My Enema From Dad


When I was a child, I can remember my mother taking me into the bathroom and taking my pajama bottoms off and giving me an enema with a bulb syringe while sitting on the toilet if I was sick. However though when I reached my teen years, my dad took over the job of giving me enemas. By this time though, enemas were given to me on the bathroom floor in the knee/chest position instead of on the toilet.

One incident that come to mind, happened when I had just turned 17. We had went to spend Thanksgiving with our grandparents in another state and had grand time while we were there. However when we returned home, I was constipated so bad that I actually became ill. After two days of being sick, I finally mustard up the nerve to tell my Mom about my condition in a nonchalant way.

I have to admit I was embarrassed about having to bring up such a sensitive subject, but at the moment I needed her help. I didn't try to beat around the bush but just came out and ask her for an enema? Mom was in "shock" and couldn't believe that I was actually asking her for an enema. In the past she had always had a battle with me trying to get the enema in and now I was asking for one. After getting over the initial shock, she said sure honey if you need one and ask if I wanted her or dad to give it to me? Knowing the position I would be in, I opted for dad.

Dad was out in garage when Mom told him of my request and ask him if he could give me the treatment as soon as possible? Now while all this was taking place, my older brother came home and found out from Mom what dad was going to do to me. I knew from that look and sly grin on his face that I was going to have to put up with his kidding me about it. But at the time I didn't care. Mom told me to go lie down until dad was ready for me and then yelled at my brother to back off and to leave me alone which he did immediately. I knew though he was going to start up again later as we both shared the same bedroom.

I did as Mom had suggested and about 10 minutes later, dad came to the room and told me of his intentions and had me go with him into the bathroom. I did as he ask and followed him down the hallway to the bathroom and shut the door. I was feeling so bad that I sat on the closed toilet lid while he prepared a 2 qt soapy enema for me over at the sink. When he was ready, he ask me to strip below the waist and then kneel down with my chest touching the floor and my knees spread apart? I stood up feeling like I was going to throw up and open the button on my Levi's and pulled them and my brief's off tossing them aside and got in position on the floor with my exposed butt toward my dad. He ask me if I was ready to get started and when I said yes? He spread my butt cheeks wide open with his thumb and index finger and lubricated me with Vaseline inserting his finger up my hole in the process.

He then told me to relax and slowly began inserting and rotating what I found out later was the douche nozzle my mother used for douching. When the nozzle was all the way in, I heard him snap the clamp open allowing the warm soapy water to flow into my locked up system. At first the enema wasn't all that bad and the warm sensation of the water felt good. Then the cramping started and he had to close the clamp for a minute after I yelled that it was hurting. When I could take some more, the flow started again and continued until I had to ask him to stop again? At this point, I thought I was going to have an accident and told dad I had to get on the toilet right now or he was going to have a floor full of shit and water to clean up. Dad knew I was in agony and removed the nozzle from my clenched asshole and I didn't waste anytime sitting on the toilet and let go with an explosive gush of water and shit splashing into the bowl.

My penis was fully erect and was sticking out from under my T-shirt, but at the moment I didn't care as I was getting the relief I so badly needed. When I finally finished expelling the enema I was feeling 100% better and thanked dad for helping me out. I also apologized to him for becoming erect in front of him. He just placed his arm around my shoulder and told me it was Ok that the same thing would happen to him when my grandmother would give him an enema. Dad had me stand up so he could check to see if I needed another enema. After he determined that I didn't, he flushed the toilet and left.

This would be the last time my Dad and I would have this father and son bonding. Six months later my father died in a tragic car accident but those treasured times I spent with my dad has remained with me throughout the years.


- Anonymous -