower lip and looked directly into the eyes of the patient’s aunt as she slid her fingers over the fabric that covered her pussy. The lady looked a bit surprised. I knew my nurse would love to get her hands on her, she was very sexy. My nurse loved to have sex with women. She would get so into the examinations of the females that sometimes I would have to make her stop.

‘My Billy,” she said, “Your aunt is so pretty, it’s hard to believe she has a nephew your age,” she grinned at his aunt as she spoke.

His aunt smiled back, “Why thank you nurse,” she said and as she spoke she opened her legs a bit wider, clearly showing us all her smooth inner thighs and the sexy blue panties she wore. “You know nurse,” she said, “I think I would be more comfortable without this stuffy bathrobe.”.

She then grinned as she unbelted it, and then stood up. His aunt then removed the robe, exposing her large, pale white tits. Her nipples were also hard as rocks. Her breasts were big, maybe 36d, but they looked good, just a hint of sag in them. Her belly was flat and tanned. “Now, except for the Doctor, we all are naked one way or the other,” she said smiling.

My patient lay there, staring at his own aunt sitting there only a few feet from him, naked except for a pair of panties.

“Billy honey,” she said, “I saw you with that other boy a few days ago.”

His eyes went wide. “I saw you and him “playing doctor.” She slid her hands to her tits as she spoke. “I saw it all sweetie, I saw him pull down your undies and “examine” that cock of yours.”

She tugged and pinched her nipples as she talked to him. “Well,” she said, “it’s going to be a very different examination you receive today, and I don’t believe anyone is “playing” this time.” She slid a hand between her open thighs and rubbed slowly, “I’m going to be right here the entire time as I watch the Doctor examine you honey, and we will see just how you like it today.”

She slid her hand over the crotch of the panties, gently rubbing her pussy through the fabric. “Please Doctor,” she said, ”Proceed with my naughty nephew’s examination.”

His eyes shot back to me as I looked at him emotionless. Then my eyes went back to the patient’s exposed penis. I move my hand from his smooth mound and using two fingers, I then took hold of the base of his limp shaft. His cock felt soft and rubbery. His body shuddered as I touched his penis.

“Be still now honey dear,” my nurse said. “Just try to relax, no one is going to hurt you. The doctor is only going to take a very careful look at your penis and make sure it’s in good order.” Again she rubbed his head as she spoke, trying to keep him calm. My cock stirred as I held his soft shaft between my fingers. I then pulled back the loose skin on his shaft; the pink glans became fully exposed as I tautly peeled back the flesh. Almost as much as I enjoyed exposing my male patients, I enjoyed the part of the examinations when I would first place my hands on their limp cocks and feel their smooth scrotums.

He looked up at me with helpless eyes as I gripped his soft cock between my fingertips. I slowly turned it from side to side, my eyes totally focusing on it, keeping the loose skin firmly held back. Now using my other hand I took the pink glans between my fingers. I rolled it firmly between my fingers, and pinched and tugged on the sensitive tip.

My patient flinched as I treated the tip of his cock roughly. “Easy now darling, ” my nurse said. “I know it’s hard to do, but try to stay calm.”

I explored his cock with my fingers for a few more seconds, then I took my hands from it, and looked at my nurse. Then I glanced at the foot of the table.

“Ready Doctor?” she asked.

I nodded, and she moved to the foot of the exam table as I stood aside. She then pulled out the steel foot stirrups and locked them into place. The patient’s aunt sat watching, her hands moving between rubbing her inner thighs, and tugging on her hard nipples.

“You’re going to put him in stirrups”? she asked with surprise in her voice. “That’s so alluring.”

The nurse grinned at her, “It’s an absolute necessity,” she said to the aunt.

After the stirrups were in place, she held onto one of his ankles. “Now Billy honey,” she said, “I’m going to unstrap your ankles one at a time and place them into these metal stirrups, where I will again strap in your feet.” He looked at her wide-eyed as she spoke.

“We are putting your feet in stirrups so that your legs will be open wide. That will give the Doctor a lot more access to your private areas, so don’t try to kick when I unstrap your legs, OK ? Remember what I said earlier about being a good patient for the Doctor.”

He nodded at her as she unstrapped his feet one at a time and placed them into the steel stirrups. Once she had a foot in a stirrup, she once again secured it. We kept all patients restrained throughout the examinations, even if they were docile. We just felt it best for all involved. I stood at the foot of the exam table watching as he was placed into the stirrups. We used quick disconnecting clips so that if need be, we could release him without too much trouble. His soft cock jiggled about as she secured him.

When she finished, she moved away, giving his aunt and me a clear view of him with his legs open wide. I glanced below his still drawn-up scrotum, to get my first look at my patient’s exposed asshole. It was perfect, just a very small opening and a bit darker in color than the flesh around it. It was very smooth with no anal hair at all.

“I never in my life imagined I would see anything like this,” his aunt said. She had her hand down the front of her blue cotton panties. “He looks so helpless, so exposed and humiliated,” she said, rubbing her pussy while he looked over at her, his eyes full of uncertainty.

My nurse grinned at her as she went over to the instrument cart. “You haven’t seen anything yet,” she said lifting the white cloth of the examination tools. The patient and his aunt could now see what was laid out on the cart. Various sizes and shapes of vibrators and dildos were there, along with assorted sizes of anal plugs and enemas nozzles. The cart also contained a rectal thermometer and different sizes of rectal speculums. A half used tube of K-Y jelly was there to make things easier on the patient.

She then uncovered the second cart. I watched the patients face as he looked at the contents. It was a control box, and around it were various types of wire leads and connectors. We had a rectal plug with connectors on it also.

“Just what is all that?” his aunt said, taken back at the sight of these special devices. The nurse looked at his aunt, then at our patient. She smiled, “These are things that are used on our patients for electrical stimulation. Don’t worry, it’s not nearly as bad as it looks.”

I now stood directly between the patient’s open legs. I again placed the tips of the stethoscope in my ears. I used one hand to hold the tip of the scope, the other I placed on one of his smooth inner thighs. I then placed the tip of the steth directly onto the pink head of his penis, pressing it firmly against it. This had no medical purpose, it was just something I enjoyed doing to all my patients, male and female. I slid the tip down his limp shaft and onto his drawn up scrotum, sliding the tip slowly around on his smooth flesh, feeling the tip pressing into his testicles. I slid my hand around on his thigh, rubbing it, and then I took hold of his soft cock, gripping the head as I pressed the tip of the scope firmly against his asshole. I pinched on the sensitive tip of his penis while rubbing the cool tip of the stethoscope against his anus. The patient had his head raised up off the table, his eyes watching what I was doing to him, looking at me with helplessness.

I removed the tip of my stethoscope from his asshole and took the tips out of my ears. I sat on a roller stool, directly between the patient’s spread legs, my face but a few inches from his exposed sex parts. The patient still had his head raised to see what I was doing. I took hold of his cock with one hand, tugging on the soft shaft as I put my other hand on his smooth scrotum. I cupped his balls in my palm and massaged them while using my other hand to fondle his cock. I glanced over my shoulder at his aunt. She sat with her legs open wide, her hand shoved down the tops of her cotton panties. I could see fingers moving under the fabric as she rubbed her pussy while watching her nephew have his penis examined.

The nurse stood by the patients head, she watched his aunt masturbating. “Please Miss,” she said, “why don’t you just go ahead and remove your panties now…” As she spoke she hooked her fingers into the waistband of her own panties and looked at me. “May I Doctor ?” she asked.

I nodded. She turned around, her firm ass facing the patient’s aunt. She looked over her shoulder at the woman, leaning over to make her wonderful ass stick out. “I’ll take mine off too Hon”, she said, “maybe that will make you less conscious.” My nurse then peeled her white cotton panties slowly down, exposing her pale white ass and her hairless pussy. She stepped out of her panties and turned around. She grinned as she saw the lady looking at her shaven pussy.

As I continued my examination of my patient’s penis, the nurse took her panties and pressed them against the face of the patient. “Smell my pussy sweetie, isn’t it nice ?” she asked grinning; as she kept them there a few seconds then flung them aside.

The aunt lifted her ass off the sofa, then hooked her fingers into the tops of her panties. “All right nurse,” she said, “I think I will get these out of the way.” She peeled her panties down her lean legs, then over her slender, tan feet. Smiling, she threw them away as she opened her legs wide, showing all of us her pussy. It was shaven neatly, with just a small patch of jet-black hair. Her outer lips were smooth and swollen, the inner lips pink and shiny with juices.

Her nephew looked at his aunt’s exposed pussy. She grinned at him as she ran a finger between her thick inner lips. As he looked at her, I let go of his cock. He was still soft, not yet relaxed enough to get hard.

The nurse slipped a hand between her thighs and rubbed her pussy as she watched the patient’s aunt finger herself. “Well now honey dear,” my nurse said to him. “I bet you never dreamed you would see your aunt like this today.”

As the patient’s aunt and my nurse became familiar with the sight of what was between each other’s legs, I took a finger cot off the instrument tray and rolled it on my index finger. The nurse saw what I did and she immediately stopped playing with herself and came to the foot of the exam table, ready to assist me with the next part of his examination. She opened the tube of K-Y jelly, and then as I held my finger up for her, she squirted some onto the tip.

She stood smiling, and she placed a hand on the patient’s smooth thigh, rubbing it slowly as she spoke. “Sweetie,” she said. “The Doctor. is going to do something to you now that you may not like.” As she spoke, I reached out and took hold of his soft cock, gripping it firmly between my fingers. “At least you may not like it at first, but then as the exam progresses, you may find that you will really start to enjoy it.”

I slowly jerked on my patient’s limp penis as I let her explain to him what was about to take place. “You really have to be a good patient now sweetie,” she said. “No squirming when the Doctor. Begins, OK ?”

His eyes were wide with fear and uncertainty as she spoke.

The patient’s aunt was still sitting with her legs open, fingers buried between her thighs, stroking her pussy. “Oh my,” she said. “I think I know what time it is, listen to the nurse darling, be a good patient now.”

The nurse looked over at her, she smiled, “Would you like to come over and stand by me so you can get a real good view of what the Doctor is going to do ?” she asked

His aunt smiled, “Yes,” she said, “that’s a good idea.”

We all watched as she stood up and came over to the table, standing beside my nurse. “I can’t believe this,” she said. “This is so exciting and interesting. ” I watched as my nurse bit into her lower lip and gasped. The patient’s aunt had run her hand over my nurse’s ass and between her thighs. She grinned as she rubbed her fingers along the swollen lips of the nurse’s wet pussy. “ I haven’t touched another woman like this since my college days,” the aunt said. “You like me touching you down there ?”

My nurse let out a soft moan, “Oh yes” she said, “I love it.”

My nurse regained her composure after the lady removed her fingers from her wet pussy. “Now sweetie,” she said again talking to the patient. “The Doctor is going to examine your bottom now.” She put her hand on his forehead, stroking it to make him feel calm.

I held his soft cock firmly as I now pressed my index finger tip directly against his asshole. He flinched as I touched him there.

“It’s OK sweetie,” my nurse said, “It’s not going to hurt.”

I slowly rubbed my fingertip against his anal opening; the flesh felt firm and smooth. His hairless scrotum drew up even tighter when I put my finger on his asshole.

“A lot of attention is going to be focused on your bottom today hon and a lot of instruments are going to be inserted inside it, and no one is going to hurt you. But you really need to try and relax a little, it will make it easier on you.”

I now pressed my fingertip firmly against his anus until I felt the flesh giving way. I gripped his cock, jerking on it as I slowly inserted my finger up his ass. His asshole was tight, and he was tense. He was really going to have to try and relax, or many of the procedures that would come later in the exam were not going to be comfortable for him at all.

to be continued....