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Holly's Christmas Enema


It was Christmas Eve and I was watching Its a wonderful life waiting for Jimmy Stewart to Jump off the bridge when a knock on my door woke me up.

Sir, Could you help me?

Holly, My little snowflake, what seems to be the problem.

Sir I am as plugged up.  Do you have any laxatives.

Yes, but I think an enema would work better.  I have a cot upstairs in the hall way .

I couldn't get undressed in front of you

Why not?  Do you want a spanking?

I need an enema more.  I don't want an enema on Christmas eve.

Come on, I will be as gentle as Richard Simmons .

Okay lets get to the bottom of this.

She followed me upstairs , crying all the way and she laid down on the cot on her stomach , waiting for the enema , just sobbing in her pillow. I turned her over on her stomach , cleaned her bottom with toilet paper and then I inserted the thermometer.  101 it read.

I will give you the enema , then if you don't feel better I will drive you to the clinic, Is it a deal?

Deal Lets get this ordeal over with I have one hell of a stomachache.  I feel like Rossie Oddonnel after a little debbie convention.

I gently turned Holly over and inserted the nozzle.   I had to remove some of the stool with my finger. I used a three quart bag with a twenty inch colon tube.  She kept breathing with her mouth open.  It was an open and shut case.

After a quart run in she started complaining.  I GOTTA GO.  I slapped her bottom and she laid still for the rest of the enema.  I helped her to the toilet and she let loose like Dean Martin at a Jim Beam convention

I followed the enema with another one.   She ran to the toilet like the ladies at a Sears one day sale.

She felt much better after the enema and I took her out to eat afterwards.  She hugged me for the enema

I had a Holly Jolly Christmas.

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This is Walter Cronkite reporting, Santa has just checked into the Mount Sainai Hospital on his last leg of his yearly trip. Jerry Lewis and Santa only work one day a year.  We will keep you posted.

Santa walks up to admitting desk.

Have you been good boy?  HO HO HO

I am Santa.

Yeah, I'm Brad Pitt.

Nurse Beverly Mason will show you to the Henny Youngman Suite My favorite comedian.

Santa goes with Beverly up to his room , two other men are in the room with him. Gilbert Gotfried and Richard Simmons

What seems to be the trouble , Santa?

I ate five thousand cookies.

Richard:  Hi Santa Can i get on your Lap woo woo.

Santa:  The guys in the white coats are around the corner.  Get the straight jacket ready  What seems to be your problem, Richard?

I ate a thousand twinkies.  I want an enema woo woo.

Gilbert:  I want to give everyone an enema Miss Mason you go first wowie.

Nurse Looks at Gilberts charts and writes one word Prozac.

All right gentlemen present your bottoms.   Its Enema time. Im going to do all three of you at  the same time.

She Does Santa first, The Gilbert, The Richard.  Gilbert and Santa take the enema.  It is a three quart enema can with a twenty inch colon tube. Santa and Gilbert take the enema quietly.   Richard keeps yelling OH YEAH BABY, YOU KNOW WHAT I LIKE..  All three men  are put on the bed pans at the same time.  The stench is horrible.  Miss Mason wears a protective
gas mask.  It is quite noisy in the room.  All three men are cleaned up and two are released.  Richard has to have more enemas.  He yells yippee.

Santa leaves  the hospital a check for one million dollars and a ton of toys for the kids.  He gives Nurse mason a twenty five lb box of chocolates and a parting enema.  She is overjoyed.

Santa picked up his reindeer and went back to the North Pole and when he got home Mrs.  Clause gave him several more enemas.

Remember when Santa was in the hospital getting an enema it was the first  time a BM ever gave an enema.

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It's Christmas Eve,  l957.  My name is Johnny Dollar,  I was sent to the Winterborn estate to investigate the murder of Mrs. Winterborn.

We shall call her Lynn.  I am a private eye.  I get four thousand dollars for investigating a murder on Christmas Eve.

I walked up to the house and knocked on the door.

The butler answered.  Who are you Santa?  I hate a smart- alec santa.

Show me to the murder scene.  There was Lynns body with an enema bag hanging from the IV stand and the hose  was wrapped around her neck. She will have a silent night.

It was getting midnight It wasn't very clear.  I went to the drugstore and talked to the hot water bottle salesman.   He just bottled up.  I sold an enema set to Miss Holly Lynn's nurse.

I went to Lynn's house and I never saw so much enema stuff in all my life.  It looked like Mae West's house.

I walked in The butler had Miss Holly over her lap giving her an enema. You twit  , wait for me in my office I will see you when im finished.

What happened to Lynn?

Holly just winced.

She had on a house coat and kept running back to the toilet.

Finally after two hours of interrogation she finally confessed.

I killed her I killed her.  I got sick of giving her an enema every day. She really kept going.  I hated her I strangled her.

Book her, Over acting.

Nurse Holly had definitely strangled Lynn.  I took her down to the police station with a couple of gas station stops on the way.

Nurse Holly was sentenced to life in prison and gives enemas to all the female prisoners in San Quentin.

dave russell the phantom rider of internet


This story is set in l930.  Our characters are Bobbie the butler, Maggie, the mother, Bonnie the maid, and Susie the eighteen year old senior and Freddie her boy friend.

I was lying on my bed listening to Mister Vallee sing My time is your time, and My mother comes in the room and says Your time is up young lady, Why did you skip school.

Mom, it was the last period of school , Don't have a cow, woman.

Get over here young lady.

Susie climbs over her mothers knee and pulls her panties down around her ankles'.

This hurts me more than it does you.

Wanna Bet,  But mom I'm eighteen.

You should have thought of that sooner.

You act like a child, you will be treated like one Wham Wham Wham !

The spanking was unbearable for Susan.

Now get undressed completely , Its time for your weekly enema.

I don't want an enema

Do you want another spanking?


Susie took the rest of her clothes off and  waited on the bed for her mother to give her the much hated enema.

Susan turn over and bear down for me I want to insert my finger to lube up your anus.

Susie turned over and her Mother inserted the nozzle all the way.  Susie felt an instant warmth in her lower region  She was very uncomfortable. Since this was a punishment night , she was made to hold it in agony,

She ran to the john and almost had an accident.  She was on the toilet for a half an hour.  Mom was busy preparing another enema.

I don't want another enema,

This isn't for you.  You are going to give me one.  If you hurt in any way , you will get another spanking.

Yes, mam.

Will Susie hurt Mommie Dearest,  When do the maid and butler come in. Will Susie do Freddie.  How will everything come out in the next chapter.  Too be continued.

It is the night after the enema and spanking session Susie and Maggie had.   They are discussing the night before at breakfast.

That was the worst spanking you ever gave me. I cant sit to well this morning.

Maybe that will teach you not to skip school.  I was in the bathroom all night from your enema.  How was yours?

I kept going and going just like the energizer bunny.

I hired a new butler and maid.  That must be them now

We are Bonnie and Bobby

You will be in complete charge of the house and Susie.  She needs spanked once in a while.  You will have complete control over her

Yes Mam

I have one rule. Everyone is subject to a weekly enema. Do you mind. They are given Thursday mornings at nine am.  Then you have Thursday afternoons and Fridays off.

We don't mind.

Susie always gets an enema when she comes home from school.  She is basically a good kid. A little mischievous sometime.

We are going camping next week and you two can go .  You will get paid even for your days off. Oh and Freddie is going with us

Will the maid get laid.  Will Freddie get laid Will Maggie get relief from PMS?         Will The Butler do the Maid?  Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter of the enema chronicles

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The five travelers set out for Pennsylvania.

Im hungry.

Any McDonalds around?

This is l930 What is that?

Some clown ought to open up a restaurant.  Could make a fortune on Tom Mix Toys.

It is late afternoon, the five set up camp.

Maggie , Susie, and Bonnie in one tent and the two men in the other.

Bonnie starts to have a stomach ache.

Susan get the hot water bottle.

Sure mom.

Susie fills the bag with warm soapsuds and attaches the hose.  She puts Bonnie on a blanket and gives her the enema on her side, She has no trouble taking the whole enema.

Susie finally lets Bonnie go behind the bushes and you could hear her in Ohio.

After the enema Maggie discovers the two youngsters necking in her tent. She is furious She gives both of them a walloping.  Freddie meekly goes back to his tent and Susie cries in Bonnies lap.

Well tomorrow is another day and it is Friday which means several people will get simultaneously enemas.  Tune in tomorrow and see how everything comes out.

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In-flight Enema

My  wife Toni decided to fly from New York to Los Angeles .  We stopped in New York to see Cats and the statue of liberty.  Then on to Chicago to see a couple of more shows.

We had eaten dinner and had Steak and Lobster and we entered the plane at 6:00 pm.  Toni started complaining.

Did you bring a disposable enema bag?

Yes , I did.

I need an enema.

Up here?


So I locked the compartment door to the cabin.  It was equipped with a toilet.  I prepared the enema and added soap.

I put Toni over My lap and hung the bag on the hook.  I lubed her anus real well and inserted the nozzle as high as I could.

Ohhhhh, she said.

How are you doing?

Im fine , and getting full.

She laid across my lap for l5 minutes with l500cc's in her tummy.  She made a mad dash for the toilet.

She sat on the toilet the rest of the trip and she finished  up.

She never felt better.

How many frequent flyer miles do you get for an enema?

dave russell the phantom rider of internet


In Flight Enema II

My wife Toni has always been the adventurous type.  She always wanted to parachute jump with an enema in her.

My brother was the pilot and we drove to the airport.  I was to give her the enema while we were in flight and she would jump out and land next to the rest room.

We took off and Toni dropped her pants and bent over  the seat.  I put KY on her anus and I inserted the hose.  She had taken several enemas at home so the water went in.  It was l500 ccs,   She took the enema bravely and she had to hold it till she landed on the ground. She began to sweat as she got ready to jump. I inserted the but plug and her sister was in the rest room waiting to remove the but plug,   She jumped and yelled Mae West. She jumped bravely and kept falling towards earth with the enema still churning in her stomach.  She could not wait to get out of the parachute to get rid of the enema.

Her sister helped her get undressed and helped her into the airport rest room.  She got rid of all her clothes and the but plug was removed.  She was a happy camper to get rid of the enema.  She said it was fun but she would never do it again.

Always jump at the chance to take an enema

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It was Thanksgiving night and my wife was up stirring around.

What's the matter, honey?

I don't feel well.  I need an enema.

We don't have a hot water bottle.


So I went in the kitchen looking around and there it was the turkey baster

I found a long piece of rubber tubing left over from an old enema syringe.  I attached the long hose over the tip of the baster.  I filled a two quart pitcher with warm soap suds and took it up to my wife.

I turned her over and put vaseline over her rectum.  I put some on the colon tube.

Turn over  , Honey Its time for your enema.

I filled the baster with warm water and inserted the tube in ten inches. She let out a moan.  I had to reinsert the tube about twenty times.  It was a painstaking enema.  She was a very good girl throughout the enema.

Honey I have to go to the bathroom.

It would help if you would hold the enema for a while.

I put in a but plug and made her hold it for ten minutes.  She left out a few expletives.

She rushed to the toilet and exploded on the scene.  She was much relieved.  Friday I went to Rite Aid and bought a new enema syringe and gave her a proper enema.

If you need an enema on Thanksgiving be Thankful you have a turkey baster

dave russell the phantom rider of internet


 Amtrek Enema

My wife and I decided to take a train trip across the United States.  It was wonderful .  We Saw the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam.

One day outside Chicago my wife had a serious stomach ache.  She was complaining .  My stomach hurts.

Did you pack the enema bag?  I always carry a fleet enema bag for emergency situations.

Would you get the damn enema bag and give me an enema?

Yes, Honey

I filled the enema bag with warm soap and water .  She was yelling at me. Hurry up.

I couldn't take any more and put her across my lap and gave her pretty bottom a resounding spanking.  After ten swats she shut up.

Now lie still while I insert the enema.

Yes, dear.

She lie across my lap and I turned the water on.  A knock came to our compartment door and it was the porter.

Oh I am sorry.

Don't worry about it.

I give my wife enemas all the time.

I gave him a five dollar tip and he left us alone.

The water kept pushing its way up into her colon .  Higher and higher it went into the deepest reaches of her colon.

She just kept breathing heavily.

She finished the enema bravely and sat on the toilet.

She kept going and going like the energizer bunny.

Finally she was finished just as we reached Phoenix.  She cleaned herself up and we went out to dinner.

Remember your always on the right track if you take enemas.

dave russell the phantom rider of internet


Hi ,my name is Daisy and I travel across the the country singing my songs.  There are Three guys in the band and two female back up singers.

We travel day and night aboard a bus.  I am the lead nurse and boss lady of the outfit.  Daisy just turned eighteen.  I am in complete charge of daisy.  We have two buses.  The boys travel in one bus and four girls travel in another bus.

There is not much we can do on the road except administer an enema to the three girls.  We sometimes have to give it to them in back of the bus in Daisy's room.     That was the first thing we explained to them. We have to keep regular and we are very open minded about getting an enema.  The girls took them anyway.

Bonnie, Susie, and Debbie are the other three girls and my name is Betty. There are four bunks outside the stars dressing room.  We all get an enema once a week.  We do not oversee the men.  You cant put on a good performance when constipated.

Every Saturday night en route we get an enema  This particular night Daisy spent an hour in  the toilet.



Can you please come and give me an enema?

Yes, honey.

I prepared a three quart enema bag and the other three girls were summoned to help me.

I hung the bag three feet above her hips. She got in the knee chest position.  The other two held her buttocks open.  I inserted an twenty inch colon tube.  I turned the water on

Ohhhhhhhhh that feels divine.

Does it hurt , honey?

No, it feels good going in.

I gotta go.

I gave her a light spank  Not yet little one.

Its beginning to hurt.

Its supposed to for it to do any good. Now be still, and she got another spank.

Finally the enema reached her inner most reaches and she let out an expletive.  A couple of more hard slaps followed She became very still.

I removed  the colon tube from its moorings and left her go to the bathroom.





fizz fizz. It sounded like an alka seltzer commercial.

The other girls watched with great fascination.

Daisy had unloaded quite a lot and slept like a baby the rest of the night.

Everything had come out the way it was planned.

Remember when your going down life's highway and it gets too much for you take an enema

dave russell the phantom rider of internet


Well we got up at the crack of dawn and were lined up to get our Friday morning enemas;  all except Bonnie She had hers yesterday.  She would be giving the enemas first.  Susie went first .  She couldn't wait for the enema to end. Bonnie was sitting on a long log and put Susie over her lap.  She turned the water on The water was flowing into Susie.  Susie was nervous.  Bonnie gave her a couple of slaps.  Pretty soon the enema was finished.  She ran for the bed pan.  She laid on the bedpan and
finished and Bonnie cleaned her up.

Bobbie was next He laid on a blanket on the ground Freddie helped him with the enema.  Bonnie inserted the nozzle.  He just moaned.  Bonnie just turned the water on.   He got an enormous erection

too bad you couldn't do that last night.

You wouldn't know an erection if you saw one.

Freddie:  What went on with you two last night.

Wouldn't you like to know.

Maggie was still talking to the bear. He didn't say much.

Finally the enema was finished and the butler did it behind the bushes.




Now I know how Mae West feels.  He laid down on the same blanket. Bonnie and Susie turn the water on.

Hold it I gotta go.

We just started Be a good boy.

He finally took the whole enema and relieved himself .  He unloaded quite a bit for a young man.

Maggie tear yourself away from your friend and come over here.  It's enema time.

Bonnie inserted the tube into Maggie and she just lie there taking it all in.  She is quite used to taking enemas.   Her stomach expanded and she was cussing out Bonnie.  Maggie completed the enema and headed right for the bed pan.  She had quite a time.  The bear was watching her the whole time.

Well , school was starting and I and Freddie were off to attend college and Bonnie and Bobbie  got married and they took Mom into live with them.  This is the end of this saga .  I may write a sequel ; let me know.

The family that takes enemas together stays together.

the end.

dave russell the phantom rider of internet


It is July third, l776 the whole nation is in a tizzy.  Dolly Maddison is making Ice Cream with a couple by the name of Ben and Jerry.   Sara Lee is in the kitchen making cheesecake. Nobody doesn't like Sarah Lee. Ben franklin is editing the Post He puts it out on Saturday Evening.  He had a hot idea.  He invented the Franklin Stove. Fannie Farmer is busy making chocolate american flags. Howard Johnson is busy getting his new hotel ready in Philadelphia

Ben Franklin comes to the gates of Mount Vernon.  He is shown up to the main house.

Poor Richard How the hell you doin?  How's your almanac?

Im still gathering information.  By the way Why did you cross the Delaware.

To get to the other side yuck yuck. Ben these are the jokes laugh it up.

Why did you throw that dollar across the potomac .

I know I wish i had that dollar .  Just doesn't make any sense does it.

Yuck Yuck

Is that idiot still running through the streets yelling his fool head off.

No he's designing silver now.

I will show you to your room.

George takes Ben up to a nice upstairs bedroom.  Do you need anything?

I could use an enema.

I will send the maid up to give you one. Is Hancock going to come over tomorrow?

I hope not He will try and sell us insurance.

Ben Franklin is undressed and lying and waiting on his bed nude.  I don't think i would've wanted to see Ben Franklin nude.  He was in the calendar Nude patriots of l776. It was put out by Playgirl

Susie the maid bought Ben up an enema can and hose and told Ben to turn over.

Mister Franklin, its time for your enema.

Turn over on your left side please.

She put some butter on the nozzle and slid it into Ben's anus.

Ohhhhhhh, He said as the water went deeper and deeper inside Ben's colon.

Pretty soon the enema had reached its destination

The maid put ben on the bedpan to have a bm.  He was in agony.  Finally she took the bedpan away and let Ben alone to clean up.

Tomorrow was going to be a big day.  Dick Clark was to read the declaration of independence.  Herb Alpert's great grandfather and the colonial brass was going to play the national anthem.  The Beach boys where going to perform.

George and Martha were tired and George put his wooden teeth into a glass of varnish.  Martha had finished all her chocolates. and George dreamt about cherry trees all night It was a bang-up fourth.

Anyone who wants to claim their independence any day of the year, take an enema.

dave russell the phantom rider of internet