Cousins Examined Together


Part II

      Dr. White looked into my eyes; his expression remained cold and unemotional as he pumped his thick finger in my butthole. The nurse gave me another smile as she jerked my hard, teen cock in her hand. Marci stared wide-eyed at what they were doing to me.
     Dr. White then eased his gloved finger out of my asshole. “ Yes nurse” he replied. “ Lets give him his first orgasm of the exam now”. She let go of my cock, and went to one of the steel carts, which she then rolled over beside the exam table. I looked over at it as she lifted the white cloth off. I then saw that the tray on the cart contained various vibrators and dildos. Dr. White placed a roller stool directly between my open legs, and then he sat down, his face inches from my sexual parts. I raised my head to watch him pick up a small, cock shaped vibrator off the cart. The nurse now stood me, she smiled, and a small bottle of baby oil was in her hand.
     “ Well now” she said, looking at my hard teenage cock. “ We are going to give you an orgasm now sweetie, you have had orgasms before haven’t you”? I nodded my head at her, embarrassed and humiliated, but yet turned on at the same time. “ Do you masturbate to give yourself these orgasms Hon”? She asked. I nodded my head yes, too embarrassed to speak.  She popped open the bottle of baby oil, and then she squirted some onto the swollen head of my penis.
     The nurse then looked at Marci, “come over here beside me” she told her. My cousin got up and came and stood beside the nurse. “ Have you ever seen a male have an orgasm”? , She asked Marci. “Only in a dirty movie” she replied. The nurse smiled “well, you cousin is going to have one soon, I want you to watch very closely”. I looked at my sexy cousin; her young nipples were very erect as she looked down at my naked body on the Dr.’s exam table.  My cock glistened with the baby oil that the nurse had squirted on it, it ran down my veined shaft onto my scrotum.
     Suddenly the room was filled with a buzzing sound as Dr. White turned on the vibe. The nurse smiled at me as she wrapped her hand around my cock, and slowly started stroking it. I softly moaned as she did this. “ Now the Dr. is going to put this vibrator inside your bottom now” she said, “it won’t hurt since he already loosened you up with his finger”.
I pressed my feet hard into the stirrups as Dr. White placed the tip of the vibrator against my butthole, and I bit my lower lip to keep from moaning loudly. The nurse gripped my cock and stroked it, her hand moving up and down my oiled shaft as he pressed the vibe firmly and slowly into my tight, young asshole. “ Oh yes” she said, “feels good doesn’t it Hon”? I raised my head up off the exam table to look between my open legs to watch what Dr. White was doing. He looked at me without any emotion as he slid the vibrator up my butt.  After he had the cock shaped instrument pushed about four inches inside my asshole, he then began to slowly pump it up and down, fucking me with the toy. Dr. White placed his free hand onto my smooth thigh; slowly he rubbed me there as he used the vibrator on me.
     The nurse used her other hand to fondle my scrotum, which was drawn up tight from the anal stimulation. Her baby oil coated hands felt so wonderful on my young cock and balls. I didn’t care that another male was sitting between my spread legs, fucking my tight ass with a sex toy anymore. My hands gripped the sides of the exam table as the nurse used her fingers to stimulate the oiled head of my cock. “ Good boy” she whispered, “come on, come on, cum for us” I glanced at my cousin, her eyes were wide, full of wonder as she watched them work on me.
     I couldn’t hold back any longer, I grunted loudly as I had my orgasm. She stroked my cock harder as I shot milky white semen all over my belly and my chest. “Good sweetie” she said, “lets get it all out”. She milked my young cock dry of cum as Dr. White continued to pump the vibrator up and down inside my asshole. My chest heaved and my breathing was heavy as my orgasm ended. I felt the vibe being eased out of me, and then it popped out of my bottom.
     Her hand then left my cock; I opened my eyes and raised my head up to look at myself. I had cum all over my belly, some on my chest. Suddenly I was very humiliated to be lying there like that. All eyes were on me, I glanced at Marci, and her eyes were locked on my body. My cock quickly grew soft, and the mess on my belly felt cool and sticky. The vibrator became quiet as Dr. White turned it off. He stood up now, sat the vibe on the instrument cart, and peeled off his rubber gloves. “ Ill be back shortly,” he said looking at the nurse. As my Dr. left the room, I was certain that I caught a quick glimpse of a bulge under the lab coat he was wearing.
     The nurse turned to Marci, “ go sit on the exam table again” she said as she went to the sink and washed her hands. My cousin hopped back up on her table as the nurse came over to me. She used wet wipes to clean the mess off my belly and chest. Then she carefully and slowly wiped off my limp cock, and my bottom, wiping off all the lubricant that Dr. White had left there. It was humiliating to lie there as she cleaned me in front of Marci. I wondered if her mother, my aunt, knew that these things were going to be done to me. Marci looked nervous, knowing that it was soon to be her turn to be examined by them.
     “There we go” the nurse said as she finished cleaning me. “ I want you to go and sit in the chair now” she told me. I got up from the exam table, I went to pick up my cotton briefs, but the nurse saw me do this and stopped me. “ I’m sorry” she said, “ But you’re to remain naked until the examinations are finished, you will be told when you can get dressed”. I went and sat in the chair where Marci sat watching me earlier, my cock soft  as I sat down.

Cousins Examined Together - Part 1

"Walter Jacob"