Nurse Examines Teenage Boy

When I was about 16, my mother sent to the doctor for a rountine check up as I had not been to the doctor in a number of years.  When I arrived, I had to wait for a long time before I was called back by a nurse who looked to be in her early 50's.  I had always been forced to see a pediatrician, but this time I my mother made an appointment with a doctor that sees grown up patients.  I was really a very nervous patient as I had never been to an adult doctor.

The nurse took me back and had me sit down on the examination table.  She asked me why I was there and I told her for a check up.  The nurse took my temperature, then my blood pressure and pulse.  She could tell I was nervous and did her best to relax me.  She told me I would like Dr. Gaines.  She said he is really good with kids and will answer any questions I may have. The nurse then opened a drawer and pulled out a gown.  She asked me to remove my clothes and slip on the gown, and that the Dr. Gaines would be in about 5-10 minutes.

Well, I did as instructed, but that gown sure was hard to keep on and I didn't like how it exposed my back side.  I waited and waited but Dr. Gaines never came in.  After about 30 minutes, I was really nervous and feeling a little bit chilled with only the gown on me.  Just then, the door opens and a very young nurse, probably about 30 years old walks in and tells me Dr. Gaines had to leave on an emergency.  The nurse then asked if it would be okay is she did the check up.  I din't know what to do other than say yes. I had never been examined by a woman so I really felt nervous.  The nurse then identifed herself as Jeannie Rogers, and she explained she was actually a nurse practitioner who helps Dr. Gaines with many of his patients.

Ms. Rogers sat down on the small swivel chair and started asking a few questions.  Mostly routine things, but then she started asking me sexual questions.  She wanted to know if I was sexually active.  I told her no. She wanted to know if I had frequent erections.  By this time, I can feel my penis beginning to fill up and brush against the gown covering it.  I didn't know what to do or say.  I told her I would sometimes be sitting in school, and for some reason I would get hard.  She said this was quite normal.  She then asked if I had "wet dreams" at night.  Being a little on the naive and innocent side, I wasn't quite sure what wet dreams were, so I asked her. She explained it to me further and I told her I had recently had what she was describing wake me up at night.

After the questions, she stood up and started to examine me.  I still can remember those big blue eyes looking right into my eyes as she started.  I thought she was very pretty.  She examined my eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Then she felt my glands in my neck.  Then she lowered my gown where my chest and back was showing.  I was sitting up still while she listened to my heart and lungs.  She told me in detail what she was doing along the way as she examined me.  I was not quite as nervous as I was earlier.  Then she had me lie down on my back.  She began to feel around my stomach and sides, pushing in at different spots.  Then she got down so close to my private parts that it made me start getting hard again.  I am sure she noticed this and then said, "I am going to remove this gown so you can stand up for a genital exam and check for hernia".  I had no idea what to expect, but all of a sudden she had pulled my gown away and my penis was standing almost straight up. Ms. Rogers had moved to the other side of the room and was putting on latex gloves.  She then placed her hands around my testicles, feeling carefully for lumps she explained.  Then she placed her fingers in my groin area, asking me to cough.  Then she told me that when I was older, I would have rectal exams for checking my prostate gland, but at this age she said it was not required.

I thought the exam was through, but she asked me to lie down on my back on the exam table one more time.  At this point, she started telling me about my erections and wet dreams.  She told me that it would be healthy to "relieve myself" sometimes.  I wasn't sure what she was talking about, but all of a sudden she placed her hand on my penis and began to move it up and down.  Then she gently asked me to take my right hand and place on my penis, then stroke it up and down as she had.  I had never felt anything like that before.  She told me to keep stroking and soon I would ejaculate.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but all I knew was this feeling of explosion was beginning to take place in my penis.  All of a sudden, blast of creamy material was oozing and squirting from my penis.  I had never anything like this before.  Ms. Rogers then told me that I needed to do this at least twice a week in the privacy of my home.  It would help to relieve the stress of my erections and stop the wet dreams she told me until I became sexually active.

Ms. Rogers then got up and asked if I had any questions.  She told me to make sure I come back for a check up again in a year.

- Anonymous -