Jell-O Enema
by Master inflatable nozzle

After someone here on a.s.e, mentioned a creative use of Jell-O, I thought you my enjoy this tale I penned about two years ago. It's roughly based on a true incident by a co-worker of mine. She came into the office hung-over after a "Jell-O Shot" party the previous night.

Groan! Where am I?

My head was pounding. I felt the cold, hard floor against my face. As I came to, I tried to focus my blurry eyes. It was bright, very very bright. Too bright. I closed my eyes again.

Where was I? I felt something cold and hard against my face. It was the floor. Which floor ? Where? Ohhh! The last thing I remember was going to a party...last night? Yeah, that's it. A party...must have had too much to drink...always do when I hang out with the girls. Without opening my eyes I felt around. My legs were cold. As I reach down I feel my legs...and just my legs. Somehow I don't have any pants on. As I try to lift my head things begin to spin, so I decide to lie here for a while. The last thing I remember is the party. I wonder what happened? Well as least I'm still alive. But boy! what a hangover.

I feel around some more. As I do, my hand bumps into several empty beer cans. Figures, passed out in somebody's room. Slowly, very slowly I try to stand. Ouch!, my head hurts! I make it to my hands and knees. Fine for now. Oh god, what a hangover. Feel like throwing up. I sit back down on my ass. The cold stings my butt.

I don't have any panties on either. What the hell? What did these girls do to me? Under normal circumstances I'd at least have the consolation that I was violated while I was out. But with these girls you never know. I reach down to check my pussy. Something's wrong. Doesn't feel right. But still can't think straight. What's wrong. I move my hand up. Feeling my stomach. Doesn't hurt...but still feels wrong. My body aches all over. I rub my sides. My stomach does hurt. I open my eyes again, looking around. I'm sitting on the bathroom floor. I pushed myself up off the floor and onto a pair of very wobbly legs and toddle out into the hall to find someone to question. Instead I find an empty apartment.

The only signs of life were from last night. Empty bottles and cans littering the rooms along with scraps of half eaten pizza. I wander into the kitchen. There I find the kitchen table littered vodka bottles and empty lime Jell-O boxes. Obviously the hit of the party last night was the infamous lime Jell-O shot. Basically a small cube of lime Jell-O made vodka instead of water. The shots went down like ice and slowly melted in the stomach, releasing the vodka.

As I wandered back into the living room where I noticed the VCR was left on. For some reason I rewound the tape and pressed play. I deduced from the first few seconds that last night's party was taped for posterity. Amidst the crowd I caught myself several times dropping a shot and washing it down with a Coors. No wonder I had such a hangover. As the tape rolls I watched the party grow rowdier and rowdier. From the wavering of the camera I guessed that the camera person had had a few themselves. By the end of the party, the guests had all left and only girls and I were left. As a couple of the girls cooked up another batch of Jell-O shots, the camera focuses on a very drunk and familiar face, me. As I chugged down the last gulps of my beer I shouted for another Jell-O shot. The idea that I had to wait for them to set up wasn't penetrating my besotted brain and I start getting even more rowdy. Sick of my shouting, a couple of the girls grabbed me by both arms. "Okay, you want Jell-O. You get Jell-O."

The camera followed as I was dragged off the the bathroom. There a third girl undid and pulled down my jeans and panties. I couldn't believe the next thing I saw. I was pulled to the floor and pinned. From under the sink, one of the girls pulled out a douche bag. After greasing the nozzle with vaseline she shoveled it up my ass. At the door appeared the last two girls carrying the pot of still liquid Jell-O and a large funnel. Together they began filling the bag until it bulged to capacity. Still pinned I squirmed as they open the clamp holding the hot liquid back. As soon as the molten Jell-O hit me I fought back even more. The other girls dropped onto my legs. There was nothing I could do.

All four of my limbs were pinned while the fifth girl held the bag. As the minutes passed, the bag grew flatter and flatter while I grew fatter and fatter. I guess it must have been the vodka in the Jell-O, soon I was struggling less and less, even my moaning grew weak. My the time the bag was almost empty the girls released my arms and legs. My blouse was pulled up so the camera could have a better view of my bloating stomach. "One more time!" someone shouted and the bag was filled again to the brim. As I took the second bag the girls toasted me with beers. "Chug-a-lug, Chug-alug" they chanted. Eventually the second bag emptied and the nozzle removed. Apparently the thickening Jell-O made an effective stopper because none came back out. I was rolled onto my back, my bulging, pregnant belly protruding skyward. They thumped my belly like a ripe melon, laughing and cracking jokes. Eventually they left me alone.

As the tape faded to snow, I snapped out of my trance. Disbelieving what I had just seen, I reached under my shirt. For the first time I realized why I felt so bloated. I hurried to the full length bathroom mirror. Slowly I unbuttoned my shirt and let it drop to the floor. My widened eyes were met with an image I did not recognize. The face was mine, but the body? I couldn't believe the size of my stomach. I looked like a pregnant woman.

My belly stretched from my breasts to my pussy. My waist was gone. I couldn't see my feet. I had to get out of here. Get back to my place. I picked up my clothes and did my best to get them on. My panties went only as high as my hip bones, with the elastic scooping low in front, underneath my stomach.

My jeans....NO WAY!...after a futile attempt to suck it in enough to zip them I realized I couldn't. My belly was one frozen lump of Jell-O, that wouldn't go anywhere. I pulled my jeans up as far as they would go and let my shirt hang out over it. Hopefully I could make it back to my apartment, four floors up. I took the stairs to avoid people, although is was increasingly hard to walk. I waddled up the stairs a step at a time. I managed to get into my place without anyone seeing. Once I caught my breath I realized the Jell-O had to go.

I must have sat on the toilet to ten minutes trying to push the Jell-O out. Nothing. The only choice I had was an enema. I filled my bag with water as hot as I think I could stand it and took it. I had to bite my lip to stand the burning sensation and wait a very long time but finally I did feel things start to loosen up. I expelled in sweet green. I flushed with bag after bag, holding as long as I could each time. As I wobbled to the commode for the sixth time I realized how drunk I was. By melting the Jell-O I was releasing the vodka in it into my system. But I didn't really have a choice. I wanted it out of me so bad. I found the drunker I got the more enema I could take. Hot and relaxed I found I could two entire bags, something I never could do before. During the times I held the water I checked myself out more than once, actually enticed by my fat, bloated belly. What seemed like hours later, the last of the Jell-O flushed out of me and I decided to give myself one last one as big as I could possibly take. Maybe it was the vodka or the fact my belly was stretched out, but I managed to get three bags in, six quarts! I just lay in the tub revealing in my fullness. Eventually I let it go and dried off. Then I crawled into bed for a well deserved sleep. I'll never forget my "Jell-O Enema".

- Anonymous -