Naked In Front Of My Mom And A Nurse


My mom was a strict disciplinarian and insisted on complete obedience. She was a fair and loving parent. However when I was young something happened that I will never forget. One morning I woke up with rash on my chest and legs which kept me home from school. My mom called the doctor's office and was told that someone would be out to see me later that day. (This was back in the days when Doctors made house calls.) About mid afternoon my mom yelled for me to come downstairs. Upon reaching the living room I saw a young nurse in her white uniform and cap. My mom then told me to take off my clothes so the nurse could see  my rash.  I was developing a great sense of modesty and really didn't want to do this. "But MOM!" I protested, "In the living room?!"

My mom gave me a stern look and said in a demanding tone, "If you don't get a move on buster I'll tan your hide here and now!" I took off my pajama top hoping that was sufficient and stood there. My mom said, "For heaven's sake take everything off. She hasn't got all day!" I slowly removed my bottoms and underwear and stood naked before her. The nurse was all business and placed a thermometer in my mouth and proceeded to take my blood pressure. Standing naked so very close to this pretty woman, feeling her touch as she placed the cuff around my arm, I became erect! My mom was sitting on a chair watching my humiliation. I wasn't sure what was worse - being seen naked by my mom or a total stranger.

The nurse continued to look me over while waiting on the thermometer examining my rash on my chest and spent a great deal of time looking at my thighs. I was really embarrassed at the thought of her staring right at my cock. Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, Jenny, our next door neighbor came in the front door saying, "What's going on? I saw a strange car in the driveway and," pausing in mid sentence when she saw me naked in front of the nurse, "Oh my!" she exclaimed. I wanted to run, to hide, to be anywhere but here in front of these three women. My mom explained my problem and of course Jenny had to get a closer inspection. My mom made me turn around in circles with my hands above my head so she too could offer her opinion. At this time, the excitement was being to be too much for me and I began dripping pre cum from my cock. My mom was outraged! "Jonathan how COULD you be so NASTY at a time like this!! You're really going to get it when we are through!" The nurse just smiled and said it was all right. She told my mom that I had a bad case of the hives, an allergic reaction to something that I had gotten into and said she would have the doctor phone in a prescription later. I was left naked in the room as the three women chatted receiving several occasional glances from Jenny or the nurse. I just knew they were looking right at my crotch.

The nurse eventually was shown to the door. My mom proceeded to chastise me in front of our neighbor, "How could you DO that...look you're still being NASTY", she said, pointing at my still erect cock leaking pre-cum onto the carpet. "I know what I would do if he were my son," Jenny offered, "I spank him until he didn't think this was so exciting, that's what I would do". That's all the encouragement my mom needed. "Jenny, since he shamed you too, you may have the honors" Jenny quickly grabbed a dining room chair and put it in the middle of the room and pulled me over her lap. Once I was placed over her legs, Jenny reached under and grabbed my cock saying, "And get that NASTY thing OFF MY LEGS!" No woman had ever touched me there before and as soon as I felt her hand on my cock, I exploded cum all over her dress!. There was total silence for a minute or two, then Jenny, screamed. "YOU'RE REALLY GONNA GET IT NOW!

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