Bobby in the Hospital



Bobby lay in his hospital bed on the paediatric unit of his city's medical centre. He's a good-looking boy with sandy hair, piercing blue eyes and a smooth slender build that looks more boyish than for a teen. He still felt very embarrassed by his whole predicament. It started last week. His penis had got sore and urinating was painful. It was awkward, but he did tell his mother.

At the doctor's office, a doctor Horton in his mid forties examined Bobby, and was very cranky if his patient wasn't quick enough to respond. He had to first undergo a standard medical exam, for which the doctor told him to undress completely. Bobby was horrified to strip naked before this man and, worse his mother. After a sharp rebuke to act more quickly, he complied.

Lying on his back, naked for the world to see, Bobby stared at the bright light above. The doctor checked his breathing and heart rate. Did the usual blood pressure and reflex tests. Then came the moment of truth. The doctor moved down to Bobby's genitals and began examining the lad's penis and testicles. The doctor pushed back the boy's foreskin to reveal a very red and puffy penile gland. There was some sticky and smelly smegma collected under the foreskin. It had caused the inflammation and soreness around Bobby's penis.

"Don't you wash your genitals carefully?” Berated the physician.

"I sort of clean them good," came the boy's meek answer.

"Well you have to clean inside your foreskin covering. As a result you have no doubt given yourself an infection, which is why it hurts to pee. Perhaps Mrs. Jenkins you should have been continuing to bathe your son to ensure he gets clean. He clearly can't do it right on his own." Bobby just cringed with embarrassment at this talk.

Bobby was then instructed to urinate into a specimen cup. He got to use the adjoining bathroom for this part, though he hated to get up and walk about naked. The doctor said to go home and await the urinalysis and his medical advice.

Bobby's parents were upset with him that he was so poor in maintaining good hygiene and got a lecture to make sure he scrubbed his genitals clean in future. Their anger grew when three days later they got the news. Bobby's urine test showed he had cystitis, an inflammation of the urinary bladder, caused by the infected foreskin. The doctor said he would need an immediate circumcision. He would go to the hospital the next day.


Upon arrival at the hospital Bobby was prepped for surgery. In a small room he was brought and told to remove all his clothes and put on a hospital gown. He did this and waited on a patient stretcher.

A male nurse came in and took down some last minute information and told him everything would be fine. "I have to take your temperature and give you a shot to relax you. Please roll over onto your stomach."

More humiliation for Bobby as he rolled over to reveal his naked buttocks to the young man. The nurse smiled at the smooth teenager's buns. He opened the back of the gown to fully expose Bobby's flesh. He took a large rectal thermometer, spread the boy's bum open with one hand, and inserted the instrument. Bobby inhaled deeply as the cold glass tube slid deep into his anus.

"That has to stay in for two minutes. I'll now give you your shot." He applied some alcohol to Bobby's right cheek, took a small syringe and injected the medicine. It felt like a bee sting, but the boy took it without complaint. Could it get worse?

The nurse removed the thermometer and pronounced his temperature to be slightly elevated. "Okay, I now have to do something a little embarrassing to you," warned the nurse in a soft voice.

O God what now? Bobby almost laughed as he thought, "and this wasn't embarrassing". Instead his mind raced at what lay in store.

"I have to now shave and clean around your penis and scrotum to ensure it is sterile for the circumcision. I need you to turn over on your back and spread your legs slightly." Bobby did as instructed his face flush with embarrassment. "There's a good boy." The nurse pulled up the gown past his stomach to exhibit all his boyhood genitalia.

The nurse paused to take in the spectacle. I love this job he thought to himself. The nurse held the penis still in one hand and began trimming with an electric razor. It took less than a minute. He then took some disinfecting soap and began lathering up Bobby's penis, ball sack and groin area. The boy reacted to the stimulation by growing an erection.

"That's okay Bobby, most males get aroused when another person touches their penis. Don't feel bad. You have a good size penis," consoled the man. Bobby turned his face away in utter shame.

Bobby now felt groggy, but still conscious as he was wheeled into an operating room. Several men and women gathered around him and examined his penis. He was given a local anaesthetic in the tip of his penis. That needle hurt. He saw the familiar mean doctor Horton attach a metal ring around his cock head. He felt a strong pressure on his penis as the foreskin was forced up. A scalpel was used to cut away the infected flesh. Before he passed out, he felt a nurse insert a Foley catheter into his penis to his bladder to allow him to urinate without getting out of bed.

That procedure took place yesterday morning, and Bobby now was awake in bed that next afternoon. His penis was bandaged and still had the catheter tube protruding out leading to a plastic bag that held his urine.

The same male nurse came in and announced he would remove the catheter. Bobby's breath came in rapid succession as the tube was pulled out; causing a slight burning and tickling feel. His penis remained flaccid.

"I have to take you to be examined by your doctor and some medical students in the Cysto room," said the nurse.

"What's that ?" asked Bobby with much curiosity.

"You're going to get a cystoscopy to check out your bladder. They insert a cystoscope into your urethra, meaning your penis. It's a long rubber tube, about half a centimetre wide, that lets the doctor see into your bladder. It doesn't hurt too much," answered the nurse, noting the horror in the boy's face. He always loves to see a boy's reaction to being told a large tube is going to be pushed into their piss slit.

Bobby was wheeled to a lower level in the hospital and brought into an examining room with a leather table equipped with foot placements and several pieces of medical equipment. His doctor stood waiting, surrounded by five young medical students and a female nurse.

The nurse helped him out of the wheel chair and immediately removed his hospital gown, leaving Bobby to stand stark naked in the middle of the room. The doctor had Bobby remain standing as he explained his medical history to the students. This was after all a training hospital for new doctors. Bobby was positively racked with humiliation as he waited in the nude, being looked over by all the young doctors, having his penis talked about. It would only get more embarrassing for young Bobby.

"Alright Bobby hop up on the table. Get a move on I have other patients to see today," ordered doctor Horton.

Bobby climbed onto the leather table and lay on his back. His feet were placed in stirrups at the end of the table and then had his legs spread wide open. The doctor sat between the teen's legs and motioned for the students to have a close look.

"I'm going to remove the bandages and exam your penis and testicles. Keep still."

Bobby whimpered as the gauze was removed to reveal his shiny penile gland. There was only mild pain as the sticky residue ripped the sensitive skin. The doctor studied the newly circumcised penis, running his hand along the shaft and pinching the tip. He grasped the boy's scrotum and separated the two round balls inside, noted their size and shape, then gave each a slight squeeze; eliciting a soft moan from Bobby.

"As everyone can see the circumcision went well yesterday. I removed the entire foreskin and with little scarring tissue resulting. The gland head will remain red and sore for some days yet." The medical students all stared intently and took some notes down.

The doctor went back to study Bobby's medical chart. "It says you haven't had a bowel movement since being admitted. That true?"

"Yes sir, I just can't go."

"Lets have a look then. I was thinking of doing a rectal exam anyway." With the help of the nurse, they repositioned his legs out and up to his chest. This caused Bobby's butt cheeks to open and present his anal entrance for easy access. Bobby was mortified to have his bum penetrated in front of all these people.

The doctor donned some rubber gloves, got a dab of lubricant, and pushed his index finger firmly into the boys' tight anus. Bobby sucked in his breath at the sensation.

The doctor felt for the teenager's prostate gland and gave it a rub, sending sparks up his spine. He continued to swish his finger around and push deeper into the rectal cavity until his finger contacted with some hard faeces.

"Yes I can feel some compacted stools inside you Bobby, you are quite constipated. I'll order you an enema for later. That will clean you out." Bobby could only blush.

"Now students, this is an excellent opportunity for you to conduct a rectal exam. You'll each have an opportunity with our fine patient here," informed the doctor as he patted the inside thigh of the teen. "Now get yourselves a pair of gloves and line up please."

Bobby lay horrified as each aspiring doctor sat between his outstretched limbs and buried their fingers deep in his rectum. "Make sure you feel for the prostate, that's the most important part to feel when examining a male," advised the crusty physician. Bobby just wanted to cry from this intense embarrassment.

After everyone had a feel, the boy's legs were lowered, but kept spread wide. The doctor brought over a strange looking piece of equipment that had an eyepiece at the top part that quickly tapered to a long thin rubber hose with a light shinning at the end. "This is a cystoscope Bobby. I will insert the end into your penis, down the urethra and into the bladder itself. I will then be able to see what the infection, called Cystitis, has done to your urinary system. Try to lay still, and do your best not to have an erection, as that only makes it harder for me to use the scope. It won't hurt too much going in, but it will feel very uncomfortable."

Bobby gritted his teeth and clenched his fists into balls awaiting this hellish medical torture to begin. His piss slit was dilated and the scope, which was covered in a slick lubricant, was gradually inserted into the youth's penis. It stretched wide the urethra as it travelled down the inside of the penile shaft. Bobby cried out from the bizarre sensation. It felt burning and extreme pressure, and overwhelming discomfort, though no real pain. He could feel it snake its way through his body, probing deeper and deeper. Bobby uttered another cry.

"Keep quite boy, you're distracting me. I won't take these outbursts. You have only yourself to blame for this situation," admonished the cruel doctor.

Bobby tried to concentrate on other things, anything but this object sticking out of his penis. He could feel the doctor move his penis around, trying to help angle the scope. Suddenly to his horror he felt his little pecker thicken, then grow in length. He was getting a boner. No he thought to himself, not now, with everyone looking. It was too late; he had sprung a massive and very firm erection.

The doctor was not happy. "I can't see properly enough when your penis is in this condition. I told you to control yourself!"

"I'm sorry, I couldn't help it, it just went hard."

"Well I can't continue like this. I only did just see some of the infection. We'll have to stop the procedure." The doctor began to withdraw the scope out of the teen's body, perhaps faster than he should, sending incredible painful tingles throughout Bobby's groin. "AAHH AAHH OHH OHH …" whimpered the humiliated patient.

When the scope was fully removed, Bobby's penis flopped onto his stomach. At least it was over he thought. "Well let's not put that erection to no use. I'd like a semen sample from you to rule out a spread of the infection to your testicles." Bobby's eyes shot wide open. "Please masturbate yourself to orgasm."

"You mean right now? Here?"

"Yes this instant! I'm tired of your dawdling. Now grip your penis and start masturbating!"

With an acute sense of shame Bobby brought his fist around his boy cock and started stroking it up and down. He closed his eyes to the roomful of people watching him pleasure himself. His body felt numb from this deep humiliation, his face was so red that heat poured forth, radiating his embarrassment.

"Make sure you let Nurse Hemmings know when you are about to ejaculate so she can collect your sample. You understand?"

"Yes sir, I will."

It took Bobby five minutes of jacking off to near his orgasm in this rather unsexy environment. Everyone in the room stood transfixed on his hard cock. "Please nurse, I think I'm gonna shoot now."

The nurse brought forth a plastic specimen cup and held it near the tip of the boy's penis. She lightly directed the cock head towards the cup to avoid any spillage. "AAAHHHH, AAAAAHHHHHH," grunted Bobby as thick gobs of cum shot out of his youthful member into the waiting container. One, two, three spurts fired out, followed by some dribbling. The nurse got as much of the boy's semen, then cleaned the rest off Bobby's penis with a cloth.

When the doctor finished gathering up his things he led his students, a few of whom were snickering, out of the room. A couple minutes later his male nurse appeared. He picked him up and draped a gown around the naked youth and wheeled him back to his room.

Bobby had collected himself by time they returned to his hospital room. He looked forward to just getting in bed and sleeping.

"Okay man, get your gown off and into bed on all fours.... Yes that's good, now head down and bum up.... Now spread your legs a bit. Time for your enema as the doctor ordered," instructed the nurse as he closed the privacy curtain.

Oh no, Bobby whined to himself. An enema, I had forgotten. Bobby visualised the scene: naked on his bed, head pushed down, buttocks pushed up and spread open by his leg position, his young cock and balls dangling; all to reveal his little ass pucker.

The nurse filled a 3-litre bag with warm water, and some soap added to irritate the bowels enough to force an expulsion of faecal matter. He hung the bag on a pole and picked up the plastic tube and brought it near the boy's asshole. He pushed the tube into the waiting anus far into the intestines. Bobby gave out a few grunts at the feelings they produced.

The nurse then flicked the switch and started the water to fill young Bobby. Our hero felt the warm water enter and flood his bowels. It was sort of pleasant. He began to drift from bliss. His ears pricked up when voices came closer and louder. People getting closer, coming into his room?

Bobby's head spun around when he heard the curtain pulled back. His heart skipped a beat at the sight. A female nurse had entered followed by a young couple and 8 year old daughter. What an eyeful they got.

"Oh we're sorry. This is the Jones family. We're looking for their son Josh, I thought this was his room," explained the nurse.

"No this is Bobby, Josh is two rooms down I believe," corrected our boy's nurse.

Just then the little girl stepped forward and pointed at the naked patient and exclaimed, "why does that boy have a tube in his bum daddy?"

Everyone laughed, except Bobby who turned three shades darker of red. The male nurse answered, "this is called an enema. It helps clean out your insides when they get dirty and painful. The water from this bag cleans him out."

"Oh that's neat. Does it hurt him?"

"Not at all. I think Bobby quite likes getting an enema. Don't you Bobby?", prodded the nurse slapping him on the butt.

"It's okay I guess," mumbled Bobby.

"Look daddy, you can see his pee-pee," giggled the girl.

"I know sweet heart, that's called his penis, and that skin sack is his scrotum which holds two balls called testicles. That's what makes him a boy," informed dear old dad.

"This is fun!" squealed the girl.

"We have to go now and let Bobby finish his enema," announced the nurse. She led the family out with the girl staring back at the nude boy.

Bobby couldn't believe how embarrassing that was. He wanted to go and hide. Just then cramps hit him as the water filled his bowels completely. The soap mixture making him bloat and squirm from the discomfort. "I have to go real bad," half shouted Bobby, desperate to use the toilet.

"Hold on a few more minutes and let that water time to get your bowels moving," said the nurse as he removed the tube and stuck his finger at his hole to keep the water in.

Bobby breathed heavy and kept his butt hole clinched tight to avoid spilling the filthy water inside him. It hurt and burned to wait those agonising minutes. "Please, please, I can't hold it any longer!"

"Alright, get up and lets head for the bathroom," instructed the nurse, leading the boy to the toilet, his finger still pressed firmly against Bobby's anus.

The teen sat down and the water gushed out of him, followed by several farts and the plopping of smelly turds from deep in his bowel. Bobby continued to push the shit out, not caring that his nurse remained to watch. It was the best shit ever. The nurse got a cloth and proceeded to clean Bobby's anal area and perineum, as he bent over by the sink.

With a new fresh gown, Bobby curled up in his bed and fell fast asleep. He was discharged the following day, bringing his most embarrassing week of his life to a close. From that point on, Bobby always made sure to scrub his private parts clean. His parents made sure of this as they inspected his genitals and anus after every washing for months to come.


The End


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