Jill's Pre-Employment Physical


"Are you a recent college graduate with a liberal arts degree?  Do you want to get that 'foot-in-the-door' to a good company with great potential?  Then you are just what Rhysiphys Inc. is looking for!  Email us your resume, and come down to our on-site job recruiting fair this Saturday!"

Jill read the ad again.  She knew Rhysisphys Inc. was some kind of high-tech firm, and though she wasn't a tech person, she had a good college marketing background and this was just the kind of growing company that attracted her.  She emailed off her resume, and waited until Saturday morning.

Pulling into the parking lot of Rhysiphys, she noted, first off, a LOT of cars – their ad had certainly done the trick – and several lines which were forming behind stanchions bearing categories like "Tech," "Customer Support," "Administrative," and much to her relief, "Marketing."  Plenty of techies were already there, predominantly male, and at least five to ten in the other lines, but the "Marketing" queue had the most – she counted fifteen young women, all mini skirted just like her, fit, trim, and looking for that first big break.

"Competition is healthy," she murmured, exiting her car and taking her place at the back of the line.  She smoothed her suit, deciding she was neither over nor over-dressed for the occasion, in her skirt, knit top, and loose jacket, and wearing her low-heeled pumps. Nobody was saying much, though she did exchange a pleasant smile with the woman in front of her, and very soon after that, the one who appeared behind her.  At least the line moved rapidly, and soon she found herself facing a female human resources person sitting at a table in front of a laptop.  The woman gave Jill a quick smile.

"You emailed your resume? Name, please?" the woman asked.

"Jill.  Jill Terry.  Yes, send it in on Tuesday."

After a moment's keying, she found it and perused it as she spoke.  "Right.  Okay.  Your college record looks good.  We're looking to staff up pretty heavily in Marketing support right now.  I would say your background is really solid, better than most I've seen here, and I think we're safe in saying that we would be very interested in speaking to you about a position."  The woman looked up at Jill and smiled.  "How does that sound?"

Jill smiled and breathed a sigh of relief.  "That's it?"

"That's it.  We'll send you a posting of all the available positions, and we'll talk next week about which one you feel you might be most interested in.  How does that sound?"

Jill smiled again.  "It sounds great!  Thanks.  Thanks so much."  This was easier than she imagined, though she knew that she really did have a great college record, and was indeed probably better than most of the other potential candidates.

"Now, if you'll just go inside the building, we'll give you your pre-employment physical exam, then we'll send you the postings first thing on Monday.  That's it. Congratulations."  The woman smiled warmly at Jill.

"Oh.  Right now?"  Jill was impressed how quickly this process was progressing.  "Oh, okay, that sounds fine."  She knew most companies had you fill out some health information, and how much easier to get it over with now.

"Good.  Just go through those double doors into the lobby, and follow the signs to the Main Employee Cafeteria area.  We're doing the women's exam in there today.  Thanks for coming to Rhysiphys."  One more smile and she looked beyond Jill to the next woman in line.

Following instructions, Jill entered and building and made her way to the Main Cafeteria. One side of the big double doors was open, and she peeked inside.  It  was a maze of those hospital-type screens set up in rows to form makeshift cubicles, open at one end. She quickly counted four lined up side-by-side, with another group of four facing them, with a corridor between them.  Stepping inside the cafeteria, she could see tables in each cubicle, but not any people on them.

There were two women lined up in front of her, waiting their turn to speak to a white- coated woman – was she a nurse? -- manning the first table.  Looking beyond her, she could see several women sitting at desks, filling out some paperwork.  Okay, this doesn't look too bad, Jill said to herself.  And then it was her turn.

"Jill Terry?" the nurse asked. And she was a nurse;  Jill could see her name badge with the RN.  Jill nodded, and the nurse handed her a four-page questionnaire.  "I'll need you to take a seat over there and fill this in, then take it with you to one of those cubicles after you check in with the nurse over there.  All right?"

Jill took the paperwork and sat herself down to begin.  It looked pretty simple at first, but was surprisingly detailed, she thought, for a cursory company once-over.  It was titled "Female Assessment" and had questions on everything from family medical history, to medical allergies, to current symptoms, to alcohol intake, to a very detailed section on her ob/gyn history, including menstruation, birth control and urinary and bowel habits.  She tried as best she could to remember everything about her family, and was sure that the company could just get this info from her regular doctor, but she wanted to be as complete as she could right now.  After fifteen minutes of straight writing, she was finally through.  She rose and brought the form over to the nurse, as instructed.

The nurse glance over it quickly.  "Good, looks like you've got everything we need here. All right, if you would just go down to the third cubicle on the right, the doctor should be here very shortly, and we'll be starting the exams in a few minutes.  There's sheet on the table, remove everything including bra and panties, and someone will be right in to take your vitals.  You should be out of here in about thirty minutes, tops."  The nurse handed Jill back her form.  "Any questions?"

"May I use the bathroom?" Jill asked. She didn't get a chance to go before she came into the auditorium, and who knew how long it might really be before she was out of there.

The nurse shook her head.  "We really don't have time right now.  We need to get this set up for the doctor.  Just go on in and we'll have you out of here in no time."

Jill nodded her head.  "Fine, thanks," she said as she turned away and began to walk down the makeshift corridor. She wished she had been able to use the restroom, but she could hold it.  As she had seen from the doorway, there were screens arranged to form three-sided small rooms with an exam table in each, four on each side, facing each other. Passing by the others on the way to the third cube on the right, she was surprised to see the others were occupied by women removing their clothing, and there was no semblance of a door or screen to hide the view from either passersby or the girl in the opposite side exam room.  Certainly it wasn't any worse than the shower room at her high school, but she just hadn't expected it.  But this was a good company to work for, and it this was the little endurance test she had to pass, so be it.  She entered her cubicle and glanced across the way.  A young woman was sitting up on the exam table, the sheet wrapped around her shoulders like a blanket, her bare legs poking out from the lower edge.  It reached to about the woman's thighs, no more than that, and Jill quickly glanced away to give the girl some privacy.

Now it was Jill's turn to undress.  She gingerly began her efficient striptease, pulling off her jacket and blouse, carefully hanging them over the back of the chair that was the only other accessory in the room besides the table.  She has stripped down to her bra when she heard men's voices from somewhere.  Three men had accidentally entered this auditorium instead of the men's area, and as Jill knew, from the doorway, almost everything was visible.  She ducked back into her cube to hide herself, and heard the nurse at the table quickly usher them out.  That was a close call, she chuckled to herself.

Now Jill was down to her bra and panties.  Never a stickler for modesty, she unhooked her bra, turning her back to the open corridor, at least, then pulled her panties down over her hips, leaving herself naked for just a moment as she pulled the sheet around her and held it closed in front of her.  Rather than around her shoulders, hers was wrapped under her arms, sarong-style, but it still didn't reach past mid-thigh. Boosting herself onto the table, Jill looked around, trying not to listen to the rustling of clothing being removed which came from the other cubicles.  Zippers, muffled curses, the sound of pants being eased over hips, blouses pulled over heads…all the intimate sounds of a ladies boudoir, here multiplied by five or six.  And the room was otherwise pretty quiet, which made everything stand out even more.

It wasn't more than a couple of minutes when the same nurse from the first table got up and walked down the middle aisle between the cubicle rows.  "All right," she announced, "The Doctor is due here any minute, and we'll be taking your vitals before he begins so that we can get through these quickly.  If you'll all sit on the tables, we can begin right away and get this taken care of.  Thanks."  With that she motioned the other nurse to the opposite side cubicles, as she approached Jill's cube and picked up her chart.

"Good, let's get your blood pressure first," she stated, wrapping the cuff around Jill's upper arm.  When it was taken, the nurse readied her stethoscope.  "Please drop the sheet to your waist, please," she requested as she began to move the cold disc over Jill's clavicle-area, and then to the top of her breasts.  As Jill quickly pulled the sheet down, leaving her naked to the waist, the nurse continued to listen to her heart, pushing the disc between Jill's rounded breasts, and then under them, and finally over her back, listening intently.  "Good," she murmured, then paused to write something on Jill's chart.  "Now, put your arms above your head, please, and I will do your breast exam."

The nurse moved back a step as Jill raised her arms, then the nurse began to examine Jill's breasts with a firm and sure touch, starting with her right breast.  The nurse carefully palpated Jill's round mammaries with the flat of her fingers, pushing deep into her flesh, around and around Jill's breasts, in ever-smaller circles, until she ended with several squeezes of her nipple.  It was the most intricate breast exam she had ever had, certainly more exacting than she gave herself, and she resolved to remember this technique for her monthly BSE.  The nurse followed the same procedure for the left breast.  As she sat there being prodded, Jill happened to glance sideways for just a moment and saw the girl in the opposite cubicle pulling the sheet back up around her shoulders.  "Would you lie back please?" the nurse asked, and Jill complied.  The nurse opened up the sheet again, just exposing Jill's breasts, and did the exam on both breasts in this position also.  "Raise you arms above your head," the nurse requested, and once again palpated Jill's breasts in this position, pushing her fingers into every inch of her breasts.

"Good. I'm going to do a short abdominal exam now," the nurse stated, pushing the sheet further down Jill's stomach as her fingers began to probe and push her flesh.

"Oh, I wish I had been able to use the bathroom before this," Jill joked.  "I think my bladder is pretty full."

"I'll take it easy, " the nurse said agreeably, then moved the sheet lower down Jill's belly. Jill's upper body was now naked from just below the navel, and she stared at the ceiling as the nurse continued locating her internal organs from the outside.  As the nurse's hands continued to feel her, she heard heavier footsteps enter the auditorium, then deep voice of a man which disturbed the relative quiet.

"How many are we doing today?" she heard the male voice ask someone, then a hearty chuckle.  "And on my day off?" Jill listened to him say loudly, probably to that other nurse at the door.  Jill traced his walk to the other end of the cubicles by his footsteps, so it looked like they'd be starting on the other end.

"Is that the doctor?" Jill asked the nurse, whose fingers were now probing just above Jill's pubic area. Jill could really feel the pressure in her bladder.

"Yes.  He should be here in a few minutes."  Stopping her probing at this point, the nurse pulled the sheet up again to cover Jill's breasts.  "All right, everything seems normal so far.  If you will just lie here, the doctor should be with you in just a few minutes."

Before Jill had a chance to say a word, the nurse left her alone in the cubicle.  Jill laid there and listened, hearing just bits and pieces of conversations.  Isolated words punched through the murmur of voices, along with crinkly paper rustlings, quiet clicking sounds, and the hum of the air conditioning system, which was working only too well.  Jill's nipples were hard as a rock from the chilly air and pushed up the flimsy paper sheeting.

"Good…let me just see…I'm going to…move down please…."  That's all she could make out as the doctor spoke, although he appeared to keep up a running conversation.  It was only a few moments before she could hear him move into the cubicle directly next to hers, and now the words were clearer.  Jill felt like a real eavesdropper now, as she could hear every word that was being said just a couple of feet away, with nothing but a flimsy sheet wall between.

"Hello, Karen, I'll be doing a visual inspection and then we'll take a look inside.  Could you place your feet here, please, and move your bottom to the edge of the table. Good…please let your knees fall open," Jill heard him say.  Then it was quiet, except for the snap of rubber gloves, some quiet paper drage rustling, a couple of "Um hmms" from the doctor, then the doctor's voice saying "I want you to bear down with your internal vaginal muscles as my finger enters you."  Jill had never heard that request before from her doctor, and couldn't imagine exactly what was going in the other cubicle.  "All right. Good.  Now I am going to insert the speculum and get a look inside you.  Relax please," he said quietly to the woman on the other side.  It was a distinctly voyeuristic sensation listening like this; Jill almost felt like she was being examined at the same time, and yet her turn was yet to come.   After several fairly quiet minutes, with just more a series of "Very goods" emanating from the other side, Jill heard more movement, and could tell that the doctor had stood up.  "I'm going to feel for your uterus and ovaries now," he said loudly, and Jill heard a small sound of surprise from the girl.  "There's just some pressure here, don't worry," she heard him say in response.  "And now, I am going to do a quick internal rectal exam," he announced and Jill heard the snap of glove again. Jill's heart started beating rapidly.  She had never had one of those, and it looked like she would not be able to escape it.

"All right, all done," she heard him say.  "Good.  We need a urine specimen now.  I need to verify it, so you need to either give it while I watch, or I can use a catheter to take it."

The girl on the other side stammered, "I don't know what's better.  What's easier?" she asked hesitantly.

"If you aren't uncomfortable urinating in front of me, I would say that's quickest," Jill heard him answer.  "We have a special funnel here that's very easy to use."  Jill heard a lot of paper crinkling and other sounds, then the distinct hissing sound of a woman peeing, and the noise of the urine filling up a bottle, all the normally fairly quiet sounds very loud in the otherwise hushed auditorium.  "Good.  That's fine.  Thanks," the doctor said quietly.  "That is everything I need.  Thanks again."

Now Jill's heart began a wildly thumping rhythm. She heard much movement on the other side, then the nurse reappeared in her cubicle, followed close behind by the doctor. Now Jill could see what he looked like:  Medium tall, with light brown hair, probably in his early thirties, average to above average looking, with dark brown eyes.  Pleasant enough, she thought. And his nametag said "Dr. Wilson."  He stopped next to the table and consulted his paperwork on the clipboard.  "Terry, Jill Terry.  Okay," he read off the paper.  "We'll get this done right away, and you can be out of here.  All right?" he asked, but it wasn't really a question.  With that, he pulled the sheet down to her waist and looked at her bare torso.  "Breast exam normal?" he asked, moving his fingers over her right breast, then over her left, in a recheck of the nurse's work.  He used three fingers held closely together to press in on the sides of her breasts, deeply palpating her tissues. Using his stethoscope now, he slowly moved it around Jill's upper chest area and then down around her breasts and under them.  Dr. Wilson then moved the scope lower to listen to Jill's internal organs, slowly making his way around her entire abdominal area. "All right Jill,  we're going to move onto the pelvic exam now," he explained, pulling the sheet back up to cover Jill's breasts again.  "If you could scoot to the edge of the table," he requested as he moved to stand at the foot of the table, "you can put your heels in the stirrups here and we'll get started."  He seated himself on the stool and moved to center himself between her outstretched legs.  The nurse pushed the sheet up Jill's abdomen and folded it back, leaving her pubic area and bare legs totally exposed.  Essentially she was naked from the waist down as she lay there, the almost completely shaved V of her pubic hair totally visible.  Jill left only a thin strip of hair on the mons, but shaved her vulvar region to avoid any stray hairs when she wore a bathing suit.

Jill raised her heels and placed them into the stirrups, feeling more exposed than she wanted to be, and especially so with a clear view of the doctor at the end of the table. And she figured that anybody walking by would have a pretty good view also, not that anybody was there, but she felt vulnerable.  The whole set-up was so temporary and makeshift, she thought.  They're getting through the process pretty well, but if she had known she'd be having a pelvic exam today when she got in her car this morning to apply for the job…well, she didn't know how she would have reacted.

But that was then, this was now, and she heard the doctor say "Please open your knees now," and of course she complied.  She looked at him; he was perfectly framed in the V of her naked legs, and she watched as he pulled a lamp closer to illuminate between her legs, then donned a pair of latex gloves.  "All right, Jill.  You'll feel my fingers now as I examine your vulvar region," he explained.   Jill could feel him holding her outer lips wide apart with one hand, as another finger moved around her labia minora and spread them open apart.  "I'm going to push your clitoral hood back to check for adhesions," he said, and she shivered a little as she felt his two large fingers pushing up and back, exposing her clitoris to him.  He didn't do anything else, but that simple movement was enough to cause an involuntary contraction, and she wondered if he noticed.  "I'm going to take a good look at your urethral opening also, Jill," he commented as she felt his two fingers move lower with a pushing and opening motion, and she felt an interesting sensation as he pulled her pee hole open wide.   "Any history of urinary tract infections at all?" he asked Jill.  "They are very common in young women."

"No.  I had one, but that was about a year and a half ago," Jill answered

"Very good," he murmured as he moved his fingers away from her urethra and used them to hold open the labia minora as he visualized her vaginal opening.  Jill then felt his fingers palpate her large lips, first one side and then the other, from her mons to the perineum, deep circular motions that felt almost comforting.  "Jill, I'll be doing a digital exam of your vaginal interior now," he continued, holding her open with one hand as he slowly slid two fingers inside her.  She felt his strong fingers do a complete 360 degree circuit of her vaginal opening, pressing into her.  He then moved his fingers deeper inside her and completed the same thorough path.  Jill felt his fingers on the upper wall of her vagina, and a strong sensation shot through her; she had the renewed feeling she needed to pee.

"Ooooh," she uttered involuntarily.  "My bladder's a little full," Jill admitted sheepishly.

"That's not a problem at all, in fact it's good," the doctor said, "because we need a sample when this is over," he said as he withdrew his fingers.  "Everything feels good. Let's get your pap test now," he said, reaching for the plastic speculum that the nurse had just unwrapped.  "Relax, Jill," he instructed as he tilted the speculum, held her introitus open and dipped into her, slowly pushing her speculum deep inside her, then rotating it until it was oriented correctly.  He clicked it open wide, and quickly pulled the exam light in closer to illuminate inside her.  "All right, we'll just get the swab now," he said quietly as he inserted the swab and sampled the cervical surface.  The doctor handed off the swab to the nurse, who spread it on the sampling surface.

As always, Jill felt nothing as the sample was being taken, other than the warmth of the lamp as it heated the area between her legs, and the sensation of being opened wide by the speculum.  "That's it.  Your cervical and vaginal area look perfectly normal," Dr. Wilson announced as he slowly pulled the speculum from Jill's vagina.  "I'm now going to do the bimanual exam," he explained as she felt his fingers enter her again; he pushed down on her upper pubic area with his other hand, deeply and strongly, feeling for her internal organs.  "I'm locating your uterus and ovaries," he explained as his hand continued to press down on her belly as his fingers inside her vagina pushed upward towards her cervix.  "Excellent," he said quietly as he continued to probe her.  "Very good," he continued, finally removing his fingers from her vagina and taking off the rubber gloves.  "Everything feels just fine.  I noticed on your info sheet that you said you occasionally suffer from menstrual cramps; I don't feel any abnormalities, so I think it's nothing to worry about."   "Thanks," Jill said.  "They're not really too bad."

"That's good," Dr. Wilson said.  "Okay," he began as he pulled on another pair of gloves, "we're almost finished.  I'm going to do your recto-vaginal exam now.  Just relax and try not to tighten up your bottom," he instructed her.  Jill had never had an exam like this, and never had anal sex either, so she didn't know what to expect.  She tried to remain calm as she watched the doctor apply a dab of lubricant to his fingers, then she felt one of his fingers next to her anus, poised there but not moving yet, and another fingertip just inside her vagina.  "All right, relax now," Dr. Wilson instructed as he pushed his lower finger slowly inside Jill's rectal opening.  It was very tight, yet yielded to his lubricated entrance; Jill tried to remain calm, yet she could feel her breathing quicken a little as she experienced the doctor's finger enter her.  His other finger slid easily into her vagina, which by this time had been thoroughly dilated from his several examinations.  She could feel both strong fingers as they simultaneously probed her internal areas, the doctor slowly, deeply and expertly examining her with his touch.  Jill saw the nurse pull out a wad of tissue.

"All right, Jill, I think I'm done here," he announced as she felt both his fingers sliding out of her.  "Nurse, could you clean her up please," he asked as he stripped off the gloves. The nurse moved in with the tissue and cleaned Jill's anal region, then taking another wipe, she spread open Jill's vulva and dried off the excess lubricant.  Jill felt the nurse's strong fingers as she held her labia open and efficiently followed the doctor's orders.  Jill was more than a little embarrassed at this point; after all, she had just had an extremely thorough and very unexpected physical exam, and just wanted to get it over with.  Plus she still had to go to the bathroom, at this point rather desperately.  As the nurse finished cleaning her up,  Jill expected her to pull the drape down or bring her feet out of the stirrups,  but she made no move to do so.  Instead she left Jill exposed and in position.

Dr. Wilson, seated on the stool, was completing his part of the paperwork as the nurse worked.  "Okay, Jill, we just need to get that urine sample and then we're done."  He looked up from the form.  "We don't need a sterile sample here but the nurse and I do have to verify the it.  You can use this funnel –" and at this he held up a round plastic catch funnel attached to a sample bottle – "or we can go ahead and use a catheter.  It's your choice.  Since you said you had to go anyway, the funnel might work fine, although some people find it difficult to urinate in front of people and so we just go ahead and use the cath."

Jill didn't know what to say.  "I guess I can use the funnel," she said.  "I've only given samples at the lab where I use that small plastic vial."

"Right.  That's most people's experience. Of course we'll use the clean catch wipes here before you give the sample, and it's basically the same thing only you will use the funnel. It's actually easier.  We'll need two separate samples also, so you'll have to pause while we change the bottle, but that's not a problem, is it?"  Dr. Wilson started to write out some labels.  "You can hop down off the table or just sit on the edge if that's easier for you."

The nurse came over and finally lowered the stirrups for Jill.  She tried to pull down the drape to cover her pubic area as she closed her legs and struggled to sit up.  Jill moved to the edge as instructed, and waited as the nurse opened up a plastic package with a round funnel about three inches in diameter attached to a bottle.  She carried the funnel device in one hand, and two sterile wipe packages in the other, which she offered to Jill.  "Jill, use one of these to wipe your anal region from forward to the back, just once."

Dr. Wilson was still writing on her chart as Jill tucked the drape under her arms and took the wipe packet and opened it.  She was now perched on the edge of the exam table, and with one hand she lifted up the bottom edge of the sheet and pulled it up, once again exposing her genital area.  Spreading her legs wide open, she maneuvered to get access to her bottom, but actually had to slide off the table and get into a slight squat position in order to reach herself properly.  It was awkward to say the least; Jill felt the drape fall completely open in the back as she moved around, and after a second she lost control of it as it came untucked from under her arms and fell to the ground.  The nurse bent down to retrieve it, but of course since it had fallen she didn't give it back to Jill, who was now completely naked in front of the doctor and nurse as she finished using the wipe.  Jill straightened up, and was relieved as the nurse placed another clean drape around her shoulders.  This covered her up from the back, and shielded her from anyone passing by the front of the cubicle, at least.

Neither Dr. Wilson, who was still filling out paperwork, nor the nurse seemed concerned in the least as Jill stood there naked from the waist down and took the other wipe from the nurse.  "Jill, now you need to take this and spread your labia, clean your urethra, then wipe between your labia from back to front."  Jill was mortified now, but had to do as instructed, so she used her left hand to open her lips, then she use the wipe as the nurse had described.  "Keep your lips open," the nurse asked as Jill dropped the used wipe into the waste basin.  "Good," the nurse approved as Jill held herself wide and exposed.   "Dr. Wilson, we're ready to start the sample."

"Good," Dr. Wilson said and swiveled around to face Jill and the nurse, who handed him the funnel device.  As the doctor sat on the stool, his face was about at eye level with Jill's genital area.  "All right, Jill, I'm going to hold the funnel for you, and you just need to start urinating for me.  When I say stop, I want you to hold your flow while I change the collection bottle.  Can you do that for me?"

This whole procedure was really much more than she bargained for, but she was this far along now and needed to finish the embarrassing process.  "Yes, Doctor.  I can do that," she answered, trying to remain calm and not sound intimidated.

"Okay, I'm putting it into position." He pressed the back surface of the funnel against Jill, slightly below her urethra, but he did not push the front end to her body.  "I need to see the actual urination, Jill, so I am going to bring this light in closer and I'll be able to verify it."  The nurse moved the lamp closer in; Jill's pubic area and her spread open labia and exposed urethral meatus were brightly illuminated now.  "There we go," Dr. Wilson said. "All set now.  Any time you're ready, Jill…"

Jill took a deep relaxing breath, or at least tried to.  She felt terribly under the gun, with the eyes of the doctor and the nurse on her, or more precisely on her imminent urination. Jill concentrated on starting her flow, and she certainly had to go.  But nothing happened. She closed her eyes and tried very hard to relax her bladder, to will the flow to begin, but it was more difficult than she ever imagined. Nothing was coming out.  It felt as though she was almost about to start, but not a drop emerged.  "I, I'm sorry…I can't seem to get this started," she apologized.

"Are you sure you can't do it?" Dr. Wilson asked.  "Try again," he urged.

"Okay," Jill agreed, and tried once again to force her urine to flow.  She made a little involuntary noise as she strained to start, but it didn't help, and nothing happened once again.  "Doctor, I don't know if this is going to work," she said sheepishly.

"Well, let's try it again.  Relax your pelvic muscles, don't think about what you're trying to do…" he advised her.

"All…right…okay…come on," she whispered almost to herself, then just as she was about to give up and admit defeat, she felt the familiar sensation of her urine beginning to flow, slowly at first, then it became a steady stream that spilled into the funnel.  She didn't have much time to think of what she looked like, holding herself open, the doctor staring intently at the pee leaving her body, otherwise she might have froze up again. After about ten seconds, the Doctor said "Hold it now, Jill. We need to change the container."  Only it wasn't so easy; Jill had a full bladder, and stopping in midstream was almost impossible, so strong was the urge to empty herself.  But she tightened her urethral muscles and halted the flow, counting the seconds as Dr. Wilson handed the sampler to the nurse who removed the lower portion and attached another bottle.  He replaced it in position under Jill's urethra and said "You can finish now.  Go ahead."

It only took a split second for Jill to begin again, and soon the second bottle was almost full also, but Jill was finished.  "Ah," she said finally.  "I think that's it."

"Okay, very good," Dr. Wilson said as he removed the funnel and handed Jill a tissue to dry herself.  "You did very well, Jill.  I can complete the exam paperwork right now, and I think everything is in order."  He turned away from her and returned to the papers. "You can get dressed now."

"Yes, thanks, Dr. Wilson."  Jill dabbed at herself to dry the last few drops, then quietly reached for her underpants first, wanting to cover up as fast as possible.  As she was pulling up her jeans, with the drape still around her shoulders – she hadn't had a chance to put back on her upper garments – Dr. Wilson turned around again.  "You need to sign this, Jill."  He held the file out to her.  As she signed, the drape fell off her shoulders and she stood topless in front of the doctor again, only now it as more awkward as she was half-dressed and the exam was over.  She reached down to pick up the sheet and hold it to her chest.   "Excuse me," she said, flustered, and continued with signing in the three other places necessary.  "Thanks again, " Dr. Wilson said to her with a smile, then without another glance backward he strode out of the cubicle.

And as quickly and startlingly as it had begun, the exam was over.  Jill couldn't quite believe it had happened, though she did still feel a little discomfort from the doctor's very thorough bimanual exam, with its strong pressure on her abdomen and manipulation inside her vagina.  She felt completely check out, opened up, and of course her rectum also – first time for that – but at least it was over now, and a good job was on the horizon. It was worth it, it was worth all the trouble and embarrassment.  Jill's Pre-Employment physical exam was finally over.