Strip Search in Malaysia

My name is Cindy. I am nineteen years old and although I live in London, I am Australian. When I was at school it was normal for both the boys and the girls to get the slipper - normally a couple of quick strokes across the back of your skirt. More serious punishments involved the cane, but I avoided that - more by luck than judgement.

When I left school I stayed with my parents for a couple of years before deciding to go on a world tour. That tour incidentally never got past London - and six years later I am still here.

What did happen on this tour mostly memorable. I spent four months in Bali before going to Malaysia. My permit for Malaysia was for only 1 month - but I had such a good time in places like Penang and K.L. that without reference to the authorities I decided to stay on. I had also made some good friends in K.L.

Unfortunately, I got myself involved in a drugs scene party which got busted by the police. We never found out if the police ever found any drugs - and I certainly did not have any - but I was one of the few that was taken to the police station. Naturally my passport was taken and my lack of visa discovered.

Within two days I was up before a small court in K.L. and given 28 days custody in a detention center. I never saw any of my so-called friends again - and 28 days later I was deported. Those twenty eight days though were something I will never forget.

For a start I had never thought I would ever spend time under lock and key.

The center itself was like a large school except that you could not get out. The conditions were awful and I had to share a room with two other girls.

Soon after being driven from the court - I was taken to a small room where I was interviewed by a wardress. She took down all my details and took away all my possessions. She then gave me a bag with some clothes and took me down a long corridor to another room which turned out to be part of the medical unit. I was told to wait. The one thing that stood out in the room was an old, flat, exam table covered with a white sheet.

Five minutes later a middle aged doctor came in. He told me that I was to undergo a full examination but first he wanted some basic information. It took a couple of minutes for him to fill out his form - and he then told me to remove all my clothes.

There was clearly no choice - and for that matter no screen - so I started to undress. At the age of nineteen I had still not got used to undressing in front of doctors and the whole process was very embarrassing.

After I had removed my tee-shirt and jeans - I asked him if that was enough, only to get a very curt reply. 'I said all your clothes.' Seconds later after removing my bra, panties, and sanitary pad - I was still spotting a little from my last period - I stood before him totally naked. He took my blood pressure, listened to my heart, looked at my eyes and did all the normal things before asking me to put my hands behind my head so that he could check my breasts.

Having given them a good enough feel to convince me he was a dirty old man - he told me to lie on the examination couch. He told me to bring my knees up and part my legs so that he could give an internal.

I was laying there with my legs wide open for ages while he put on a surgical glove, then directed a lamp towards my vaginal area. He spent several minutes looking, touching, and probing at the external parts of my genitalia - much longer that necessary - then gave me really rough internal exam using two fingers without lubricant. He abruptly removed his fingers then told me to lie still while he prepared an instrument.

I was lying there staring at the ceiling when I felt this ice cold metal thing being pushed up inside me. It seemed like an umbrella had opened up inside my vagina. After several minutes of his looking inside me he removed the instrument and told me turn over onto my stomach and to spread my knees wide apart. I watched as the doctor opened a drawer and pulled out a packet. He tore open it and squeezed out a large glob of clear jelly. Without warning he spread my nates and proceeded to lubricate my anus.

He then inserted one finger and probed for what seemed like five minutes. The doctor eventually removed his finger and announced that he was finished with the exam and told me that I would not enjoy my stay - but that it would be much easier if I behaved.

I wish I had listened to him. Two days later - the wardress having been particularly unpleasant - I told her what I thought of her as only an Australian can. The next twenty seven days were a series of strappings and spankings brought about by my inability to keep quiet.

- Anonymous -