My Big Enema Girl
Rewind - Part 2


   My husband and I agreed that we would watch all the videos before we decided what to do with them. We also agreed to watch them together, not alone. So, since the kids went to Granny's every Saturday afternoon and spent the night there so they could go to church with her, we decided to have a private showing of one video a week.

   The kids were barely out the door when we both ran into the bedroom to switch on the video. We had decided to watch "C.'s Punishment"

   We snuggled down together as the static of the video was replaced with what appeared to be their garage with the walls covered in black plastic. Caroline was bent over what looked like a sawhorse painted silver. Each leg was strapped down and her arms were bound to the front of the sawhorse in  in the same fashion. She was immobile and totally exposed. I could see a tampon string hanging out of her bush.

   Then her husband appeared. He was wearing black silk boxers with a huge erection hanging out. He had on a Zorro mask. or something equally bizarre. My husband and I looked  at each other before bursting into laughter. He looked totally ridiculous. Then he walked around to the front so that you could see Caroline's head. My husband grabbed the remote and froze the screen    "The camera follows them!" He exclaimed.

   "So?" I said, grabbing for the remote.

   "SO? Someone's taking the video. There's a third person there. They are not alone!"

   "You're right! Those damn freaks! I wonder who it is?"

   "I don't know, her sister was in the other one. Wait, did someone else take those videos too?"

   "We''ll have to watch it again t figure it out. " He started the on screen action again.

   Mike pulled her nipples hard as they hung under the bar of the sawhorse. She closed her eyes and made a face. The he put these huge metal clamps on each nipple. He shoved her head down.

   He went to her exposed bottom area and located her clit. He rubbed hard, then put a clip on it. He then yanked her tampon out with a jerk that rocked her backside. He held it up for the camera and jiggled it. The he threw it down and started inserting a fresh tampon up her and shot it into her vagina before removing the applicator.

   Then he took reached behind the plastic and took out a Mason jar filled with ice and a tube sticking out of it. He took the KY tube and put it on her back. She jumped at the frozen lube tube on the small of her back. The he pulled on rubber gloves and spread her ass cheeks apart, exposing a hairy little pink hole. He took the lube and squirted some of the chilly lube down her ass crack. She clenched up her cheeks and he slapped her on the ass. Then he began to cram his fingers one at a time into her rectum.

   He pulled them out before jamming a huge dildo into her. Then he disappeared and came back a few minutes later with a bulging black enema bag, dragging the tube. He put a huge fat dildo shaped nozzle thing on the end of the tube. He hung the bag on a hook above her head, so that it hung down in t he middle of the garage. Then he pulled the dildo out of her butt and spread her ass cheeks for the camera. Her asshole was open and looked like it was pulsing. He took the dildo nozzle and put it on the small of her back. She arched her back and tensed up. I guess she figured out it was something else that would be going up her butt. He slapped her on the ass hard enough to leave a red shadow of a hand print on her buttocks. Then he spread her ass even more and squirted a glob of lube right it in the middle. He began rubbing it into her hole and cramming his fingers inside her roughly.

   Then he took up the dildo nozzle and began rubbing it along her crack. He slid the head in and the shaft disappeared swiftly inside of her. He opened the clamp and the bag began to get rolling waves along the rubbery sides.

   I grabbed the remote and froze the action. "How in the hell does she manage to walk without limping?" I asked my husband. "This stuff has got to be screwing up her insides."

   "I don't know. Could you take something like that up the butt?" he asked, moving closer to me and putting his hand on my hip.

   "I don't know. Why, are you horny?"

    "As sick as this tape is, yes, I've got a raging hard-on." He pulled down his sweat pants to show me his beautiful penis.

   "Do we even have an enema bag?" I asked him, starting the tape again.

   "Oh, you like that, huh? No, I was just getting excited looking at her ass and pussy, not the enema bag. Ok, I don't think we have one. But I''ll go right now and get one." He pulled his sweat pants up and sat up.

   "We can use my douche bag." I volunteered.

   "You're really into this, aren't you? Why don't we call Mike and CAroline, see if they'll come over and help us?"

   "Screw you. Let me think about it while I watch the rest of this tape".

   Not much happened on the tape. Mike finished giving Caroline her enema then he tipped the sawhorse onto two legs which had casters and wheeled her over to a garbage can where she exploded a shit storm.

   Meanwhile, Adam had unbuttoned my blouse and bit and sucked my nipples until they were painfully tingly. He shed his clothing then pulled down my panties and shorts in one swift motion. Then he was all over me, putting his fingers here and his tongue there, but stopping before I could orgasm.

   "Do you want an enema?" He asked me.

   "Yes." I whispered back.

   "Ask for it."

   "Please give me an enema."

   "Beg me. Do it better."

   "Please give me an enema."

   "WHere do you want me to put it?"

   "In my bottom." That flew out of my mouth before I realized I had said it.

It sounded like something a four year old would say.

   Adam caught it too. "Do you want me to put the enema tube in your bottom?

Can you be my big girl and take all of your enema?"

   "Yes, I can take a big enema." I was getting so hot I was rotating my pelvis back and forth against his hand. He pulled it away.

   "Get on your blue gown and panties and I'll give you a special enema that the big girls take. Go, put them on now." He gave me a hard pat on the bottom. I got up and went over to the dresser to get dressed. He left the room then came back with his hands behind his back. He smiled a wickedly sexy smile and winked at me. He went into the bathroom and locked the door.

   I went to the other bathroom and peed. I also took the opportunity to give myself a thorough cleaning with soap and warm water and a sprinkle of baby powder between my legs. I went back into the bedroom and turned the covers down to the foot. I sat on the side of the bed.

   Adam came out of the bathroom. He had a tray covered with a towel in his hands. "Poor sick baby. Get in bed and get under the covers."

   I got comfortable and pulled the covers up to my chin. He sat on the side of the bed and handed me a glass of ice water. I took a sip.

   He put his hand to my forehead. "You feel hot. I need to take your temperature. But wait, you just had ice water. I'll have to take it in your bottom, like the doctor does sometimes. Roll over on your tummy so I can put the thermometer in your bottom."

   I was getting so horny hearing him talk to me about my bottom. God, I was as big a freak as Caroline. "No, I don't think I want to do this after all.

It's a big mistake...."

   He held me hand and said, "I know that you're scared and embarrassed because I'll see your bottom. But it's okay, you don't have to be embarrassed with me. I won't look. I'll rub your back with baby powder while we have it in your bottom. You won't even know it's there. Sometimes big girls have to have someone do this for them. It's okay. I won't hurt you any more than I have to, I promise." I guess he had caught a whiff of the baby powder.

   "Okay." I rolled over and buried my head in my hands to hide my face.

   "No, look at me." He pulled my hands away from my face. "I need to see your face while we do this, I don't want want to hurt you. I'm going to slide your panties down a bit, then I'm putting some lubricant on your bottom so that the thermometer will slide right in. The thermometer will be cold, but don't clench your butt up or you'll break it inside your bottom. Then you'll have to go to the hospital to get it out and all the doctors will see your bottom."

   He slid my panties down to a few inches above my thighs. Then he spread my ass cheeks apart and I felt a bit of cold lube at my asshole. He poked the tip of his finger in and made me gasp. Then I felt the cold tip of the thermometer poke me, then the entire glass rod slid inside me. I moaned and Adam moaned with me.

   "I know, it's so embarrassing for someone to put a thermometer in your bottom. But you were a big girl not to cry." He raised the back of my gown and shook some baby powder on my back. He began to rub my back and I relaxed. It felt better and better.

   I started rubbing my hips against the bed. Adam reached under the tray and got a washcloth which he rolled into a long tube. He reached under me and placed it between my pussy lips touching my clit. I rubbed against it and the feeling was incredible. I kept rocking and rocking while the thermometer sat in my rectum and Adam rubbed my back.. I was about to orgasm when he pushed my hips on the bed and held them there to stop my motions.

   "You have to get your enema first." He withdrew the thermometer and held it in the air.

   He left the room and came back with the enema bag. The top was screwed in tightly and the tube hung down. He took our marriage license down off the wall and hung the bag up on the nail. He grabbed the tube and began applying lube to it. Then he put a glob on his finger and slowly inserted it inside me. I was moaning and feeling so good.

   Then the hard tip of the nozzle, poking at me  and entering me. Filling my rectum with cold hard plastic.  I heard a click and then the water began to rush inside me.

   "Stop, stop! I'm going to bust." I begged him

   He slapped me on the ass hard. "You need to take your big girl enema! I don't want you arguing with me. If you tell me to stop again, I'll make it go in faster. I'll turn it down just a bit. You're going to take all of this."

   I lay there and felt the water go into me. I was getting so full and so satisfied. I had to lay there and take it all like a big girl.

   Adam turned off the flow. "Good girl, I'll stop it for a second. I need to rub your boobs so you can be a big girl." He rolled me onto my back with the tube still in my bottom and began to rub and suck my nipples. He reached over and clicked the enema bag again and the water started flowing in again.

   I began to rub myself between my legs and play with my clit.  Adam reached down and started rubbing around my muff. Then he slid a finger into my vagina. He began to go in and out and in and out. I rubbed my clit harder and harder.

   He opened the water tube all the way and I began to orgasm. I bucked hard against his hand and the fingers he had inside me. I felt my climax come slowly and sweetly. I rolled into the sensations.

   After I had orgasmed, he removed the tube from my bottom and I ran for the bathroom. I sat in there a while. When I cleaned up and came out, the bag wasn't hanging from the wall. My marriage license was back in it's place. He had turned the bed down and lit the vanilla candles. He was laying back.

   I came into the room and knelt on the foot of the bed on all fours. I looked him into the eyes.

   "Fuck me in the ass, Now. Please." He came up behind me and slowly slid the head of his penis into my assholes. I gasped and he rubbed my back a bit. He guided my hips into place until I was anally impaled on his cock. He gave me a minute to get used to it, then began to move in and out. I started rubbing myself again and climaxed almost immediately.

   I can twice more before he did. We collapsed on the bed and I used the washcloth to clean myself up.

   "Home-made porn packs a punch, huh?" My husband asked, putting his arm around me pulling me closer.

   "I'm all fucked out. I'll sleep good tonight."

   "You better, I'll be checking your temperature again in the morning."

   "In the morning?" He must have enjoyed this.

   "Actually in your bottom. Good night my big enema girl."