Mom and Grandma

Mom And Grandma

There are events that take place in ones life that impact your entire life. One event that happened in my early teens that remains vivid in my memory like it happened yesterday. The event I am about describe happened one very snowy winter day.

I lived only two blocks from school which was an easy walk home even in the worst of weather conditions. It was March when school was called off early due to heavy snow. I walked home and entered the house from the back door and took off my boots in the entryway.

Grandma lived with my family. Both mom and grandma were RN's only grandma was retired but mom worked at the local hospital. Anyway, as I entered into the house I didn't meet mom or grandma so I walked upstairs to see if Mom or grandma
were home.

As I walked down the upstairs hallway I heard noises in mom's bedroom. I stopped by the door of mom's bedroom which was slightly ajar. I peeked thought the opening and saw a scene that would change me forever.

Mom was kneeling on all fours on the bed wearing her bathrobe and grandma seemed busy doing some thing by mom's dresser. I couldn't imagine what was to take place until grandma turned around holding a really large bulb syringe. The bulb was red with a long black pipe. I have never seen syringe that large before or since and had to held about pint of solution.

I remember when I was a little girl when mom covered the kitchen table with towels and placed on my back. As mom filled the four oz syringe grandma held my legs high to expose my opening. I remember mom filling the syringe till all the solution was injected into my bowels and how it became increasingly more uncomfortable with the injection of each bulb.

As I  stood there reflecting on the memories grandma filled the large syringe and then lubricated the long black pipe. She then set the huge syringe down on the dresser. Turning towards mom grandma pulled mom's bathrobe up onto mom's back exposing mom's buttocks to our view.

Grandma then picked up the syringe with her right hand and with her left hand slowly separated mom's cheek to expose a reddish brown anus. Grandma then slowly introduced the pipe to the opening and with a twisting motion the pipe slowly
entered mom's small opening. I stood there motionless as I watched the seven inch pipe slowly inch it's way into mom's rectum. As the bulb found it's home in between mom's check I heard mom moan softly as Grandma used both hands as she slowly squeezed the enormous bulb sending the soapy enema solution deep into mom's bowels.

Grandma took a full three minutes to empty the first bulb into mom. As the bulb finally emptied I stood transfixed as Grandma placed her left hand on mom's cheek to expose mom's anal opening prior to slowly removing the long pipe from mom's rectum. Grandma once again used a twisting motion as she slowly slide the seven inch pipe out of mom's rectum.

Once removed Grandma turned to the large bowl on the dresser and refilled the red bulb. I could heard the syringe make a slight sucking noise as it refilled. Grandma then turned back to mom and repeated the process of injecting the soapy solution high into mom's bowels.

As the syringe was being removed from mom's bottom after the fourth injection I heard mom tell Grandma that she was full and had to go. Without saying a word Grandma turned toward the large bowl and filled the syringe for the fifth time. By now mom had already taken two quarts and grandma planned on more. As I watched Grandma inject the fifth bulbul I could see mom was getting very uncomfortable. I knew the feeling with each injected load. The fullness, urge to evacuate the soapy water, the cramping and the awareness that you were about to receive another injection all are unforgettable memories of a large enema.

As I watched the black pipe slide out of mom's rectum for the fifth time I heard mom pleading with her mom to let her go to the bathroom. I watched as mom moved her bottom back and forth as the pressure and cramping of her bowels increased.
Grandma gently rubbed mom's back as I heard her tell mom that she was to receive one more injection. With that I heard mom that she really had to go and her mom telling her no.

After A few minutes mom seemed to settle down as a cramp subsided. Grandma then turned toward the dresser what was to be the last time. I noticed however that instead of reloading the syringe from the bowl Grandma first picked up a bottle. It was hard to read the label on the bottle but I finally made it out to read "Glycerin". Grandma took the end of the black pipe a stuck the end of it into the bottle. Grandma then released the bulb sucking the glycerin out of the bottle. After the eight ounce bottle was sucked dry grandma finished loading the syringe with the soapy solution in the large bowl.

As Grandma slowly inserted the long pipe I heard her tell mom that the last injection would be very uncomfortable but would create a wonderful bowel movement and empty a the constipated wastes from her bowel. I watch intently as Grandma injected the sixth and final load into mom. As the syringe emptied it's glycerin soap mixture into mom's bowel mom began to cry. I felt sorry for mom as I knew the feeling of having one's bowels pumped to capacity with a cramp producing enema mixture.

Grandma injected this load slower than all the others which seemed to produce more cramps for mom. I could hear mom pleading to stop but her mom just kept on squeezing the huge bulb until finally it emptied.

I watched as grandma slide the long pipe out of mom's anus which now was much redder than before. As the syringe was removed Grandma told mom she could go now. I watch mom get off the bed and stand up. As she did so I noticed her belly
was really distended as if she was six months pregnant. I ran to my bedroom and sat on my bed reflecting on what I just saw. As I did so I became excited and slowly slid my hand inside my panties. As I began to slowly rub my hard clit I could mom moaning as she unloaded her bowels. It took mom a full fifteen minutes to empty the contents of her bowels and she did so I brought myself to one the best orgasms of my teenage years.

I will always remember that day. And to this day I give myself enemas with a bulb syringe. As I inject the last bulb I bring myself to wonderful orgasm.

The End