Steve’s Wife Gets Examined



Steve’s wife would not go to the doctors. He had a thing about yearly exams for his wife as his mother never went to the doctors. She was 44 years old and died of cancer of the uterus. Nancy was 50 now and she gets mad at him when he mentions her going to the doctors.

This year he made the appointment for her and didn’t tell her. He made the appointment with a new doctor. Steve told Nancy that he had a surprise for her. She was to wear a dress that buttons down the front. No bra or panties because he was going to go to some back roads and take pictures of her. Nancy likes to do this so it didn’t seem different to her. The weather was great as it was July. Steve told her to take a shower do her hair and put on some makeup. Sometimes she models for other people than her husband. That is what Steve told her today she was going to model for a guy that called yesterday.

Her appointment was for 10 am. She was ready to go by 9:45 it takes 10 minutes to get there. Nancy got into the car off they went. She did not realize that they were not going in the right direction to go to the back roads until Steve pulled into the Doctors Park parking lot. What are we doing here she said. You have a scheduled Physical with Dr. Mathews a new GYN in town. Nancy said I have heard about him. He only gives exams if the ladies sign a paper that they want an exam in the nude. Well then Nancy you have to sign the paper. She was mad she did not want to go in there, but Steve told her she was here and you know what happened to my mother I don’t want that to happen to you. Nancy remembered Steve’s mother and the suffering she went through before she died. She relented OK lets go.

They got out of the car and went into the office. She was not there long before the nurse gave her the paperwork to make out. The last question was that she was to be given the exam while she was nude. She marked the yes box. They would not examine her if she did not sign it, so she signed the paper.

The nurse called Nancy in and Steve went with her. Nancy followed the nurse into the exam room. She noticed that there was no door on the exam room. The nurse told her to remove all her clothing so she could be weighted as all patients are weighted in the nude. Nancy looked around for a place to undress there wasn’t any. In the corner of the room was a small table. She put her purse on it, then removed her dress and she was naked. Nancy did not want to sit on the exam table as everyone that walked by could see her. The exam table was at the door with the stirrups facing away from the door. She was thankful for that.

The doctor came in and had Nancy stand in the center of the room with her hands at her sides. She had never had to do this before. Nancy was very embarrassed. The doctor walked around her several times. Then he walked up to her very close and put his hands under both her breasts as if weighing them. She could feel herself turning red again. The doctor took his hands away from her breasts and said follow me. He had her go out into the hall, she hoped no one was out here, but there was a woman just coming into the hall that was going to have a physical and a lady that just finished with her husband. The doctor had her walk up and down the hall a few times. She walked past the appointment desk and saw ladies waiting for their turn. Nancy felt compassion for them as they are going to have to go through the same thing she is now.

After what seemed like a hundred mile walk the doctor had her go back to her exam room and get on the examening table. As she walked into the room she noticed a mirror on the wall. She got on the table. The doctor told her to slide down and asked Steve to help her put her feet in the stirrups and he will be right back. Nancy could see her vagina clearly and anyone that walked by. She was totally exposed waiting for the doctor.

The doctor came in and examined Nancy’s breasts showing Steve how to perform the monthly exam. Then he moved down to her abdomen and put on some exam gloves. He pushed on her stomach and inserted his fingers in her vagina. The doctor explained what he was doing to Steve. Then he got a speculum and had Steve come to the foot of the exam table. The doctor showed Steve how to insert the speculum and opened Nancy up. Steve was given a his first view of his wife’s cervix. The doctor did a pap smear while Steve watched.

The doctor told Nancy she could get dressed. The doctor stayed there talking to them while she dressed. Steve and Nancy left. She told Steve she did not want to go back to that doctor as it was a very humiliating exam, but thorough she said.