Ciara’s Exam



I woke up on a Saturday summer morning only to find that my side was still hurting the way it did when I had fallen asleep the night before. My period had ended a week before so I wasn't sure why I was hurting so bad. I told my Mom (who is mentally delayed) that I couldn't help with the field chores because my side was hurting. She said she was going to call Dr. Roberts and get me an app. She thought for sure it was my appendix. You see we lived on a farm in the middle of no where and every Saturday was a huge day for work, we had a berry, dairy and potato farm which required routine maintenance. Growing up in a farm community meant everyone knew everyone else's business as well and to call Dr. Roberts on a Saturday was sure to get around so I begged her not to, but she did anyway and the appointment was scheduled to happen at 10:30 am.

I laid in bed until about 9:30am, got up, showered, put on my cotton summer dress which was covered with small yellow and pink flowers and limped to the car. My Mom was already in a hurry because she had fallen behind with the chores of the day, so she quickly drove to the office. I had been there once before for a severe sore throat which turned out to be strep and upon receiving that stinging injection of penicillin in my thigh they discovered I was allergic to it and revived me with more shots and an oxygen mask. That was not a good experience.

So needless to say I wasn't thrilled about going at all. When we arrived there was only one car in the parking lot. We walked in and no one was behind the counter, it was an old office, with a musty smell, the floor was linoleum with green and black checks and the waiting room furniture was orange and brown, the reception window slid back and forth and there was a bell to ring for assistance. Dr. Roberts nurse was also the receptionist if I remember right. Anyway. the place was very old fashioned.

My Mom rang the bell and I sat down, closing my eyes because I was feeling nauseous. Dr. Roberts opened the waiting room door and said, "Hi, how's the patient doing?"

My Mom said I had been hurting and asked if it could be appendicitis. He said he'd have to take a look first, my Mom asked how long it would be since she needed to get back and help my grandparents. He told her to come back for me an hour or so since I was the only patient today. So she rubbed my head and told me to behave and left.

Dr. Roberts told me to follow him back and as I walked he began to ask me tons of questions : how long had I been hurting...etc..etc..

He was a tall older man with dark thick hair that had streaks of gray forming in it, he wore glasses and smelled like old spice. He had on tan slacks and a checkered shirt that buttoned up the front. He had on a short brown Dr's coat that said his name on the corner pocket. He opened the door to a room that was fairly large, the exam table seemed so small compared to the desk and lounge chair. There was a sink and all the normal medical lamps and cabinets, etc.

The exam table was sort of like a chair and a table in one. He walked over to it and pressed a button and it began to lower to the ground. It was brown leather and looked cold and scary. He then opened a drawer pulled out a gown and asked me to take everything off from the waist down. He walked out the door and I just stood there. My heart was racing and the nausea felt so much worse. I walked over to the couch sat down and proceeded to remove my sandals. I had on a dress so how do you remove everything from the waist down, oh no , that meant my panties I thought. I began to get more nervous. Hoping to escape the worst, I took off the dress, left my bra and panties on slipped the gown over my head. I was too nervous to undo the snaps, and sat back down on the couch. I heard a knock on the door several minutes later, it was Dr. Roberts.

He sat down on a stool between my legs and brought the sheet up over my stomach, and there he was staring in my most personal, intimate place.

“I can't do this....please let's stop,” I protested.

“You’re OK Hun, close your eyes and relax for me...” He gently patted my knee and parted my legs even further with his hands,

“I'm looking at your vagina Ciara to see if there are any abnormalities.” I then felt his fingers touch my lips and part them slowly, I almost jumped at the sensation, I was tingling all over down there. He spread my lips and felt all around. It was so quiet and it seemed so naughty for a second. He asked me how I was doing. All I said was, “Are we done yet?”

He sort of chuckled and assured me everything was OK. After spreading and feeling and looking at the lips he said he was going to check for stimulation response and that's when I felt the very first pleasure. He actually rubbed my clit and I gasped.

“Relax for me sweetie....just relax.” I heard him open the drawer again and pull something out, then I heard the sound of the gloves snapping onto his hands. He got up, dimmed the lights and brought a lamp with a funny neck over to the end of the exam table. I told him I felt sick and I tried to sit up, but he just said, “Lay back and close your eyes and take some more deep breaths for me, breathe through it Ciara, that's a girl ... just relax...”

He pushed my knees apart again, and I felt the texture of the rubber on my legs. “Spread your legs nice and wide Ciara ... that's a girl. Now take a deep breath, you’re going to feel a little pressure as I insert my fingers...”

He spread my lips and began to insert his finger. My first response was a tense one, so I closed up around his finger and started to breathe fast.

“Go soft for me luv....go soft,” he said, “Relax your muscles,” and I felt him push down a little. I started to cry and he stood up and pushed in further. “You’re OK Hun, I'm almost done,”

He kept saying, “Almost done, just relax...”

He was feeling all around and the nausea was getting worse. “I'm going to get sick...please stop.” I begged him.

“OK, I'm pulling out, just relax...”

He must have noticed I was turning pale and brought me over a little bowl thing. I had turned on my side and was trying so hard not to vomit. He was rubbing my leg, telling me to relax. “Try and breathe,” he coached me as he put a cool cloth on my neck.

I laid there for a few minutes. He told me he needed to do one more quick thing and asked me to lay back one more time. I did as he requested and he actually pulled my bottom down and reassigned my feet into the stirrups.

“Ciara just take slow deep breaths for me, think of your favorite place.” As he was saying all this he had put on another pair of gloves and was prepping me for a rectal exam. “OK Hun you’re going to feel some pressure for a minute,” and he slowly inserted his finger in my rectum.

“Ouch that hurts,” I said.

“Almost done, almost done.”

Oh my gosh, I'm feeling sick and I truly thought I would vomit right then, but he began to tell me to relax again. “Slow breaths…” and he pulled his finger out.

I heard him remove the gloves and then he spread my lips apart. “I thought you were done with that.” I began to panic. He slowly worked his finger to my clit and massaged it for quite sometime.

“Let's see if this helps the nausea,” and I felt my body start to melt from the sensation.

My Mom came and we went to get the lab work done but it revealed nothing. They sent us home with phenergan suppositories and a diagnosis of intestinal flu.

Dr. Roberts called later that night and told my Mom to schedule a checkup to see how I was doing. (No joke, he really did).

Later that night I masturbated for the very first time and it felt so good.


And this is a true, true, story.